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Amy Brenneman is an actress who has made a huge name for herself on television. Some of her recognizable movies and TV shows are Judging Amy, Heat, Fear, Private Practice, and NYPD Blue. She has an estimated net worth of $16 Million.

Brenneman is married to director, Brad Silberling. She, other than her acting, is also known for her looks. The actress, who has admitted to attempting to make changes to her face looks good even in her late 50s. 

Who Is Amy Brenneman's Husband?

Amy Brenneman is living a happy married life with Brad Silberling. Their marriage is one of the few examples of successful Hollywood marriages. She exchanged her wedding vows with Silberling on September 30, 1995, and they have been together since.

Amy Brenneman is in her wedding gown and Brad Silberling is wearing a black suit.
Amy Brenneman with her husband, Brad Silberling on their wedding (Source: Amy Brenneman Instagram @amybrenneman)

Brenneman and Silberling first crossed paths while working on NYPD Blue. They only dated for around a year and a half before deciding to take their relationship to the next level. 

For Amy, the most surprising part about meeting Brad was how nice and calm he was. It was surprising because of how his previous relationship had ended up.

Amy's Husband's Previous Relationship 

Brad Silberling was previously in a relationship with actress Rebecca Schaeffer which ended tragically. She was shot dead at her West Hollywood apartment by one of her fans in 1989

Brad's ex-partner Rebecca was killed by Robert Bardo. Before her death, the former couple was planning to marry each other as they were already having a beautiful relationship.

Net Worth Of Amy Brenneman

Amy Brenneman has found a lot of success working in television and it has led her to have an estimated net worth of $16 Million. She has made a lot of money thanks to some of her successful shows like Judging Amy, Private Practice, and NYPD Blue.

For Private Practice, Brenneman's salary was $100,000 an episode. And, the highest-grossing film she has been part of is Heat which as per Rotten Tomatoes made $66.2 Million at the box office. 

Brenneman also owns some expensive stuff, like her house located in San Fernando Valley. One of the best things about her house is her garden mainly made for her kids. Her designed garden has a lot of cool things like a mini footbridge, swing, and glass flowers.

Who Are Brenneman's Kids?

Brenneman daughter is a special child and needs an extra bit of love and affection. Charlotte Tucker Silberling has struggled with cognitive skills since she was a child. She is a caring mom and is doing everything to make her daughter's life good.

Amy Brenneman is holding Charlotte Tucker Silberling and Brad Silberling is holding Bodhi Russell Silberling.
Amy Brenneman with her husband, Brad Silberling, and kids, Charlotte Tucker Silberling and Bodhi Russell Silberling (Source: Instagram @amybrenneman)

Tell Me Your Secrets actress provided Charlotte with Individualized Education Program when she was only three years old. This was brought up by her in an interview with Ability Magazine. Brenneman, other than Charlotte is also a mother to a son. 

Amy's son is Bodhi Russell Silberling. Charlotte is the older one born on March 20, 2001. Bodhi's birth date is June 8, 2005. She is protective of her kids as per the story she shared in The Kelly Clarkson Show. It was about helping her daughter when she first started using Instagram and it didn't go well.

Actress Amy Brenneman Is A Harvard Student

Amy is an educated woman which should be evident from the fact that she studied at Harvard University. She studied comparative religion during her time in the institute and graduated in 1986. Her parents had also studied law at the same University.

Amy during her time at Harvard also traveled to Nepal to study Hinduism. She also learned about Buddhism while at the land of Mount Everest and did her college thesis on it. Brenneman previously studied at Glastonbury High School where she also did a bit of theatre.

About Brenneman's Parents And Two Brothers

Brenneman's parents are Russell Langdon Brenneman, Jr, and Frederica Joanne Shoenfield respectively. She also has two brothers in the family named Matthew Brenneman and Andrew Brenneman.

Both Amy Brenneman and Frederica Joanne Shoenfield are wearing a court uniform.
Amy Brenneman with her mother, Frederica Joanne Shoenfield (Source: Amy Brenneman Instagram @amybrenneman)

Most of the family members of Amy have made a career in Law. It has been mentioned on her IMDb page that her father, Russell worked as an Environmental Lawyer. Whereas, her mother, Frederica was the first-ever female senior judge in Connecticut State Superior Court. 

Amy's brother, Matthew is also a lawyer by profession. Andrew is the only other one in the family than the Shining Girls actress who didn't make a career in law. Her IMDb page says that her other brother works as an interactive software producer.

Suffered From Ulcerative Colitis

Private Practice actress, Brenneman has suffered from ulcerative colitis for which, she even had to go through surgery. She had to do surgery in 2010 after flare-ups of ulcerative colitis. The actress dealt with it for six years with medication before lying in a hospital bed to get her colon removed.

Amy also took a break from Private Practice and gave her health priority. She only opened up about it later so, it's obvious there were gonna be some rumors. In her case, the popular rumor at the time was that she had gone through a miscarriage which as you know, ended up being not true.

Body Measurements

Brenneman has the same height as Paulette Miltimore at 5 Feet and 6 Inches (168 cm). She takes good care of herself as evidenced by her slim body that weighs 125 lbs (57 kg). Her body measures 30-23-33 inches.

Amy Brenneman is posing like she is walking in the picture.
Amy Brenneman posing for the camera (Source: Amy Brenneman Instagram @amybrenneman)

The Foster Boy actress Amy wears a dress in size 4 (US) and a shoe of 7 (US). Also, another thing that is special about her is that she has got green eyes.

Has Done An Abortion In The Past

Brenneman is a happy mother of two kids but, they weren't the first kids she became pregnant with. It is because she has been through the abortion process. And, the actress has revealed that she doesn't feel apologetic about it.

Judging Amy actress Amy became pregnant in her early 20s while she was at Harvard. She told Cosmopolitan that she and her then-partner had used birth control but accidentally got pregnant. Brenneman wanted to focus on her career so she didn't want a kid which is why she had an abortion. 

Silberling's wife has also been very vocal about giving women the choice to give an abortion. She is pro-choice and believes the constitution should allow any woman to go through an abortion if they want to.

A Brief On Amy's Career

Amy Brenneman made a name for herself in the world of acting through the role of Officer Janice Licalsi in NYPD Blue. She has since then gone on to feature in a lot of successful shows like Judging Amy, and Private Practice

Even though Amy's film Heat was a huge hit, most of her career success has come through television.

Brenneman's first appearance on TV came through the TV Show, Middle Ages in 1992. Then the following year came the role of Officer Janice Licalsi which made her a household name among TV audiences. The role also landed her a nomination for two Primetime Emmys in 1994 and 1995

The same role of Detective Janice also landed the actress in a bit of a controversy back in the day. She got almost nude in one of the scenes of the show which wasn't considered appropriate for TV at the time. You might also want to learn about Bonnie Sommerville who played Detective Laura Murphy in this show.


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