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Mon Feb 27 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Alexis Rodman

Husband : Robert Bunfill
Alexis Rodman married Robert Bunfill in 2014.

Alexis Rodman is the daughter of the legendary NBA player Dennis Rodman. The former Chicago Bulls player played as the Power forward and Small forward. He had three wives and Alexis is the daughter of his second wife, Annie Bakes.

Alexis has two siblings, sister Trinity Rodman and brother DJ Rodman. She lives the most private life of the three kids. Her father, Dennis, has an estimated net worth of $500,000

Who Is Alexis Rodman's Husband?

Alexis Rodman has found the love of her life in a man, Robert Bunfill. This lovely couple walked down the aisle on August 30, 2014, in Citrus Heights, California. Their marriage has been going strong since.

Alexis Rodman and Robert Bunfill are posing in their wedding dress, white gown and a black suit.
Alexis Rodman with her husband, Robert Bunfill (Source: CelebSuburb)

Robert, much like Alexis, also lives a quiet life. The information on the whereabouts, his job, and how they crossed paths and fell in love remains to be discovered. Since Alexis is absent from social media, it's even harder to learn about her life. Both of them probably don't want any media attention.

Net Worth Of Dennis Rodman's Daughter, Alexis 

Dennis's daughter, Alexis Rodman, has an estimated net worth of $200,000. Her source of income remains to be known. Her husband, Robert Bunfill, also lives a quiet life so the information on his wealth remains a mystery.

Alexis's father, Dennis Rodman, has an estimated net worth of $500,000. He was a top-rated basketball player back in the day, which helped him to make a lot of money. Sadly, he has lost a lot of it. The biggest one was easily his vodka company Bad Boy.

Bad Boy was a vodka company that he started and made news for many wrong reasons. Particularly his associations with North Korea. The company started well but just a few months after the release, he ended up in rehab, which in turn, affected his entire company.

About Alexis's Parents

Alexis Rodman is the daughter of Dennis Rodman and Annie Bakes. Her parents had famously ended their marriage just eighty-two days after exchanging their wedding vows. The two had walked down the aisle on September 1992 and divorced in 1993. Their short-lived marriage ended horribly.

Dennis Rodman is wearing a cowboy hat, shades, and a black leather jacket as Annie Bakes is standing with him.
Alexis Rodman's parents, Dennis Rodman and Annie Bakes (Source: EssentiallySports)

The marriage was short-lived but Dennis and Annie were together for a few years. Alexis's mother alleged that Dennis had made her go through four abortions. She also revealed that she was a victim of domestic violence. Annie even once had to sell Dennis's NBA Memorabilia because she needed the money. This happened in the popular reality show Pawn Stars.

Alexis's parents broke up when she was young and she didn't understand much of it. And it was also discovered later that she didn't have the best relationship with her mother due to it. Annie has revealed that she used to be angry at her mother for leaving Dennis. 

Alexis Rodman Is A Mother  

Alexis has experienced motherhood thanks to his son, Vincent Bunfill. She shares Vincent with her husband, Robert. Vincent was born three years into their marriage in June 2017

Since both Alexis and Robert are known to live a quiet life, it's no surprise that they haven't given any information about Vincent too. The son has been kept away from the media and the internet and there is not one picture available of her son.

Has Two Half-Siblings

Alexis was not the only child of Dennis as she has two half-siblings in Trinity Rodman and DJ Rodman. Besides Basketball, Alexis's father was known for his relationships. He shares his daughter, Trinity, and son, DJ, with his ex-wife, Michelle Moyer. He didn't have any children with his ex-wife, Carmen Electra.

Both DJ Rodman and Trinity Rodman are smiling for the picture showing peace sign.
Alexis Rodman's half-siblings, DJ Rodman and Trinity Rodman (Source: Hola)

Both of Alexis's half-siblings are younger than her. Her brother, the DJ, is the middle, having been born on April 25, 2001. DJ is walking in his father's footsteps, trying to make a name in Basketball. He is a college Basketball player and plays for the Washington State Cougars. ESPN, in their article, writes that he has been playing here since 2019.

Trinity is the youngest sibling who was born on May 20, 2002. She is also into sports but unlike her father and brother, she plays soccer. Dennis's youngest child is a national-level soccer player currently playing for Washington Spirit in NWSL. She also holds the record for being the youngest drafted player in league history when she was picked at eighteen.

Had A Short Temper As A Kid

Alexis would get angry very quickly as a kid and often resort to violence. Her mother, Annie, believes that she got that from her father, Dennis, who himself was known for getting into a lot of trouble during matches.

Annie shared one instance of her daughter playing basketball in her school where she physically attacked someone. And upon asking why she did it, she replied her father did it all the time while playing. 

Annie was worried seeing her daughter act like that. Alexis also hated her mother after her parent's divorce, so it could have been hard for her to take care of the angry daughter.

Details On Grandparents

Alexis is the grandaughter of Philander Rodman and Shirley Rodman. These are the grandparents from her father, Dennis's side. The grandparents' identity from her mother, Annie's side, remains to be discovered. 

Philander Rodman is wearing a white tee and a red cap in the picture.
Dennis Rodman's father, Philander Rodman (Source: Rapple Twitter @rapplerdotcom)

Philander and Shirley didn't have the best relationship with Dennis. Alexis's mother has even alleged that Shirley was an awful mother. Dennis, while trying to make a name for himself in basketball, had moved to Durant, where he met his surrogate family. He always wanted a family that would love and care for him, and he found one. But Alexis's grandma was disgusted by it.

Alexis's late grandfather, Philander, was also not liked by his son. That's because he left Alexis's father and mother when he was only six. Philander was in the army and while posted in the Philippines, he married two women and had relationships with many other women. He was also accused of trying to take his son's fame to his advantage in the past.

Body Measurements: How Tall Is Alexis Rodman?

Alexis Rodman takes good care of her body, which measures 34-26-39 inches. She stands at the same height as Sara Calaway at 5 Feet and 10 Inches (178 cm). Her height is complimented by her body weight of 121 lbs (55 kg).

Despite not being involved in sports like her family, Alexis takes good care of her body. She has both African and Caucasian genes in her, so that could have potentially helped.

A Brief Alexis's Father, Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman is a popular name among basketball fans. The retired star has played for Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls, San Antonio Spurs, and Detroit Pistons. He was one of the tallest players in his day, standing at 6 Feet and 7 Inches (201 cm).

Often known by the name Dennis the Menace, he played as the power forward and small forward. He retired from the sport having won 5 NBA Championships, 2 times NBA All-Star, 2 times NBA Defensive Player of the Year, and many more achievements, as mentioned by Hoop Ball.


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