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Thu Sep 19 2019
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For Fact, a celebrity kid grasps equal attention as their celebrity parents, and family members do. Likewise, Alma Versano is the one who grabbed the attention being the daughter of Wonder Woman lead actress, Gal Gadot and a successful Hotel Businessman Yaron Versano. Her parent's fame is one of the reasons why Alma is a hot topic on the internet. Ever since her birth, Versano has continuously won the heart of my people with her adorable smile and beauty. 

Bio of Alma Versano

Alma Versano was born on November of 2011, in the United States of America. As said before, her mother is a Gal Gadot  is a popular American actress and father Yaron Versano  is a business tycoon. Both of her parents are Israelis, but she was born in the United States, which makes her an American-born Israeli.

Alma Versano with her parents Gal Gadot and Yaron Versano
Snap: Alma Versano with her parents Gal Gadot and Yaron Versano. Source: glamourpath

The star has a sibling, a younger sister Maya Versano, who was born on 21st March 2017

Being a celebrity kid, she might follow her parents' footsteps and might become another Wonder Woman.

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Even if Alma went on to become a legendary actress, she will kill it and will become the name of every American household name. However, as for now, she is focusing on school, and how to manage the attention her famous parents brought upon he

Alma Versano's Parents First Encounter & Marriage 

In 2006, Alma's dad encountered her mother Gadot at an Israeli desert yoga party organized by their mutual friend. Both of her parents immediately felt for one another. On their second date only, her father Yaron let the actress know that he was pretty serious about the affair and barely wait two years before marriage.

Alma's mother Gadot admitted that she was pretty confused by his statement as she was only in her early 20s. On the other hand, Versano, who is ten years older than the actress, knew exactly what he wanted in his life and his partner. 

Alma Versano's parents during their wedding day
Picture: Alma Versano's parents during their wedding day. Source: celebrityxyz

True to his word and feelings, Versano proposed the actress in 2008 in a very romantic way with a beautiful diamond ring. Gal accepted his proposal as she had already made up her mind to spend the rest of her life with him. Finally, they got married in the same year.

Net Worth

Since Alma is still very young and is yet to decide her career pathway.

Alma Versano enjoying her outing with her mother
Image: Alma Versano enjoying her outing with her mother. Source: i.ytimg

Yet her father, who is a business tycoon has a net worth of $13 million. Additionally, her mother Gal has a total sum of $10 million. Their respective successful career highly influences Their net worth. 

Alma Versano's Facts & Wiki

Alma's age is seven years old. Versano is in her growing phase. Further, she has blonde hair and brown eye color. 

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