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Journalist and correspondent
Thu Jun 30 2022
By   Selena

Indian-American Journalist, Anya Parampil is currently working as a correspondent of RT America. More to that, she has reported several documentaries, including Palestine, Venezuela, on-the-ground reports from the Korean peninsula, and Honduras.

The exact birth date of Anna is not available out there but she celebrates her birthday on the 2nd of February. In fact, she has not disclosed her actual age but as an assumption, she might be in her late twenties. What's Her Relationship Status? To know read along.

Is Anya Married or Not?

Is this lovely journalist still single or is she married or has some love affair? Okay, that seems to be the question that many of her fans pose right now.

Anya Parampil is reported to be a single
Image: Anya Parampil is reported to be a single
Source: Twitter @anyaparampil

But, unfortunately, there are no details about any kind of relationship in which she was involved. And we do not learn much about her private life at the present time because of her private existence. Parampil may still be single or not. As long as she does not spill any beans on her dating life, it is hard to speculate.

In reality, George Washington University's graduate still enjoys keeping her love life inside or out of the spotlight just like another American meteorologist, Chelsea Ambriz. Hence for now, without any dating boyfriend, it seems she is enjoying her singlehood in her hometown Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.

What is Anya Parampil's Net Worth? Salary and Income

Anya Parampi is one of the most committed and hardworking journalists of all time. Therefore, her hard work gets paid off a heavy amount of wages by her anchoring and reporting career. She has also been involved for a long time in the media industry and also has ably accumulated a large amount of money.

Anya Parampil at Russiagate and WikiLeaks Pt 2
Picture: Anya Parampil at Russia Gate and Wiki Leaks Pt. 2
Source: Youtube

Anya Parampil's net worth is estimated to be in millions of dollars as of early 2020. However, the exact amount is still under review. Similarly, she makes around $44,000 per year as a journalist.

As of now, Anya is currently working as a correspondent in U.S.-based pay television and internet-based news channel, RT America. Thus, she might be paid from $35,083 to $50,604 for her experience and rank as part of RT.

Interview with Jose Manuel

On the tenth anniversary of the Honduran coup, Anya interviewed with Former President of Honduras, Jose Manuel Zelaya. During an interview, Jose discusses the extreme violence, drug trafficking, economic depression, migration crisis, Juan Orlando Hernández (JOH), WikiLeaks, Venezuela, and more.

On the tenth anniversary of the Honduran coup, Anya intervied with Former President of Honduras , Jose Manuel Zelaya.
Photo: During an interview with Honduran politician, Jose Manuel Zelaya
Source: YouTube

" Even the U.S. media talked of the border crisis without thinking about the fact that this problem is directly related to U.S. foreign policy, primarily U.S. regime change policy, resulting in Honduras ' doubling of poverty", Red Lines host Anya Parampil then claimed.


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