Ana Alexander, After Divorced to Randal Haworth. What She Doing Now?

Fri Nov 29 2019
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An avid comic book reader and now creator, Ana Alexander has created a cult of fans, especially among guys. She is, furthermore, an actress who was featured in the TV series Chemistry (2011). The actress, however, quit the series for season 2 because of many explicit scenes. 

Even though we can follow her personal life on her Instagram, her relationship status is something that is, kept entirely intact. Did you know she was once a married woman? Yes, guys, now if you're curious to know more about her love life, then read along.

Ana Alexander Married a Plastic Surgeon

The Serbian actress walked down the aisle with an American plastic surgeon, Dr. Randal Haworth. Haworth is one of the best in the business alongside Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif, to name a few.

Dr. Randal Haworth and Ana Alexander together at some event
Image: Ana Alexander (left) with her former husband, Dr. Randal Haworth (right), at an event. 
Source: Getty Images

Ana exchanged wedding vows with Randal in 2009, but it was very private. Looking at the net worth of the pairs', we can imagine the wedding ceremony might've been a lavish one, but only their loved ones became part of it. As of now, neither Haworth nor Alexander has talked anything regarding their weddings.

From their marital life, the couple does not share any children. Ana, however, has a dog who often features on her Instagram pictures. 

Despite not being a mother, the actress is a godmother to her brothers' kids. She shares a good bond with her godchildren, and Ana does not let go of any opportunity to show her love towards them.

Ending the Relationship!

After just three years of their marital life, the duo wants to end their married relationship. The couple filed for divorce in 2012 and moved on from one another. 

Ana Alexander and Dr. Randal Haworth at a Jewelry exhibition before the divorce
Picture: Ana Alexander (right) with Dr. Randal Haworth (left). 
Source: Patrick McMullan

They kept it a secret just like their marriage, so, as of now, there are no reports of the reason for their divorce. The duo might be going through problems in their love life, but no one knows the exact reason for the split.

After the divorce, there are no rumors or news about any romantic linkups of Ana. She is single as of now, and the same can be said for Dr. Randal Haworth. He is also not involved in any romantic relationship currently.

Ana Walked From the Chemistry

In 2011, she was featured in the TV series, Chemistry. The fans adored her role in the series, but the actress decided to walk out from the show's second season. As per reports, excessive nudity is the reason for the walk away from the series.

In an interview, she explained her dissatisfaction with the show and the reason for quitting the show. She said,

"I was told that some scenes would be artistic, but they turned out to be explicit. That's one of the reasons I don't wish to resume filming the second season of the series. People will start to think that I am going to take my clothes off in every film, which is unacceptable!". 

Ana Alexander shooting an action scene for a CBS series
Frame: Ana Alexander (right), shooting for an action scene for CBS Series. 
Source: theanaalexander

Currently, the actress has turned producer and also a creator for the comic book. Besides that, she is too busy with her acting works, and some stills from the shooting can be seen on her Instagram pictures. Not just that, in her free time, she spends a lot of time with her family and loves to travel to exotic destinations.

On the other hand, her former husband, Randal, faced some severe allegations in 2018. The patient accused him of using drugs and watching adult movies in the operation room. The charges, however, were later dropped.

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