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Fri Jan 13 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Amina Buddafly

Ex-husband : Peter Gunz
Amina Buddafly married Peter Gunz in 2013 and divorced in 2018.

Amina Buddafly was born in Germany. She is a Senegalese-German R&B singer-songwriter. With her sisters Jazz and Sophie, she became well-known as a member of the female group Black Buddafly.

It's easy to forget that Buddafly is a force to be reckoned with. Buddafly has come a long way since the drama that Love & Hip Hop viewers witnessed her go through.

Early Life

Buddafly was born on April 18, 1983, which she considers to be a good day. She was born to loving and caring parents in Hamburg, Germany. Thanks to Buddafly's parents' direct influence, she has always been interested in music since she was a child. Her father plays jazz and her mother sings, thus she hails from a musical household.

Buddafly grew up with her twin sister Safietou Schmal Buddafly, also known as Jazz, and her sister Sophie Buddafly, who are both twins. She was able to participate in a variety of musical programs and events as a child because her family is a major music aficionado.

Buddafly’s Bond With Her Sister

Buddafly has a twin sister, Saffieou Schmahl, also known as Jazz, with whom he shares a striking resemblance. Despite being identical twins, Amina and Safietou never played tricks on their parents or others. Amina wishes she had done it for pleasure now that she is an adult.

Picture of Amina Buddafly and her sister Saffieou Schmahl also known as Jazz. Picture Source: Twitter

Even as an adult, Amina's mischievousness never left her, as she reportedly pondered having her sister imitate her to perform a trap on Peter Gunz (Buddafly's Ex-husband). 

Buddafly has an elder sister, Sophie Schmahl with whom she shares a strong bond. She has often shared her childhood memories with her sisters which she mentions as the most cherishable moments of her life.

Buddafly’s Best Moments In her life

The stunning German actress and singer Buddafly has mentioned in her book that Amina and her sisters' mother used to love singing and knew celebrities like the Jacksons, and Marvin Gaye. 

Buddafly's mother introduced her to them, and they are the best moments she talked about. Also, she mentioned every moment is the best in her life for her.

Net Worth

Amina Buddafly is worth a total of $600 thouand. She has amassed such vast money as a result of her hard work and dedication to his work. She has always been a hard worker who aspired to be a successful person since she was a child.

Amina Buddafly with the prettiest smile. Picture Source: sis2sis

Her career in the music industry has given her a lot of money, fame, and success. Jazz, also known as Safietou Schmahl, is her bandmate and twin sister.

Social Media

Amina Buddafly is a well-known figure and active on social media. She has over 143K Facebook followers under the moniker. Similarly, she has over 2 million Instagram followers under the account. 

This german singer Buddafly is known for posting videos and photos of her two daughters dancing and singing. She also shows off her gym figure, which includes abs and muscles.

Physical Appearance

Amina Buddafly stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches(166cm). She is a slim woman, weighing 62 kg and measuring 34-24-34 inches in length. Buddafly's eyebrows are quite thin and her nose is on point.

Amina Buddafly looks stunning in round earing and stylist hair
Picture of Amina Buddafly where she absolutely looks stunning. Picture Source: Legend Peeps

Buddafly's gorgeous brown eyes and silky black hair are a match made in heaven. She is aware of her appearance, but despite having two children, she manages to keep her body in good shape.

Buddafly's Parents Were Not Married

The Other Woman writer Buddafly's father is Senegalese, and her mother is German, and although living together for a long time, they never married. Because evaluating her options would have ended in her never leaving Germany, Amina and her sisters made a hasty choice to relocate to the United States without a plan. 

Buddafly and her sisters made it to the United States, but they struggled at first to find a job, but their perseverance paid off in the end. Although her parents were not married there gave Buddafly and her sister great parenthood.

Buddafly and Peter Gunz

Amina Buddafly met Peter Gunz while he was living with another woman, Tara Wallace, whom he had been with for thirteen years at the time, and the two married. Tara and Peter's romance was also said to be still going on, despite the fact that he was still married to Amina. Peter was clearly still seeing Tara after her third pregnancy became public.

Amina Buddafly with her husband Peter Gunz
Picture of Amina Buddafly with her Ex-husband Peter Gunz. Picture Source: Bossip

Over the course of four seasons, the love triangle played out, with both women falling pregnant at the same time. Buddafly, on the other hand, has moved on and the two are now divorced. She admits that she was addicted to her friendship with Gunz in retrospect.

Buddafly Consider Returning To "Love and Hip-Hop New York"

The show is about the lives of women attempting to make it in New York City's bright lights. According to her interview with Hello Beautiful, the show aided in the promotion of Amina's songs. 

Unfortunately, it has caused her a great deal of worry since she has allowed everyone to assess her private life, for which she has gotten a great deal of criticism. This remark confirms that she will not be appearing on any reality shows anytime soon. 

Buddafly's Life As A Mother

Amina Buddafly credits her children, Cori Gunz and Bronx Gunz, for helping her become a better person. Flaunt spoke with the former Love and Hip Hop cast member about her life after Peter Gunz and Reality TV.

Amina Buddafly with her both daughter posing with sunflowers. They seems very happy
Picture of Amina Buddafly with her Daughters. Picture Source: BCK Online

Buddafly choice to shave her and her daughter Cori's hair was motivated by a number of factors. Earlier this week, the former Love and Hip Hop star took to social media to explain her decision to start again. "I chopped it all off because I want good hair," she says.

Is Buddafly an Author?

Every story has at least two sides to it. Buddafly felt compelled to give her side of the story following her love triangle with her ex-husband Peter Gunz. 

In January of 2017, she released her book "The Other Woman", which is more of an autobiography. You might believe the line "the other lady" on the book's cover refers to herself, but it actually refers to Tara Wallace. 

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