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Who is the three-time Emmy Award winner Michael Richards wife? Beth Skipp is known as the wife of Richards. By profession, she is an actress & is famous for her appearance in the film Prime (2005). Beth also played the role of Amber in Ten Tricks (2022) and ER (1994).

Beth's husband, Michael is a popular TV personality and is an actor, writer, comedian, and TV producer. He is most known for his role as Coamo Kramer in Seinfeld. Let's find out more about Beth from this article. 

Beth Skipp & Michael Richards Have a Massive Age Difference

Yes, you heard it right the lovely couple Beth Skipp & Michael Richards's age gap is massive! Their age difference is nearly thirty years. 

Beth Skipp and her husband  Michael Richards.
Beth Skipp and her husband, Michael Richards. Source: TMZ 

Despite this age disparity, they are having a wonderful married life. As of now, Beth and Michael have proved that the age gap can be managed to have a successful relationship.

Relationship between Michael Richards Wife and Him 

Beth Skipp is married to Michael Richards, best known for his role as Cosmo Kramer on the TV sitcom Seinfeld. The marriage ceremony was held quietly on April 21, 2010, and was attended by friends and family. 

After one year of their marriage, both of them became the parents! Antonio Baz Richards is Beth's first and only child.

Despite age differences between Beth and Richard, the couple began dating in 2002. As of now, they are still together and enjoying their married life. However, Beth had not talked about her previous relationship status. 

Beth Skipp's Husband Michael Richards Was Married Before

Unlike Beth Skipp, her husband Michael Richards was in a previous wedded union with Cathleen Lyons. Their relationship only lasted for nineteen years. 

They also had a daughter, Sophia Richards. In the end, they split up in 1992. They finalized their divorce a year later.

Details on Beth Skipp's Net Worth

Beth Skipp, the wife of a well-known American actor, has a net worth of $2 million. She earns mainly from her acting career. However, she has only appeared in a few films throughout her career. 

Beth's famous hubby, Michael Richards has a net worth is $30 million. He is one of the most multitalented people known in the film industry. As a successful man, he also pursued other interests such as real estate, royalties, writing, and business ventures. 

Husband of Beth Skipp, Michael Anthony Richards and his team from Seinfeld.
Husband of Beth Skipp, Michael Anthony Richards, and his team from Seinfeld. Source: Britannica

For 170 episodes, Beth's husband, Richards was known as Cosmo Kramer in the television sitcom Seinfeld. And the pay for his TV performance was around $150k per episode back then. But he did not get any royalties from the hit show.

The married couple Beth Skipp and Michael is currently residing in Los Angeles. The house of 6,035 square feet was purchased in 1996 for $ 1.75 million.

Michael Richards And Beth Skipp Got Sued By Their Neighbor

Yes, the lovely couple Michael and Beth Skipp were once sued by the neighbors in 2020. Many of you are wondering why so let us tell you the actual reason behind that incident. 

Michael and Beth live a lavish lifestyle in Los Angeles, California. And their neighbor is Maxine Adam whose property is located near their house. So, the problem started after Beth's family made the mistake of cutting down the thirty-year-old Brazilian Pepper Trees and underbrush their neighbor. 

Michale and Beth were sued for cutting down a tree.
Beth Skipp and Michael Richard were sued for cutting Brazilian Pepper Trees and underbrush of their neighbor. (Source: DailyMail)

After Beth and her husband cut the trees on April 2, Adam stated that they intentionally cut them down to improve their view of the ocean. At first, she requested $62k for the replacement of the lost trees. She also added that it would take two decades for the new trees to fully mature. 

Not only that, but Adam also sued the couple for $200 thousand for the loss of beauty of the property & privacy. The tree cutting also removed shade from her house.

Beth's Career As An Actress 

As the spouse of a famous actor, Beth Skipp is also an actress in a few movies and TV shows. Her first appearance was in Everybody Loves Raymond where she portrayed the role of Pam. 

As mentioned above, Beth has only ten credits on her IMDb profile. She has mainly portrayed supporting roles in movies & TV series. As a result, she did not get a breakthrough character throughout her career. 

Beth Skipp's husband Michael Richard as Kramer in Seinfeld.
Beth Skipp's husband Michael Richard as Kramer in Seinfeld. Source: YouTube

Beth's husband, on the other hand, has an impeccable track record in the film industry. In 1982, he made his film debut as Malamud Callahan in Young Doctors in Love. He has been in the industry for three decades and has won three awards for his performance.

What Is Beth Skipp Doing Today?

As of now, Beth Skipp is residing in California with her husband Michael, and their son. It seems that she is occupied with the care of her family rather than focusing on her professional career.

Beth Skipp and Michael Richard with their son Antonio Baz Richards.
Beth Skipp and Michael Richard with their son Antonio Baz Richards. Source: E! Online

According to Beth's IMDb profile, Skipp has only ten acting credits. Her recent work was Ten Tricks (2022) where she portrayed the role of Amber. Besides that, there are not any clues about her upcoming projects. 

Did You Know Beth Skipp's Husband Had A Racist Outburst In 2006?

Although Beth's husband Michael is famous for his acting skills he was also involved in some incidents which has created a negative impression on his career. This includes the incident that occurred in November 2006 in Los Angeles. 

On Friday in 2006, Michael was in a comedy club where some black audiences commented about his act as Cosmo Kramer in Seinfeld. However, he took it personally and said some harsh sentences to the audience from the stage. 

Seinfeld actor Michael Richards said in his racist rant:

50 years ago we'd have you upside down with the fucking fork up your ass.

After that statement, Michael got hatred from all over the world for his rude behavior & thinking of black people. The racist tirade cost him a lot.

Michael's Career Got Destroyed In Three Minutes 

The Emmy Award Winner Michael who got into the racist tirade, told people that he was ashamed of his rude statements regarding black people. He added that he lost his temper during the Friday comedy show. 

However, it was too late to make things as it was. Michael's behavior went viral in the news and all over social media within no time. It eventually destroyed his acting and comedy career. 

Beth Skipp's Bio and Early Life 

As of now, Beth has not revealed her parent's details on any media. It seems that the actor does not want to disturb the personal life of her parents by revealing their identities. So, the family that Beth has revealed is only her husband and her son.

Beth Skipp and her husband Michael Richard. Source: Daily Mail

Beth attended Columbia University to finish her higher studies. However, the Everybody Loves Raymond actress has not revealed her major. Meanwhile, the child actress of Everybody Loves Raymond, Jaymeson Gini, is focusing on her education and also has an interest in acting.

Beth was interested in acting from an early age. So she might have taken acting classes alongside her studies.

Actress Beth Has Beautiful Blue Eyes

Beth, the wife of famous actor Richard, is of average height and weight. Her eyes are beautiful blue, and her hair is blonde. Her exact physical preferences, however, are not yet known.

On the other hand, Beth's husband Michael Richards is 6 feet 2 inches (191cm) tall and weighs 75 kg (165 pounds). His eyes are Hazel and his hair is brown and has started to turn grey.

Is Beth Active On Social Media? 

Beth is not an active user of any social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and others. Her husband, Richard, is active on Instagram with a verified account login as @michael.richards

Young Doctors in Love actor Richard has over 31.7k followers on his IG handle. However, he hasn't posted anything about his professional or personal life since 2020. Besides Insta, he is not active on Twitter and Facebook. 

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