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Relationship Timeline Of Barthelemy Tassy

Wife : Erin Wasson
Barthelemy Tassy married Erin Wasson in 2018.

Barthelemy or Barth Tassy gained fame after marrying American Model Erin Wasson. His wife, Wasson has appeared in magazines like Vogue, Elle, Flair, and Esquire. 

Besides modeling, she is also a designer and an actress. On the other hand, Barth is from France and is a chef and restauranter by profession. Let's learn more about the french man through this article.

About Barth Tassy & Erin Wasson Married Life: 

Barth Tassy found the love of his life when he married model Erin Wasson. The two exchanged their wedding vows on July 28, 2018. They first encountered two years before their wedding. When they first met, they were in a gay bar in Venice, California. While speaking with Vogue, the model recalled Barth:

He was so gentlemanly and sophisticated that it was almost disarming. I blurted out, 'You're not from around here'

They are sitting on the trunk of a vehicle.
Barth Tassy and Erin Wasson on their wedding (Source: Instagram @erinwasson)

On their marriage's fourth anniversary, she took her Insta to talk about her man. She posted a few pictures from their wedding and captioned them:

4 years ago today !!! The funny thing about a wedding is yes, you celebrate finding this human that makes you feel safe and seen, but on that day what I felt was that you are truly celebrating all of the people that stood beside you and held your hand in order to get there. To love in all its forms. Yeeewwwww!!!!

The Famous Ranch Tropez Wedding

Barth and Wasson's wedding was the talk of the town when it happened. It is headlining every tabloid and magazine. Ranch Tropez became one of the most famous weddings of 2018, and people still talk about it to this day.

The famous wedding was held in Austin, Texas. Ranch Tropez was the wedding mixed with two themes. They wanted to bring each other's heritage into their marriage. Barth comes from France, whereas Wasson is from Texas. Wasson brought it up when she talked about her wedding. She said:

We wanted to represent each other and our heritage. Texas is a part of my roots, the South of France is part of Barth’s, so we were like, you know what, ‘Ranch Tropez!’ Let’s do a little bit of barbecue, a little bit of rose, and find a way to do two different weddings that feel small and intimate.

Net Worth of Barthelemy Tassy & Erin Wasson:

Barth Tassy and Erin Wasson may not be headlining entertainment newspapers every week. But they are still an influential couple in the industry, primarily due to the celebrity power Wasson carries.

Barth is a restauranter and a chef. He is a private man and hasn't disclosed any information about his wealth. However, her wife's net worth is the same as that of comedian Kathy Griffin, with $30 million.

They are in the ocean standing on a boat.
Barth Tassy and Erin Wasson spending quality time (Source: Instagram @erinwasson)

The model's primary source of income is her modeling works. She is also a designer and a stylist. The woman has also worked in movies like Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and Somewhere, which only added to her wealth.

Wasson Used To Be A Basketball Player

Long before trying her luck out in the modeling world, Wasson used to play Basketball. It is unclear why she stopped pursuing the sport as a career option, but one thing is sure she used to be good since she made it to the state level. 

She used to play for her home-state team Texas Heat. The following is what she had to say about her time on the Basketball Court:

I was a total jock growing up. I went to super-dorky basketball clinics and was handpicked to play on a state team called the Texas Heat.

Little Information On His Wife Erin Wasson

Erin Elizabeth Wasson is a model from Irving, Texas, born on January 20, 1982. The 5 ft 10-inch model is one of the most sought-after in the field, having already appeared in top magazines like Vogue, Elle, and Esquire.

Besides walking on the ramp and doing photo shoots, she is also a fashion designer. She has tried her hands at jewelry designing too. The famous model has also dipped her toes in acting. As per IMDb, she has worked in movies like Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (the film that featured actor Jimmi Simpson), Somewhere, and Beautiful People.

Barth's Wife Struggles To Keep Up With Changes

Wasson has revealed that she has difficulty keeping up with all the rapid changes around her. She said that regarding the new generations of models that have taken over the industry, the way the modeling industry functions today is much different from the one she started her career with.

The news came to light when she sat for an interview with The Daily. She said the following as a response to the question interviewer asked her about what she felt about the new modeling generation:

I don’t think I can. It’s too much. I have a definite perspective on the evolution of the industry. I came into the industry pre–social media, pre–digital photography. There’s not enough time for things to marinate. I don’t have Instagram on my phone! I have an account, but I couldn’t tell you how many followers I have.

There House In Malibu Is A Thing Of Beauty

Barth Tassy and her wife shifted their location to live in their new home in Malibu. It immediately became the topic of conversation for many since the house is stunning.

The room is all white with comfy bed and an art in the wall behind bed.
Barth Tassy and Erin Wasson's Malibu House Master Bedroom (Source: Christopher Patey)

Everyone appreciated the home's beauty and praised Wasson for the design, style, aesthetics, and items she went for in the house. People on the internet were even talking about all the tiny little details, and blogs and articles started coming to help people with ideas for their own homes using their houses as an example.

Where Can We Find Barth? Is He On Social Media?

Barth prefers to keep his life matters to himself and his family. That's why it's hard to find out about the man, as there is hardly any information available. This translates to social media as well.

The people who want to learn about the man will be disappointed when they find out that although Barth is on Instagram (@barthelmy), his account is private. In other words, only the people he wants to follow can follow him. 

However, as his wife is on the platform, people can cheer up a bit. And the good news is that her account isn't private. Now and then, she posts pics of her hubby, and that's how you can learn a bit about him. Her Insta page is @erinwasson.

Barth Aids His Wife In Her Jewerelly Works

Barth Tassy, who works as a restauranter and a chef by profession, has not limited himself to just those roles. His wife, Wasson, has disclosed that she and her husband work together on her jewelry work. 

It is an earring that is made with what looks like silver pearls.
One of Wasson Fine's Jewelry Products (Source: Vogue)

She owns a jewelry brand called Wasson Fine. The business had a rather humble beginning when he helped her wife to run business. She spoke about it in an interview with The Daily Front Row, where she said:

I’ve quietly been working on my own brand of jewelry, Wasson Fine. My partner and I do everything from designing to sales to invoicing. It’s very much a grassroots business! 


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