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Relationship Timeline Of Amina Zephaniah

Ex-husband : Benjamin Zephaniah
Amina Zephaniah married to Benjamin Zephaniah on 1990 and divorce on 2001.

Amina Zephaniah, the former wife of famous British writer, dub poet, and Rastafarian Benjamin Zephaniah. As of now, Amina is not in reach of the media, making it hard for them to keep track of her activities. 

As Amina rose to fame only after her marriage with the famous Poet of Britain, Benjamin, There is not much information about her early life and parents to the public. It is still a topic of debate whether she had any siblings or not. 

Relationship Status of Amina Zephaniah

Amina was married to her long time boyfriend, Benjamin Zephaniah. The couple tied their knot on March 17, 1990, in London. There is not a single piece of information about where and when did they meet for the first time. 

British poet, Benjamin Zephaniah, the former husband of Amina
Image: The former husband of Amina, Benjamin
Source: The Guardian

As Benjamin likes to remain away from the media attention, he kept it secret, and probably only a few listed people were invited to the wedding ceremony. Amina is a Theatre Administrator by profession. It seems like when Benjamin moved to London at the age of twenty-one, and there he met Amina while working in some events. 

Short-Lived Marriage 

The relationship never was smooth between the two lovers. The violent nature of Benjamin always created gaps between them. The gap finally broke in 2000. As they both filed for the divorce. 

The case was finalized soon, and both of them moved apart. The couple did not have any child from their relationship of ten years. After that, Benjamin never got married but was involved in some private relationships. 

His violent nature never got stopped as many of his former partners admitted him to be violent and cruel. Also, he acknowledged hitting one of his girlfriends. He blames his raising for the activities as he was raised in an environment where his father would beat his mother. 

How rich is Amina Zephaniah?

Amina Zephaniah has an estimated net worth of $1 Million which is similar to British actor, Finn Cole. She has accumulated all her money through her hard work and dedication in her Theater works. 

Benjamin Zephaniah is the British Poet and writer
Image: Benjamin featuring in the cover photo
Source: Issuue 

The average salary of a Theater Administrator in England is $55,000. Also, her former husband, The Times list of Britain's top 50 post-war writers, Benjamin, has a net worth of more than $20 Million. He is among the top children book writers. 

Some of his best selling books are Terror Kid (2014), We are Britain (2002), Talking Turkeys (1995), Gangsta Rap, Wicked World! (2000) Puffin. More to that, he started acting late in 2010. After since 2013, he is part of the famous British Series, Peaky Blinders, along with Paul Anderson.

Awards and Recognition

Although Amina is not seen in the media after the divorce, Benjamin continued to climb the ladder of success. He won the B.B.C. Young Playwright's Award. In addition, he has was awarded more than half a dozen honorary doctorates by different universities in England.

Benjamin Zephaniah: Dis Poetry

In 2003, The British Government offered Benjamin to award him with the O.B.E. However, on the contrary, As per the reports of The Guardian, he publicly rejected the Offer.


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