Are Noah Zulfikar and Meg Donnelly Still Together?

Sat Jul 22 2023
By   Prajwol

Are Noah Zulfikar and Meg Donnelly still together? The Canadian actor and dancer, Zulfikar dated his co-star from Zombies 2, Meg Donnelly.

The pair met on the set of Zombies 2 and while working Meg and Noah formed a special bond which later turned into love. The romantic duo started their relationship in 2020. How is their relationship now?

Noah Zulfikar Brokeup With His Girlfriend?

Zombies 2 actor, Noah Zulfikar and Meg Donnelly apparently are taking a break from each other. The Canadian actor has not posted pictures with his sweetheart on Instagram since July 26, 2021. Similarly, Donnelly has not shared a single thing about Noah.

Noah Zulfikar and Meg Donnelly took a picture while getting ready. (Source: Instagram @megdonnelly)

Is love on the rocks for Noah and Meg? Zulfikar also raised some eyebrows with shock when he did not wish birthday and vice-versa. Both of the couples have remained tight-lipped on this matter which has made fans speculate about the end of the relationship of this once inseparable couple.

Though the pair never announced their breakup officially, Fans seem to be sure of their split now. The reason for their silence is yet to be revealed.

Meg Donnelly Boyfriend, Noah, Used To Post About His Girlfriend

Things have been calm and composed these days. There is a wall of silence between Noah Zulfikar girlfriend and himself. But once, love was in the air for this romantic duo and they loved to flaunt it on Instagram.

Noah Zulfikar posted:

"it’s a forever thing❤️ happy birthday bubba i love you"

Noah Zulfikar celebrating his girlfriend Meg Donnelly's birthday. (Source: Instagram @ noah_zul)

But the statement does not seem to fit in their life now. The wall of silence between the romantic duo Donnelly and her boyfriend Zulfikar apparently denies this statement somehow now.

Similarly, the last post from Meg to Noah was on January 12, 2022.

"celebrating u today & always 👩🏼‍❤️‍💋‍👨🏾💕🧸゚*✩‧₊˚ there’s no life without you in it. i love you shmeefus 💋"

Besides Acting Noah Zulfikar & Meg Donnelly Shares Interest In Dancing

Yes, the bond between the duo Noah and Meg is strengthened due to their similar interest. One such interest the couple has in common is their love for dance.

Zulfikar and Donnelly can be seen dancing on their social media platform. In fact, the pair danced together, and the American Housewife actress posted it on her TikTok.

Is Meg Donnelly Dating Milo Manheim Now?

The American housewife actress, Meg Donelly shared glimpses from the outing with Milo Manheim. Yes, Meg had posted it on TikTok as well as Instagram which became the topic of discussion between her fans.

Is Donnelly dating Milo after Noah? Fans seem to be wondering about this now. To this concern, Meg has clarified that there is nothing ongoing between the couple and that they are just friends.

Milo Manheim kissing Meg Donnelly.
Milo Manheim kissing Meg Donnelly. Source: Instagram @milomanheim

Interestingly, Donnelly and Manheim met during the audition of Zombies 2. Meg stated that they were asked to showcase their singing talents on the last day of their audition.  

Milo and Donnelly sang a melodious song Love Is An Open Door. The song from Frozen not only won the hearts of casting directors but also blossomed the friendship between the pair.

What's New On Meg Donnelly & Noah Zulfikar's Life?

At the moment, both Meg as well as Noah seems to be focusing on their passion. While Zulfikar is preparing for his acts and traveling to a beautiful place, Donnelly has set eyes on her new journey.

Donnelly who started singing at the age of six is working to release her songs. Furthermore, the actress is hoping to work on Marvel movies someday,


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