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Celebrity Son (1987)
Mon Jun 05 2023
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Antron Pippen was a well-known American personality who was the child of Scottie Pippen. His father, Scottie is regarded as one of the greatest basketball players who ever lived. 

Scottie posted the sad news of his son Antron's death on Instagram on April 19, 2021, explaining how they had become close through their shared passion for basketball. He has kept the circumstances surrounding his son's passing private.

How Was Antron's Early Life? 

Antron was born on December 29, 1987. He was born to NBA star Scottie Pippen and his first wife, Karen McCollum. The pair tied the knot months after Antron was born.  Antron spends his childhood in Lawrenceville with his family.

Antron Pippen's old photo with his father Scottie Pippen.
Antron Pippen's old photo with his father Scottie Pippen.
Image Source: Instagram @scottiepippen

From an early age, he was passionate about Basketball and used to participate in many tournaments during his early days. 

Education Details: Antron Was A College Graduate

Antron received his education at a private institution, where he participated in various athletic activities and developed a passion for basketball. 

In 2006, he became a student at South Georgia Technical College, where he attended classes and participated in intercollegiate athletics by becoming a member of the school's basketball team. 

Antron eventually moved schools and enrolled at Texas A&M International University the following academic year.

What Was The Cause of Antron's Death?

At 26, Antron, who had played basketball in college, passed away suddenly. The details surrounding what led to his passing have not been made public but it seems to be from health reasons. In April 2021, Scottie shared an Instagram post revealing that Antron had passed away. 

Antron Pippen's childhood photo with his father Scottie Pippen at basketball match.
Antron Pippen's childhood photo with his father Scottie Pippen at a basketball match.
Image Source: Instagram @scottiepippen

He was a member of the Chicago Bulls for 17 seasons and helped them win six championships. After hearing that he had died, the group took a moment of silence to remember him. 

During the tribute, they displayed his picture on the jumbotron in the arena. Pippen took to Instagram to convey his appreciation for the support.

Was Antron Married?

Antron Pippen was not involved with anyone romantically. He focused all his attention on his career, friends, and family because he preferred to keep his relationship private and out of the spotlight.

This photo was taken just 1 month before of Antron Pippen's death.
This photo was taken just 1 month before Antron Pippen's death.
Image Source: Instagram @scottiepippen

Besides that, there are no other records of his past relationships. He doesn't want his relationships to be talked about in the news. If he was dating someone, he didn't want to draw attention to himself by saying so.

Who Is Scottie Pippen?

Former American professional basketball player Scottie Pippen is now retired from the sport. During his playing career, Pippen was a member of the National Basketball Association. 

During his time with the Chicago Bulls, he gained most of his fame. He has won six championships with the Chicago Bulls, playing on teams including Michael Jordan.

Scottie Pippen is posing for the photo.
Scottie Pippen posing for his Instagram feed. 
Image Source: Instagram @scottiepippen

Scottie Maurice Pippen was born in Hamburg, Arkansas, in the United States of America, on September 25, 1965. He is the last child born to Ethel Pippen, and Preston Pippen, who had 12 children. 

Where Did Antron's Father Finish His Education? 

Scottie received his secondary education at Hamburg High. As a senior, he earned all-conference honors while playing point guard for his high school's basketball team, which he guided to the state playoffs. 

He also received those honors during his junior year. After graduating from high school, he enrolled at the University of Central Arkansas in Conway, where he was a member of the school's athletic team. Because his college participated in the NAIA, he did not receive much recognition during his time there.

Net Worth Collection

The late star kid Antron Pippen enjoyed a comfortable and prosperous lifestyle when he was alive. He used to make money by playing basketball for local teams and working as a machine technician in the lab, even though his father had sufficient wealth. 

Antron Pippen was doing pushup before the match.
Antron Pippen was doing pushups before the match.
Image Source: Instagram @scottiepippen

Anton's NBA star dad Scottie Pippen is a multi-millionaire. The former player will retire with a fortune of $20 million. His salary was worth $10 million during the years he was actively working. 

Similarly, he used to earn millions by endorsing several different brands, such as Nike, McDonald's, Coca-Cola, and Right Guard.

Parents Marriage Life

Star basketball player Scottie Pippen, Antron's father, and Karen McCollum, his mother, are no longer married to one another. They have been distanced for a very long time. His mother, who played a pianist on the CW show, and his father, a basketball player, had been in a relationship for a long time. 

Scottie Pippen's old photo with his family.
Scottie Pippen's vintage photo with his family.
Image Source: the-sun

Before they even married, the couple discovered they were expecting their one and only child, Antron, who was born in 1987. In 1988, shortly after the birth of their son, the couple exchanged their wedding vows.

Seven years passed, and the couple was constantly by each other's side. The former couple filed for divorce in 1995, ending their nearly decade-long marriage, which had been marred by some challenges unavoidable in their marital life.

Antron Pippen's Father Later Remarried

Likewise, Antron's stepmother is Larsa Younan, an extremely well-known American model, and television personality, who was Scottie's wife during their marriage. However, at the time of Antron's passing, the couple was getting a divorce which has been finalized

Scottie Pippen and Larsa Younan posing for the photo.
Scottie Pippen and Larsa Younan posing for the photo.
Image Source: the-sun

Scottie Pippen and Larsa Younan began seeing each other as romantic partners in 1995, and on July 20, 1997, after being together for more than two years, they tied the knot. 

In 2016, after being married to the same woman for 19 years, he filed for divorce. However, one year after initiating the divorce proceedings, Scottie withdrew the petition for a legal separation.

They filed for divorce again in 2018 and it was finalized in 2021. 


Antron's mother only had him as her child. But from his father's relationships, he has many younger half-siblings.

From Scottie Pippen's marriage to Laura, they were blessed with four children: Justin Pippen, Preston Pippen, Scotty Pippen Jr., and a lovely daughter named Sophia Pippen. 

Before that, Scottie fathered three daughters with two women. He has twin daughters, Taylor and Tyler Pippen from his old girlfriend, Sonya Roby. Tyler sadly passed away when she was just nine days old.

Anton's other sibling is Sierra Pippin who was born 6o his father's ex-fiance, Yvette De Leon.

Physical Appearance 

Antron Pippen was tall, and his height was measured at 5 feet 9 inches. Similarly, his father, Scottie is also a tall man who stands at the height of 6 feet 8 inches like Kyle Singler

Similarly, Antron's body weight is 97 kg. He has black hair, and his eyes are dark brown. Additionally, he has dark brown eyes along with dark brown hair. 

Social Site Appearance

Antron was never active on social sites, nor did he use any social media. His father, Scottie, is active on multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Antron Pippen is posing for the photo.
Antron Pippen is posing for the photo.
Image Source: Instagram @scottiepippen

Scottie Pippen, Antron's dad, is known for being lively on social media. He has more than 1.8 million followers on his official Instagram account, which can be found at @scottiepippen.

Likewise, Scottie is active on Twitter as well. He has over 675K followers on Twitter @ScottiePippen. He posts his daily life update on Twitter. 


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