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YouTuber, Entrepreneur (1991)
Thu Mar 14 2024
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Anni Vuohensilta is an Entrepreneur and a YouTuber who became known for the YouTube channel, Hydraulic Press Channel. It is one of the biggest channels on YouTube and she made videos on that channel with her now ex-husband, Lauri Vuohensilta.

The Finnish YouTuber Vuohensilta is also an IPF powerlifter. Her zodiac sign is Taurus. Let's learn a bit more about the former Hydraulic Press Channel star.

Previously Married To Lauri Vuohensilta

Anni Vuohensilta is living a single life following the divorce from her husband, Lauri Vuohensilta. The two ended their marriage in December 2022. The good thing, however, is that their marriage ended on good terms as they are still friends.

Lauri Vuohensilta is on a suit and Anni Vuohensilta is wearing a purple dress.
Anni Vuohensilta with her ex-husband, Lauri Vuohensilta (Source: Anni Vuohensilta Instagram @rahkamuija)

The news of everything being good between Anni and Lauri was revealed by her ex-husband. According to him, his relationship with Hanna Korpisaari (who also worked on their YouTube channel and is now his girlfriend) did not affect their decision to end their marriage. 

Lauri said that the differences in their life goals were the reason they parted ways.

Previous Works

Vuohensilta may have found success through YouTube but that wasn't the first thing she did in her career. Before breaking stuff for fun in Hydraulic Press Channel, she was working in the sales department at IKEA.

The YouTube star, Vuohensilta was involved in the business-to-business sales at IKEA. She worked in Tampere Area and was part of the company for more than two years. 

Vuohensilta's LinkedIn page says that she started working there in October 2013 and left the same month Tom Szaky married Avigail Adam, i.e., August 2016.

Net Worth Of  Anni Vuohensilta

Anni Vuohensilta through her successful internet career has earned an estimated net worth of $2 Million, similar to Leeanna Walsman. Her income can be mostly credited to her time working in the Hydraulic Press Channel. 

Anni's YouTube channel has over 4.5 Million subscribers. Some of its videos have gotten over 50 Million views, helping them with a lot of ad revenue.

Anni Vuohensilta is standing in front of her car with her hands on her hips.
Anni Vuohensilta with her car, Ford Streeka (Source: Anni Vuohensilta YouTube Channel)

Besides that, Vuohensilta also has her own YouTube channel that goes by her name. Although the money she has made from her channel hasn't been disclosed. Talking about her car, she owns a grey-colored Ford Streetka. 

What Is Vuohensilta's Education Background?

Vuohensilta made a career through the internet and you don't need a degree for that. But, that doesn't mean she never graduated as she holds a bachelor's degree. She did her specialization in social science.

Former Hydraulic Press Channel star, Vuohensilta did her bachelor studies at the University of Tampere, an institute in her native country, Finland. Her LinkedIn page says that she joined the University in 2011 and graduated in 2015.

A Certified Powerlifter

Anni Vuohensilta has the strength in her body to lift weights. She is a powerlifter and has been recognized by the International Powerlifting Federation. She also trains people as she is a powerlifter coach.

Anni Vuohensilta is lifting the 130 kg weight.
Anni Vuohensilta doing deadlift (Source: Anni Vuohensilta Instagram @rahkamuija)

Vuohensilta has also been recognized by her country Finland's Powerlifting Federation Suomen voimanostoliitto. If you scroll through her Instagram page, you will find plenty of pictures of her doing deadlifts and whatnot. She is also a coach and besides, that she has also referred some of the matches.

Loves Riding Bicycles

Vuohensilta besides lifting weights is also into bicycles. Like Keahu Kahuanui, She loves riding bikes and has also taken part in numerous races in the past, like the Tahko MTB race. The YouTuber doesn't just ride bikes but also teaches others as she is a registered Bicycle Instructor. 

The social media star Vuohensilta has also conducted a bicycle event in the past. Her LinkedIn page has mentioned that she is the founder of Ratareisi 24 h Bicycle Event. She has been involved with this since August 2013

Vuohensilta has plenty of cycle-related posts on her Instagram page. In many of her pictures, you will find her just having fun on her cycle be it traveling in the mountains or watching the sunset as she is riding her bike.

Vuohensilta's Time At The Hydraulic Press Channel

Anni Vuohensilta made her career as a YouTuber working for the YouTube channel called, Hydraulic Press Channel. The channel from Finland which she started with her ex-husband, Lauri Vuohensilta is about just crushing anything that exists using a hydraulic press.

Vuohensilta was one of the main faces on the channel. She worked in HPC Entertainment oy as a producer and an extra content manager. She did this role from April 2016 till March 2023 as mentioned on her LinkedIn page.

Vuohensilta's time at the channel may have ended but she did have a lot of good memories. She crushed a lot of things during her time at the channel and in an interview with Vice, she revealed that bowling balls were her favorite thing to crush.

Reason For Quitting Hydraulic Press Channel

Anni Vuohensilta said goodbye to Hydraulic Press Channel in 2021. And, the reason for her doing that was not the divorce from her husband, Lauri but, because of her mental health suffering. 

The news was revealed by Vuohensilta's ex-husband on Reddit. Through the Hydraulic Press Channel Reddit, he revealed it in one of the discussions. Lauri disclosed that she was saying goodbye to the channel because she was burnt out. She was also losing interest in working on the channel and said goodbye.

At the time of this writing, Vuohensilta is not making videos on YouTube. She has decided to take a break from making videos as evidenced by her lack of video uploads on her channel for a while. She is prioritizing her health at the moment. However, she is active on her Instagram.

Loves Tattoo

Vuohensilta loves ink on her body thus, has gotten a lot of tattoos. She has tattoos on both of her arms. While a lot of people prefer to have a completely black tattoo, hers is different as her tattoos are colorful.

Anni Vuohensilta is showing the muscles of her right hand.
Anni Vuohensilta flexing her muscles (Source: Anni Vuohensilta Instagram @rahkamuija)

The Internet personality Vuohensilta has tattoos on both of her glenohumeral joints. On her left joint, she has gotten herself a tattoo of a Buddhist symbol, Dharmachakra, or the dharma wheel. And, on her other joint, she has a tattoo of a compass.

That's not all as Lauri Vuohensilta's ex-wife also has a tattoo on her right arm. She has a tattoo of a mermaid that has red hair and green fins and is surrounded by water. 

Vuohensilta Is A Cat Person

Vuohensilta is a huge cat person and she even calls herself a crazy cat lady. She likes dogs too but she is obsessed with cats. She lives with her cat named Pepsi the Max.

Pepsi is an Abyssinian cat who became part of her family when she was seven weeks old. She isn't the only cat in her house as she also has another Abyssinian cat in her house. Although the name of the other cat remains to be known. She loves posting about them on her Instagram.

Pepsi wasn't the first cat Vuohensilta adopted into the family. Before her, the YouTuber had a Bengal cat named Leo. But, her new cat never got to meet Leo as he had passed away before she arrived at the family.

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