Allison Raskin

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Wed Nov 16 2022
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Allison Raskin is an American citizen born on June 20, 1989, in New York. She is a writer but also does a bunch of things as well. 

The Writer is also a director, comedian, YouTuber, Podcaster, and mainly a mental health advocate. She has graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

selfie of Allison Raskin wearing black T-shirt
Picture of Allison Raskin selfie (Source: Instagram @Haskin)

The filmmaker has had mental health issues in the past. She was diagnosed with OCD at the age of four. Then She started to experience anxiety and depression.

Raskin's Relationship

Allison Raskin is a single woman. She is a mental health advocate, so she doesn't have an interest in relationships.

Raskin and Dunn created a self-described odd couple, Just between us in 2014. these two played the role that describes mental health, friendships, and relationships.

The Podcaster is the daughter of Ruth and Ken. She has an older sister, Jocelyn, with whom she was raised.

The Writer's Networth

The Writer does many things, but that does not mean she had income from all his occupations. But she is a hard-working woman.

The Advocate Allison Raskin has a Networth of $1.3M on her own.

The Youtuber's Tattoo

The Author has a tattoo on her left hand with some great meaning.

Allison Raskin showing tattoo wearing black pant, black shirt and blue jacket
Picture of Allison Raskin's Tattoo (Source: Instagram @Raskin

The tattoo explains that hope is something you give yourself in a dark time.

The Podcaster's Business

Allison Raskin is a New York Times bestselling author. Her first novel, I Hate Everyone But You, was published on September 5, 2017. The Author's third book is also on the way, coming out in May 2022.

With over 160 million views and 700,000 followers, the YouTuber has a popular humor channel. She is well known for Just Between Us.

The Podcaster is not a licensed therapist, but she does more than a professional therapist. She has a mental health account for anxiety and depression, and became a warm hug in the mental health of the world.

The Comedian has done a bunch of screenwriting too. She has screenwriter the shows on FX, Netflex and more which are died in shows but the scripts exist. 

Raskin's Social profile

The Author is very active in social media as in normal life. She has more than 231K on Instagram @Raskin and also the mental health account has more than 39K on Instagram @emotionalsupportlady

The Advocate has more than 80K followers on facebook @Raskin. And she has more than 108K on Twitter @Raskin

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