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Musician, Electronics Engineer
Thu Feb 23 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Austen Hooks

Ex-wife : Margo Harshman
Austen Hooks exchanged wedding vows with Margo Harshman in 2017 and divorced in 2018.

Austen Hooks is a musician and an electronics engineer by profession. He is the ex-husband of actress Margo Harshman. His ex-wife appeared in the popular show The Big Bang Theory for a while and played the role of Sheldon's assistant Alex.

Hooks electronic engineering skills mostly revolves around making Projector Amps and amplifier. He has also been part of a music band called Theft and The Valentines. He plays drums in the Theft. Let's learn a bit more about Margo's ex-husband.

Austen Hooks Failed Marriage To Margo Harshman

Austen Hooks's marriage to Margo Harshman didn't go as he would have wanted. Their marriage only lasted for a brief period, having tied the knot in 2017 and ending it on November 29, 2018. Even before divorcing, the two had separated eight weeks ago.

Joey King is in the middle as Austen Hooks and Margo Harshman are in the sides as both of them are wearing black jacket.
Austen Hooks and Margo Harshman, with Joey King (Source: Margo Harshman Twitter @margoharshman)

Hooks and Harshman have been quiet about their marriage and maintained secrecy. So, the information on how they met and the reason behind their divorce remains to be discovered. 

Hooks Is An Electronics Engineer

The celebrity ex-husband, Hooks, is an electronics engineer by profession. He also is involved with music. His love for those two led him to make Projector Amps and sells that to make a living today. Projector Amps have been super popular and used by numerous musicians today while performing. 

Projector Amps is an amplifier made with the help of old film projectors and is regarded as one of the best-sounding amplifiers in the market today. Margo's ex-husband Hooks doesn't just make the traditional amplifiers; he tweaks and mods them to make them even better. 

Hooks version of Projector Amps has been super popular with many people, but some think the other way. It is because of the things he mods. He changes the transformer of the Amps, which many believe to be the foundation of this amplifier. Hence, some aren't fans of his amplifiers.

A Little About Austen Hooks's Musical Career

Austen Hooks not only makes music equipment but also loves performing himself. Though he mostly is about guitars and amplifiers today, there was a time he used to play drums for a band. He had always wanted to play music and was even part of a band.

Austen was part of a band in High School. Natalie Cook Clark for Katy magazine mentioned in the article that he was fifteen years old when he played drums at his high school band in Katy High School.

Austen Hooks, Daley Hake, and Matt McCartie are wearing all black in this photoshoot.
Austen Hooks with Daley Hake and Matt McCartie from Theft (Source: Katy People)

Hooks used to be the drummer of the three-man band called Theft. The other two members of the band are Daley Hake and Matt McCartie. The band has even made a few songs and performed an opening act for The Creed in their concert. 

It remains to be known whether Austen is still part of the band. Besides that, he has also worked with many other bands like The Valentines, The Fieros, Pilot Radio, and Alpha Rev.

Net Worth: How Rich Is Margo Harshman's Ex-Husband?

Austen Hooks's estimated net worth is $1 Million, similar to psychologist Solveig Karadottir. However, some sources speculate it could be more. Hooks's main source of income is music. Besides touring with the band, he is also an electronic engineer and makes Projector Amps, one of the most popular amplifiers used today. 

Hooks's ex-wife Margo Harshman has a net worth of $6 Million, and her main source of income is acting. The biggest success she has seen in acting is easily Disney's Even Stevens which must have paid her a lot of money. Besides that, she has also worked in other popular shows like NCIS, The Big Bang Theory, and Modern Family.

Besides, they haven't revealed much about their wealth apart from a few things they owned during their divorce settlement. TMZ reports that they lived in LA at the time, which is an expensive place to live. He used to own a 2000 Toyota Tundra as his car and also a few firearms.

Has A Pet Dog

Austen Hooks has a furry friend, and he is a dog named Bullet. Divorcing Margo Harshman hasn’t made him alone, as the labradoodle is a part of his family. You can tell how much Hooks love Bullet by looking at the number of pictures on his Insta page. After amplifiers, Bullet is the one that has occupied his Insta page.

Austen Hooks is taking this selfie by the pool as Bullet looks on.
Austen Hooks with his pet dog Bullet (Source: Austen Hooks Instagram @austenhooks)

However, there was a time when Hooks could have lost Bullet to the Harshman. When he divorced The Big Bang Theory actress during the settlement, she had asked for many things, one of them being the custody of Bullet. The official results are not available to the public, but we can assume he won in the case of Bullet, as they both live together.

Where Did Margo Harshman's Ex-husband Learn Electronic Engineering?

Margo Harshman's ex-husband Hooks learned electronic engineering at Texas A&M University. Seems like he wanted to learn it, as he even stopped performing for a band while studying electrical engineering. It worked out well, as his electronic engineering skills have been put to work to make Projector Amps popular among many music artists.

Before joining Texas A&M University, Austen studied at Katy High School. He put his love for music to work while he studied there as he was part of the band as a drummer there. Not only did he play drums, but he has also written songs with his bandmates.

Has Been Involved With Charity

Hooks has been involved with the charity as well. He works with the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund. According to the organization itself, they aim to help musicians and workers in this field. They do it by providing monetary assistance to those who desperately need them. 

The package includes an amplifier, guitar, and other accessories.
Austen Hooks making a package for Sweet Relief Musicians Fund (Source: Austen Hooks Instagram @austenhooks)

Austen has helped the non-profit organization by taking part in their charity auctions in the past. As a musician, Hooks can understand the struggles and does everything in his power to make someone's life better.

Social Media Presence

Talking about Hooks social media presence, he is active on Instagram and Twitter. His Insta and Twitter pages are @austenhooks and @AustenHooks, respectively. You can update yourself on his life through these platforms.

However, Austen has been inactive on Twitter for a while now, but he regularly posts on his Instagram. Since he makes amplifiers, most of his posts on the platform are also about that. Apart from that, he is having fun with his friends, attending tours, and spending time with his dog, Bullet.

About Hooks's Ex-Wife, Margo Harshman

Hooks's ex-wife, Margo Harshman, is an American actress from San Diego, California. She is known for her role in Tawny Dean in Even Stevens as a child actress. Besides that, she has appeared in numerous other TV Shows as well.

Harshman fell in love with acting at a very young age. Her IMDb page says that she started performing at age two and eventually landed her a role in Disney's show Even Stevens alongside Shia Labeouf.

Unfortunately, Margo's career never really took off outside Disney. She has been involved with numerous popular shows like NCIS, The Big Bang Theory, and Modern Family, but her work on these shows was limited. 


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