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Thu Apr 09 2020
By   Manish Khanal

Being born to a reputed family is always an added advantage to most of the children. But, Benji Wojin did not have to dream about that. Benji was born as the son of a famous American entrepreneur and the founder of Google, Sergey Brin

Benji Wojin was born in December 2008 in California. Although Benji is born in one of e the most famous family in the world, much information about his life is still a topic of debate to the media. Benji is the biological son born to Sergey Brin and his former wife, Anne Wojcicki. 

Relationship Status of Benji Wojin

Benji is just starting his teens. His first love is his parents and his other family members. Like other celebrities, kids, Noah Zimmernand Nahla Ariela Aubry Benji, are currently single. 

Sergey brin with Anne
Image: Benji's parents in a event 
Source: Pinterest

Benji is very much close to his mother and sister, Chloe Wojin. They are currently living separately from their father. They can be seen together at various places. 

Benji's Parents Relationship

Benji's Biological parent's Sergey Brin and Anne, have separated after being married for almost a decade. However, they are still in a healthy friendship. 

Sergey Brin and Anne Wojcicki tied their knot in 2007 in the Bahamas. As per the reports published in Mercury News, The Bride was wearing a white bathing suit and the groom with a black one. They swam across to a sandbar and exchanged their wedding vows in the middle of the aquamarine ocean. 

Anne Wojcicki: Meeting My Husband Sergey Brin 

The love birds started dating each other before some years of tying their knots. They were blessed with a son, Benji, in 2008 soon after their marriage. As both of them remained away from the media, their second child, a daughter, Chloe, was born in 2011. 

As both of them are busy with their works and could not spend much of their time with their kids and between each other, the love started to decrease after the birth of Chloe. In 2014, a rumor hit the market that Sergey had an extra-marital affair. 

Just before that, Anne had separated with Sergey and lived on her own with her children. The divorce was settled by June 2015 officially. 

Benji's father's Relationship After Divorce with Anne 

After the divorce with Anne, Sergey's rumored girlfriend, Amanda Rosenberg, denied the relationship. Then, Sergey started dating, Nicole Shanahan. The duo tied their knot in a private wedding ceremony in 2018. 

Sergey brin with his wife
Image: Sergey welcomed his third child in 2018
Source: Page six

Soon after the wedding, the romantic couple was blessed with a child. They are living a happy and blissful married life. On the other hand, Anne is also a mother of a third child, but the father's information is not opened. 

How rich is Chloe Wojin?

Chloe Wojin is currently very young to pursue his career. However, he is living happily with his parent's successful career. His father, Sergey Brin, has a net worth of $49.7 Billion. 

On the other hand, his mother, Anne, is also a successful entrepreneur with a net worth of $690 Million. She has been working as the CEO and co-founder of 23andMe. Being the son of billionaire, he inherits some good amount from his parents net worth. 

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