Audrey Tennenbaum

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Relationship Timeline Of Audrey Tennenbaum

Husband : Dodd Mitchell Darin
Audrey Tennenbaum married to Dodd Mitchell Darin on 1993,

Audrey Tennenbaum is an  American fashion supervisor and a CA as well as the wife of famous American Actor Dodd Mitchell Cassotto.

She is the female celebrity investigator and a spiritual being who is charming and attractive.

Childhood of Tennenbaum

Tennenbaum was born on 29 June 1961 in Loss Angeles.  She is the daughter of Barbara Darrow, Thomas David Tennenbaum, Madelyn Tennenbaum.

She is also the niece of Madelyn Darrow who is a famous actress of America who has done a famous movie like Rawhide.


Audrey has two siblings  eric Tennenbaum and Madelyn Tennenbaum. Eric Tennenbaum is a famous American producer.

Dodd Mitchell Darin ,Olvia Darin and Alexa Rose Darin
Audrey Tenenbaum's husband Dodd Mitchell Darin and her daughters Alexa Rose Darin, Olivia Darin. Source: Famous People Today.

Personal life of Tennenbaum

The wife of famous Actor Dodd Mitchell is a famous costume designer who has designed many costumes in America.

She designs costumes for many celebrities and she is also a supervisor of the costume designer.

Married to Dodd Mitchell

Audrey Tennenbaum married Dodd Mitchell a famous actor of America in June 5, 1993, in Los Angeles, California. He is also a musician and author of many books.

Dodd Mitchell Darin and Audrey  Tennenbaum
Audrey Tennenbaum with her husband Dodd Mitchell Darin . Source :Famous people Today.

Children of Tennenbaum

Audrey has two children and Olivia Darin and Sandra Darin. She lives with her husband and children in Los Angeles, California.

The net worth of the famous costume designer 

The famous costume designer and the wife of the famous actor Dodd Mitchell Audrey Tennenbaum have a total net worth of $13 million. Her source of earning is from her designed costumes.

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