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Television Reality Star (1990)
Tue Jan 10 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Ayana Fite

Relationship Type
Relationship Type : Amy Amz
Ayana Fite is currently dated to Amy Amz.

Ayana Fite is a popular celebrity reality star from the United States and the daughter of DJ Hurricane who is a famous American hip-hop DJ, producer, and rapper.

She was born on December 23, 1990, in Atlanta, Georgia of United States. She is most famous for being a cast member on the WE TV reality series Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta.

In this today's blog post, we will have a detailed look into Ayana's personal life, relationship status and her life on social media life. We will also have a look at her parents' profile.

Who is Anyana Dating at Present?

Ayana Fite is currently living in a romantic relationship with a woman called Amy Amz. According to Fite she is a very supportive and caring partner and always respects her for what she is. 

Ayana posing for her Instagram post with her better half Amy (Image source: Instagram)

However, the romantic couple has not disclosed any sort of information regarding their first meeting and other relationship details but we do know that they both appeared in the series Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta.

Net Worth

Ayana Fite is one of the richest reality stars and currently living a luxurious life with her girlfriend Amy in the United States. Her estimated net worth is approximately $1 million

Her primary income source comes from her professional reality star. She also makes some amount from her Youtube channel as well. Besides, TV and YouTube she runs her own clothing business where she makes good money for herself.

Who Are Ayana's Parents? 

Ayana has got lovely and supportive family members where Wendell Timothy Fite and Dawn Fite are her parents. Wendell is an American Hip hop DJ by profession while her mother Dawn's profession has not been revealed on any social media. 

Wendell Timothy Fite and Dawn Fite posing for a photo shoot. Image Source: Facts Five
Wendell Timothy Fite and Dawn Fite posing for a photo shoot. Image Source: Facts Five

Moreover, the lovely couple Wendell and Dawn are supportive of their children and is living with their children in the United States of America.

Ayana Father's Social Media

Wendell is a social media-friendly person. He has a verified Instagram account under the @djhurricane1 username. He has more than 30.4k followers.

Besides his Instagram account, he is also active on his Facebook account with more than 6.6k followers, he is available as a @DJ Hurricane on his Facebook account.


Ayana was raised along with her parents and her siblings where she was born. She has got three siblings Jennifer Fite, Janrell Fite, and Quron Fite. They were very close to each other since their childhood and spend their childhood in a peaceful and healthy environment.

However, there is no information given about Ayana's Siblings where they live, and what they do for a living.

Physical Appearance

Ayana Fite is a beautiful girl who stands at a good height of 5ft 6inch(167cm) and weighs around 62kg. She has got black hair along with light brown eyes like a doll to define her personality.

Ayana posing for a photoshoot wearing white dress
Ayana posing for a photo shoot in a public place(Image source: Instagram)

Moreover, she has got a very charming and good-looking personality. Her fair skin colour makes her even more pretty and attractive.

Social Media Presence

Talking about Ayana's life on social media, she is active on social media sites like other celebrities. She has gained more than 135k followers with a verified Instagram account. She often posts daily on her Instagram feed to connect with her fans. Her user id on Instagram is @ayanafite.

Besides her Instagram account, she is active on Twitter as well with the user id being @AyanaFite. She has got a total of 6.5k followers on her Twitter account. She gives her daily life activities information to her fan through her Twitter and often posts interesting pictures and statuses on her Twitter account.

Breast Surgery

Ayana Fite fan always talks about her breast and body size. Her fans have said that her breasts are too big for her body due to this reason Ayana always wanted breast reduction surgery.

Ayana Fite posing toward the camera
Ayana Fite posing toward the camera (Image source: Instagram)

Additionally, some of her fans always try to make fun of her body bypassing negative comments on her social media post. However, she is doing her best for herself, and her girlfriend Amy.

Is News Regarding Ayana Fite Being Lesbian True?

Sadly, Ayana always got bullied by her classmate during her school life due to her body measurement. At an early age, she went through premature poverty which led her to have a mature womanly figure. 

Because of the bullies, she has to change five different schools which affected her education as well. Her confidence started to decrease due to that reason.

She usually got attention from many boys during her school and college time but she never get attracted to them. To clear her dought and to show others who used to bully her she even dated a guy at college time, but she felt that she was not into that guy, and after some time she finally realized that she is a lesbian.

After finding the truth, she talked to her parents about her sexuality through a text message. Her parents always supported her and respect her whatever she is. They always cheered up their daughter to be a better person.

YouTube Career

The daughter of Wendell Timothy Fite is not only active on her Instagram and Twitter but also owns a YouTube channel where she has gained a total of 62.7k subscribers. She usually does vlogging on her youtube channel.

Most of her videos are usually vlog videos and reaction videos. She enjoys making videos on her youtube channel. Her youtube channel is slowly growing as her fans started to like her videos.

Educational Background

Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta star Ayana was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia along with her family. She has done her education in her hometown. 

She graduated from Ola High School in her hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. However, there is not much information given about her educational background.

Career Highlight

Most people who belong to rich families spend their whole life in a luxurious way. Many of them always live in their parent's shadow without doing anything. But there are some people who try to be independent and want to stand on their own feet and Ayana Fite is one of them.

Ayana is a girl who always wanted to do something by herself and was happy to make her name in the industry. At an early age, she often traveled with her dad on his tours and concerts. She learns so much from her dad throughout her career.

Ayana Fite posing for a photoshoot for her Instagram feed (Image source: Instagram)

Ayana always wanted to pursue her career rather than enjoy herself with others and waste her time. She got an opportunity to work on WE TV’s reality show “Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta" at an early age because of his father.

Then she moved from her parent's home and started to work as a manager in an H&M clothing store but after a while, she quit her job due to some problems with her co-workers.

Later, she opened her own business and become an entrepreneur by herself. She always believed that what happens always happens for good only. She is also a very successful girl at an early age.   


Ayana is one of a kind and humble girl. She does not like to be in any kind of gossip or controversy. She usually tries to escape from all of these things.

However, Ayana addressed that she and Brandon Barnes had a fallout, saying that he had changed his dress when the camera was on the reality show. Although Ayana and Brandon were cousins they had not a good relationship with each other.

About Ayana's Father

Wendell Timothy Fite also known by his stage name, DJ Hurricane is an American hip-hop DJ, producer, and rapper who is well-known among the public for his work with the Beastie Boys rock band.

Wendell Timothy Fite was born on January 12, 1965, in Dallas, Texas of United States. He is famous as a DJ hurricane to his fans. At the age of 13, he started to rhyme and write his own songs. He was one of the members of the groups ''Solo Sounds'' and ''The Afros''.

Talking about his music career journey, he has sung several songs along with his band member throughout his musical career. Some of his famous songs include East West South, Coast To Coas, Make Things Better, etc.

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