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Relationship Timeline Of Barbara Billingsley

Ex-husband : Dr. William Leigh Mortensen
Barbara Billingsley married Dr. William Leigh Mortensen.
Ex-husband : Roy Kellino
Barbara Billingsley married her second husband, Roy Kellino.
Ex-husband :
Barbara Billingsley first married to Glenn Billingsley.

Barbara Billingsley was a popular actress making her name known in the entertainment industry in the mid-20th century. Her best-known work is as the June Cleaver in Leave it to Beaver and The New Leave it to Beaver, the former's sequel.

After getting success in the acting field, Barbara remained active till 1997. She acted out her final role as an Aunt Martha in the Leave it to Beaver film version. Her last screen appearance was in 2003 in the movie Secret Santa.

Billingsley Had A Rough Childhood

Billingsley was born in Los Angeles, USA, on December 22, 1915. She grew up alongside Elizabeth as her older sister. Her parents were Robert Collyer Combes, and Lillian Agnes McLaughlin. However, they divorced when Barbara wasn't even four, depriving her of loving environments.

After the divorce, Barbara father, Robert Collyer Combes promoted to assistant chief of police, remarried another woman. Meanwhile, her mother Lillian Agnes McLaughlin went on to work at a knitting mill. So, it's fair to say she didn't have the best beginning in life.

Relationship Status: Barbara Married Three Times

Barbara Billingsley's first married Glenn Andrew Billingsley, a restaurateur, on October 11, 1940. At that time she used to work as a model. After marrying, she then moved to Los Angeles with her spouse just a year after her contract with MGM

Barbara Billingsley and other actresses from classic American sitcoms
Barbara Billingsley and other actresses from classic American sitcoms
(Image Source: Zimbio)

Unfortunately, Barbara and Glenn divorced on February 13, 1947. Six years later, she married Roy Kellino, a British director and producer in 1953. His main works were during the World War II era. Just like her first marriage, her second marriage with Roy ended with a divorce in 1956.

After divorcing Roy Kellino, Barbara married Dr. William Leigh Mortensen, a physician, on June 18, 1959. Their married relationship lasted for more than two decades. The ex-pair Barbara and William got divorced in 1981. 

The Death Of Barbara's Husbands

Adding to her tragic history, Barbara Billingsley's all partners died before entering the 21st century. As per Findagrave, her first husband  Glenn Andrew Billingsley passed away at the age of 71 on February 5, 1984.

On the other hand, Barbara's second husband, Roy Kellino, died on November 18, 1956. The reason for his death was due to heart attack. 

Similarly, Barbara's third spouse, William Leigh Mortensen, left the earth on July 5, 1981, at 73 years of age. The ex-couple stayed together until his death, making this even sadder.

Barbara Billingsley's Net Worth Before Death

Secret Santa actor Barbara Billingsley's net worth was estimated to be approximately $12 million in 2010 when she passed away, the same as the net worth of Bill Burr. She has played many roles in various films and is a successful actress, so it's fair for her net worth to be in the multi-millions.

As for Barbara's property, she owned a beach house for which she paid $30 thousand, located in Malibu. It had a beautiful oceanfront view captivating anyone with its magnificent scenery. However, her children sold the home in September of 2021 to Joe Montana, a former NFL quarterback, for $7.4 million.

Barbara Is The Daughter In Law of W.P. Kellino

Being married to Roy Kellino, Barbara became the daughter-in-law of W.P. Kellino. It became so becasue W.P. was the father of Roy Kellino.  Barbara's father-in-law was a famed director and writer best known for his work on The Poisoned Diamond and The Mating of Marcus.

Apart from being a filmmaker,  W.P. Kellino is also the founding father of Twickenham Studios. He founded the studio in 1912, which still stands today, having won many awards.

Had Two Children

Barbara Billingsley had two offspring with her first husband, Glenn Billingsley. Her first son Drew Billingsley was born in 1942 and is a private person, staying away from media.

Meanwhile, Barbara's second son, Glenn Billingsley Jr, was born in 1945. He was named after his father and is a married man now. He tied the knot in 1976 to Karen Zappas, bearing three children to date. They consist of Taylor Billingsley, Morgan Billingsley, and Logan Billingsley.

Started Acting Journey From The Creator Studio Of Tom And Jerry

Barbara first signed a contract with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, the famous Tom and Jerry creator, in 1945. Then, she started appearing in shows and films in the 1940s, but most of the time, her role was uncredited.

Barbara Billingsley acting in Leave it to Beaver
Barbara Billingsley acting in Leave it to Beaver.
(Image Source: IMDB)

Continuing Billingsley also had a supporting role in Invaders from Mars, The Bad and The Beautiful, and Three Guys Named Mike. However, the TV show Leave it to Beaver became her turning career point. 

Barbara Was A Model Before An Actress

Leave it to Beaver actor Barbara wasn't always an actress. She moved to New York after attending Los Angeles Junior College for a year, where she started working as a fashion model.

When Barbara was a model, she had a salary of $60 a week, which was enough for her to live in an apartment in NY city. However, she shifted her profession as the time passed. 

Roy Kellino Had Two Other Wives

Before marrying Barbara, Roy Kellino was previously married to Pamela Kellino, an actress and an author. They divorced each other in 1940. After divorce, Pamela married James Mason, while Roy married Roseina in 1942.

Barbara Bellingsley's second husband, Roy Kellino
Barbara Billingsley's second husband, Roy Kellino.
(Image Source: HowOld)

Roy divorced his second wife, Roseina seven years after their marriage in 1949. Four years later, his final marriage happened to Barbara. Both Roy Kellino and Klaus Kinski has married three times.

Barbara Played Poker With Rod Serling And His Family

Roy Kellino late ex-wife Barbara reportedly often played poker with Rod Serling and his family before he died on June 28, 1975. Poker was booming then, so they might have wanted to try their hands at it.

Whether Barbara was good or just played for fun hasn't been revealed yet. However, it seems Rod Serling and Barbara were pretty close with each other.

LifeLong Friends With Marjorie Lord

The late American actor Barbara first met with Marjorie Lord in The Argyle Secrets,  a mystery thriller, where they co-starred together. Since then, they never broke their friendship.

Barbara Billingsley in her old age still smiling
Barbara Billingsley, in her old age.
(Image Source: NJ)

Marjorie and Barbara friendship lasted over half a decade until Barbara's death in 2010. Her friend's death obviously saddened Marjorie, and she shortly followed through when she passed away in 2015.

Barbara Billingsley Cause Of Death

Barbara lived a long life and passed away on October 16, 2010, when she was at ninety-four years of age. The cause of her death was determined to be polymyalgia, a sudden reoccurring pain or stiffness that usually occurs in people 50 or older.

Billingsley was buried at the City of Santa Monica Woodlawn Cemetery, Mausoleum & Mortuary. It is located in Santa Monica, California, USA.


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