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Fri Mar 01 2024
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Relationship Timeline Of arielle lorre

Husband : Chuck Lorre
Arielle Lorre married Chuck Lorre in 2018.

Arielle Lorre who once became famous for marrying Chuck Lorre, the multimillionaire producer of The Big Bang Theory, has once again come to the hot seat after the news of the couple's divorce. 

The third ex-wife of Chuck, Arielle is a lifestyle influencer and the host of The Blonde Files podcast known for her active presence on Instagram. She was born on August 3, 1985, in America and she follows the practices of Christianity. She is a Caucasian. 

About Arielle Lorre & Chuck Lorre Marriage & Wedding Details: 

Chuck Lorre and Arielle Lorre tied the knot on October 18, 2018. This was already the third marriage of Chuck Lorre. Moreover, the couple has an age difference of 33 years.

Chuck Lorre's third wife Arielle Lorre
Chuck Lorre and his third wife Arielle Lorre. 
Source: Pinterest

The couple is said to have engaged back in the fall of 2017. Then, they wedded after a year and moved together to Los Angeles, California. Since the couple's wedding, they have made their appearance on several red carpets and award shows together. 

Reason Behind Arielle Lorre & Chuck Lorre's Divorce:

The news of Chuck and Arielle's separation made headlines way before the couple even got divorced. However, the public saw it coming as this was already the third divorce of Chuck Lorre. 

Arielle Lorre and Chuck Lorre
Arielle Lorre and Chuck Lorre. 
Source: People

The couple legally divorced on May 1, 2022. In a statement, the couple made to Variety, they confirmed that they are separating and the separation is a mutual consideration. The statement said;

β€œIt is with mutual consideration and respect that we have decided to separate. Our plan is to move forward in different directions but with great love, admiration and gratitude for the time we shared. We ask that you respect our privacy during this difficult time. Thank you for your support,”

Moreover, the couple does not share any children throughout their four years of marriage. So it was even more convenient for the couple to get divorced. 

However, in those years they were together, they were happy with each other. So their separation is still sad news for the loyal fans of Chucks and Arielle.

Are Arielle Lorre & Chuck Lorre Back Together?

Rumors are saying that the former couple Chuck Lorre and Arielle Lorre are back together. Moreover, there was an active discussion going on about the former couple getting back together.

The cause of the rumor is the story posted by Arielle with Chuck Lorre and captioning the "Wedding Date" after their separation. Moreover, they were also seen having a smoothie together.

Arielle Lorre posted a story with Chuck Lorre with the caption "wedding date".
Arielle Lorre posted a story with Chuck Lorre with the caption "wedding date". 
Source: Reddit

People commented on this saying that they wouldn't go with their ex to a wedding which would have been uncomfortable. Though the news may be true or not, the fans of both parties would indeed love to see them get back together.

What Is The Net Worth of Arielle Lorre? 

Arielle is an accomplished social media influencer who is doing well as a blogger and a host of the Blonde Files podcast. Moreover, she is also doing well in fashion and she is well known in the field.

Arielle Lorre On Instagram
A picture of Arielle Lorre. 
Source: Instagram@ariellelorre

The net worth of the Blonde Files host, Arielle Lorre is estimated to be around $3 million. Moreover, her ex-husband, the creator of The Big Bang Theory, has an estimated net worth of $800 million.

Height & Weight of Arielle Lorre

The social media influencer Arielle is a beauty who stands at a height of about 5 feet 7 inches. Her height is astounding for a woman and measures around 170 centimeters. Moreover, even with her towering height, the host is just around 58 kg. 

Chuck Lorre's third wife
Arielle Lorre On Instagram. 
Source: Instagram@ariellelorre

Though the beautiful host of the Blonde Files podcast looks somewhere around 20, she has already reached the age of 37.

Is An Active Social Media Influencer

Arielle is an active social media influencer who is available on all sorts of social media. She has a huge number of followers that she gained from posting about skincare, fashion, cuisine, fitness, and health.

Arielle Lorre on Instagram doing skincare
Social Media Influencer Arielle Lorre. 
Source: Instagram@ariellelorre

On Instagram, she has an account under the username @ariellelorre with over 401k followers. Also, she has an account under her name @ArielleLorre with a little under 1k followers on Twitter. The blogger joined Twitter in 2019, however, she hasn't been able to build up her presence as much as on Instagram.

Arielle Is Too Discreet About Her Early Life & Family Details: 

Though there is not much known about her early life, she belongs to a Christian household and is Caucasian. Moreover, it said that she is from a middle-class family. And that she graduated from a local college in her hometown.

Arielle Lorre
Arielle Lorre. Source: Instagram@ariellelorre

However, the information regarding the parents of Arielle is also not available. Apart from posting about her focused topics and experiences, she has never talked about her early life, parents, and environments. 

A Day In The Life Of Arielle's Detailed Daily Diet:

Arielle Lorre is well known for her fitness transformation. Because of the requests of her fans, she shared her detailed diet that changed her outlook on fitness transformation. 

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In short, for a pre-breakfast, Arielle goes for a matcha latte with hemp milk, MCT oil, collagen peptides, and manuka honey. Then, she eats eggs prepared in ghee along with vegetables, avocado, and kraut.

Arielle Lorre Posing drinking
Arielle Lorre posting her drinks. 
Source: Instagram@ariellelorre

Arielle eats Bulletproof Collagen Bar for her snacks before eating greens with lots of roasted vegetables and proteins. She also prepares homemade tahini dressing. Later in the day, she goes for another snack which is chia pudding, made with chia seeds. 

And lastly, for dinner, she eats veggies again, squash and protein, or homemade pumpkin curry. Moreover, she does not refrain from eating desserts, she usually has chocolate-based, whipped-up brownies made of sweet potato.

Most of the meals she eats are prepared at home so she has control over the amount and types of ingredients.

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