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Tue Jun 07 2022
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Arnelle Simpson is the older daughter of former American football running back, O. J. Simpson, who maintains a total career record of 11,236 rushing yards, 4.7 yards per carrying attempts with 61 rushing touchdowns. Upon retirement from American football, Arnelle's dad is now active in the field of entertainment, where he stars as an actor and sportscaster.

Simpson was born on Arnelle L. Simpson on 4th December 1968 in the United States of America. She hails from African-American ethnicity and holds an American citizenship. So, what's is she doing in her day-to-day curriculums. Let's take a glimpse of Simpson's personal life.

What's Simpson's Current Date?

The 51-year-old, Arnelle is reported to be single as of now. Nevertheless, many people are questioning when and whom she will commit? But, when it comes to her intimate life, she isn't much familiar with exploring her personal details, especially her marital status.

Arnelle Simpson arrived at the Best Man premiere
Photo: Arnelle Simpson attended the premiere of The Best Man at Cineplex Odeon Century Plaza Cinema in Century City, California 
Source: Getty Images

As the daughter of notable actor and sportscaster, Arnelle is following her father's footsteps. She has made her appearance in many TV documentaries related to her dad's life. So, she might be planning to give an astonishing surprise to her fans with her upcoming projects.

Arnelle's Parents, Simpson & Whitley's Marital Relationship

Simpson's guardians, O. J. Simpson and Marguerite L. Whitley captured the most beautiful memories while they were in a joyful marriage. The couple walked down the aisle on 24th June 1967, when the bridegroom was only 19 years old.

O. J. Simpson and Marguerite Whitley at their wedding ceremony
Image: Arnelle Simpson's parents, O. J. Simpson and Marguerite Whitley during their nuptial 
Source: Man Crushes 

The pair eventually separated in 1979, after staying married for over a decade due to some misunderstandings. In the late-1979, the registered court clinched their divorce, and O.J took custody of their three children, including Arnelle.

Simpson's Dad, Simpson's Second Marriage with Nicole Brown

Arnelle's father, O. J. tied the knot with the German-American model, Nicole Brownwhom he met while she was serving as a waiter at the New York-based nightclub, The Daisy in 1977. Their wedding was a close ceremony held on 2nd February 1985.

Arnelle Simpson's father, O. J. Simpson with Nicole Brown
Photo: Arnelle Simpson's father, O. J. Simpson with her late step-mother, Nicole Brown 
Source: People

After their nuptial, the couple was happy in their newly-wedded relationship, but the happiness was just for only a few years in their life. The duo later filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences on 25th February 1992, and after that, their divorce was finalized at the end of 1992.

Her Father (O. J.)'s Dating History

Simpson's dad, O. J. dated many high-profile women in his whole life. His first girlfriend was Tawny Kitaen, who is a well-known actress and media personality. The duo dated for more than two years from 1989 to 1991.

Following a year, O. J. began dating an American model, Paula Barbieri, who's from Panama City, Florida in 1992. After dating for two years, they ended their relationship because of some disputes.

O. J. Simpson with his former girlfriend, Paula Barbieri
Image: O. J. Simpson and his ex-partner, Paula Barbieri 
Source: In Touch Weekly

After the split up, Simpson was involved in a romantic affair with a New Orleans-based model, Traci Adell in 1995. Nonetheless, they broke up shortly a year later due to some personal problems.

O. J. began dating an American news correspondent, Christie Prody in 1997. But, their relationship wasn't successful enough to continue further and separated in 2008 after staying together for 11 years.

O. J. Simpson with his ex-girlfriend, Christie Prody
Snap: O. J. Simpson dated Christie Prody for 11 years
Source: Pinterest

Simpson's father had encounters with Skylar Satenstein and Heidi Mark. It was also rumored that the former American football player hooked up with Kris Jenner and Maud Adams during the period of the 1970s.

Older Sister of Four Siblings

Arnelle Simpson has four grown-up siblings, including two biological Jason L. Simpson (born on 21st April 1970), Aaren Lashone Simpson (born on 24th September 1977) and two step-siblings, Sydney Simpson (born on 17th October 1985) and Justin Ryan Simpson (born on 6th August 1988).

Arnelle Simpson with her siblings alongside her parents
Photo: Arnelle Simpson with parents and siblings in Los Angeles, California on 16th March 1994 
Source: Getty Images

Unfortunately, Arnelle's younger sister, Aaren died due to drowning while swimming in the family swimming pool on 26th August 1979. Before the death, Aaren was in coma for eight days.

Murder Case Trial of Arnelle's Dad

Arnelle's father, O. J. was proclaimed to be the murderer of his former wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ron Goldman, who were found dead on the outside of Nicole's home in Brentwood, Los Angeles area. The incident was done on 12th June 1994 where the police found the two dead bodies stabbed by Simpson.

A few days after the incident, the police found O. J. running out of the Brentwood area of Los Angeles on a 1993 Ford Bronco SUV, owned by Simpson's old friend, Al Cowlings. Fortunately, the police started to chase him, and all the TV stations began to telecast the chasing of O. J. live during the 1994 NBA Finals.

Arnelle Simpson's dad, O. J. Simpson hands up his gloves during the custody trial
Photo: Arnelle Simpson's father, O. J. Simpson was taken in custody for the murder of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman in Los Angeles on 21st June 1995 
Source: The Washington Post

The pursuit of the arrest became successful when Simpson busted on the highway and further taken into custody for investigation. However, the court found O. J. no guilty for the two murders because the verdict of the case was still in the investigation. There were several defense counsel team members like Robert KardashianJoannie Cochran, and Robert Shapiro, among others in O. J.'s side. 

After two decades, a voting poll of 2016 held between the white American and black Americans, where 83% of the whites agreed with Simpson's guilt, and 57% of black Americans resisted his misconduct. Following the wrongful judgment, Goldman and Brown's families were awarded $33.5 Million from O. J and even lawyers, lenders, and mortgage debt for upto $2.6 Million.

How much is Arnelle's Father, O. J.'s Total Fortune?

Arnelle's dad, O. J. has a net worth of $3 Million as of 2020. He currently maintains a substantial payroll from his profession. So, he might receive $66,500 per year, which is an average salary of a sportscaster in the United States.

Arnelle Simpson's father sold his Brentwood, CA house for sale
Picture: Arnelle Simpson's father, O. J. Simpson listed his Brentwood, California residence for sale 
Source: Vanity Fair

Simpson's father sold his lavish home located in Brentwood, California at $1.8 Million, which he for $650 Thousand in 1977. Their former house is based on 5,000 square feet, consists of five bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, and a swimming pool.

Novel - I Want to Tell You by Simpson's Father

Arnelle Simpson's dad, O. J. wrote a book, I Want to Tell You: My Response to Your Letters, Your Messages, Your Questions on 1st January 1995. In the book, he expresses his feelings upon the arrest for the unidentified murder of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman.

The cover of O. J. Simpson's book, I Want to Tell You: My Response to Your Letters, Your Messages, Your Questions
Snap: Arnelle Simpson's father, O. J. Simpson wrote a book, I Want to Tell You: My Response to Your Letters, Your Messages, Your Questions 
Source: AbeBooks

O. J.'s book garnered three stars out of five from 16 ratings of the readers. Currently, the price of his book is $13.99 in hardcover that includes 170 used ($0.75), 31 new ($1.99), and 26 collectible ($3.00).

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