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Mon Nov 27 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Armine Shamiryan

Husband : Michael Johnson
Armine Shamiryan exchange her wedding vows with Michael Johnson.

Who is Michael Johnson wife? Armine Shamiryan came to the spotlight as the wife of the legendary sprinter Johnson. Armine's husband is the former Olympic and World Champion. These two are among the most admired couples in the world of sports.

Armine is more than just a celebrity wife because she is a chef by profession, as is evident from her Instagram page. You can find her cooking all sorts of stuff, from common foods to never-before-heard foods, on her IG. 

Armine Shamiryan & Michael Johnson: Love Story

In 2003, Armine Shamiryan met her husband, Michael Johnson, in Los Angeles. The two got along well and eventually tied the knot. It's safe to say she has no regrets about his decision, as their marriage is still strong. 

Armine Shamiryan is wearing a sprinter clothes and Michael Johnson is wearing a chef dress.
Armine Shamiryan & Michael Johnson in their Halloween costume (Source: Instagram @armine_like_chardonnay)

Armine has found the love of her life through Michael. This lovely pair have been living peacefully together in Marin County, California, the same state where they first crossed paths. They don't have a baby together yet, and it remains to be known if they plan to have one.

The romantic couple Armine and Michael are wealthy but are also known for being humble about it. She doesn't need him to spend much money on her to be happy. The pair finds joy in simple things. One of their favorite activities is spending quality time on the beach together.

Armine Shamiryan Is A Stepmother

Armine Shamiryan and her husband, Michael Johnson, have no kids from their marriage. However, the four-time Olympic gold medalist Michael does have one from his previous marriage to Kerry D'Oyen. He is a father to a son named Sebastian Johnson, born in the same year as Madison Elizabeth Mcmahon, i.e., 2000.

Even though Armine isn't his biological mother, she has adopted him as his son. The two seem to share an exceptional bond. Sebastian hasn't disclosed much about himself, so it remains to be known where he lives and what he does for a living.

Michael Johnson is takling a selfie and Armine Shamiryan and Sebastian Johnson are standing next to him at the beach.
Michael Johnson and Armine Shamiryan with their son Sebastian Johnson (Source: Instagram @armine_like_chardonnay)

More importantly, Sebastian Johnson does make time for his father and stepmother on holidays. The family has a tradition they do every Christmas. Michael and his wife do the annual Christmas Day Family walk. Sebastian makes sure he is with his Armine and Michael on this day.

Armine Shamiryan Is A Pet Lover 

Armine and Michael may not have a child of their own, but they have someone young in the family to take care of. They are parents to a dog named Angelo.

Armine Shamiryan is sleeping in the couch cuddling Angelo.
Armine Shamiryan sleeping with her pet, Angelo. (Source: Instagram @armine_like_chardonnay)

Angelo adds a lot more excitement and lights up their house. He also has some interests as Armine and Michael, as he is a bit of an adventurer since he loves hiking. He also does normal dog things like chasing away the birds and staring outside the window for hours.

We don’t deserve these wonderful creatures. Angelo is always here to comfort me! 

A Brief On Armine's Husband Michael Johnson

There was a time when Michael Duane Johnson was the face of sprinting. He was the first name that would pop up in people's minds when sprinters came to the topic. His 12 Gold medals, including the Olympics and the World Championships, will explain why that is the case.

There were hardly any records Michael didn't break during his career. His historic performance at the 1996 Olympics also earned him the name, fastest man in the world, the title which has since been snatched from him by Usain Bolt

Most of Johnson's record has been broken today. But that doesn't deny that he has been among the most influential athletes.

The Net Worth Of Armine Shamiryan & Michael Johnson

Armine Shamiryan's primary source of income is being a chef. She loves sharing many things about her life, but her wealth remains an exception. However, her husband, Micahel's wealth is publicly available, and his estimated net worth is $12 Million.

Armine Shamiryan & Michael Johnson photographed together.
Armine Shamiryan & Michael Johnson were photographed together. (Source: Instagram @mjgold4)

Armine has generated most of his income from his athletic career. Nowadays, Johnson is making money through his podcast Defiance, which has good ratings on Amazon.

Armine and Michael are a wealthy couple living in a big, beautiful home. But, the valuation of his house hasn't been revealed. However, as per East Bay Times, their previous house was in San Rafael, which Michael put up for sale for $3.2 Million. That's the same amount Bill Burr's The Front Runner made.

Michael Johnson Wife Is A Chef By Profession

Armine Shamiryan loves to cook and has turned that love into a job. The information on her chef's journey remains to be disclosed. Some have even speculated that she no longer works as a chef and is focused on other stuff, but it's mere speculation, so we will leave it to that.

But one thing that can be confirmed is that Armine's love for cooking has never died. Just go through her Instagram page, and you will find her posting about all sorts of dishes she cooked. Her husband loves her food and is appreciative of her talent. He even dressed up as a chef for Halloween once.

Armine Shamiryan Loves Travelling 

Many just love to sit at home and relax when they have a lot of free time. Not with Armine, though, as being an extroverted woman, she is an adventurer who loves to explore and visit new places.

Armine is a lucky woman as her partner Michael is just like her in this. She never has to worry about going on an adventure alone. Armine has talked about herself and her husband's love for experience. She said:

We have a love for adventure with our dear friends, and we have a true love of coexisting together. I can’t tell you the immense joy we feel in living life together! Here is to continuing our adventures!

Both Armine Shamiryan and Michael Johnson is wearing a life jacket in the picture as they are in the boat.
Armine Shamiryan with Michael Johnson at Grey Whale Watching (Source: Instagram @armine_like_chardonnay)

Besides traveling and discovering new places, she also loves small things in her life. When she isn't going on an adventure, she finds joy in walking on the beach or just sitting quietly in the sunsets.

Michael Johnson Was Accused Of Racism

Armine and Michael's marriage may be going strong, but it by no means has been smooth sailing. She had previously dealt with his stroke when his legs were almost paralyzed, and the other time he created controversy for one of his tweets.

When Tobi Amusan made the world record in the 100-meter hurdle race, Michael took to Twitter and questioned how they recorded the time. In her article, this was met with many backlashes, and Jenna Lemoncelli, for the New York Post, also mentioned that people accused Armine's husband of being a black racist.

Armine's Say On The Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict

Armine Shamiryan lives in California with her husband, Michael. But that doesn't mean that her heart doesn't beat for her home country Armenia. And she has not hesitated to talk about her country's long-going conflict with Azerbaijan, backed by Turkey. She has spoken about it on her Insta, where she said: 

Backed by Turkey, Azerbaijan is attacking civilians in #ngornokarabakh. We need to call on UN to recognize Artsakh as the 194th Nation. We need to call on countries worldwide to stop selling arms to Turkey and Azerbaijan. We need national and international recognition of these egregious acts. 

The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is nothing new. It has been going on since the split-up of the USSR. Armenia and Azerbaijan have been at war for the Nagorno-Karabakh region for a long time. This has led to numerous casualties, many of which had nothing to do with war.


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