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Relationship Timeline Of Betty Moffitt

Husband : Bill Moffitt
Betty Moffitt stayed married to her husband, Bill Moffitt for 65 years. They shared two successful children, Billie Jean King and Randy Moffitt out of their wedlock.

Betty Moffitt was the beloved mother of former world's no. 1 tennis player, Billie Jean King and Randy Moffitt, a retired baseball player. She was also one of the pillars of the traditional Methodist family.

According to Betty's daughter Billie, she was good at swimming. Not just that, she used to dance very well. Also, she helped her children to learn piano lessons, playing tennis and doing home works.

How was Betty Moffitt's Married Life with Her Husband, Bill Moffitt?

Betty Jerman Moffitt had a great bond with her husband, Bill Moffitt throughout their 65 years of marriage. They walked down the aisle in a Christian traditional wedding ceremony in 1941.

Betty's late husband, Bill played basketball during his college days at Long Beach City College. Following graduation, he served U.S. Marine Navy during the World War II. He then rescued many people from burning houses as a firefighter of Long Beach Fire Department for overall 35 years. 

Betty Moffitt's husband, Bill Moffitt with his two kids, Billie Jean King and Randy Moffitt. What was the cause of Betty's husband, Bill's death?
Betty Moffitt's husband, Bill Moffitt, with his two kids, Billie Jean King and Randy Moffitt.
Source: Instagram @billiejeanking

The couple found the bundle of joys after becoming parents of Billie Jean King (born on 22nd November 1943) and Randy Moffitt (born on 13th October 1948). They raised their two children in their Long Beach, California house until they fully grown up.

Unfortunately, the pair's marriage ended after 65 years following the death of Bill on 16th June 2006 at their house in Prescott, Arizona. The Moffitt family held a memorial service for him at Hospice Family Care Center in Sheldon Street, Prescott.

Died Due to Health Failure

Billie Jean Moffitt's mother, Betty died at the age of 91 due to some several health issues. She took her last breathe at her house based in Prescott, Arizona on 7th February 2014. Similarly, an American businessperson, Barron Hilton also passed away when he was 91 years old.

According to The Washington Times, Betty was survived by her children, Billie and Randy. During the deep distress, her daughter did not go to the Sochi Olympics opening ceremony because of her mother's demise.

Betty Moffitt's Daughter, Billie's Earning & Net Worth!

Randy Moffitt's mother, Betty won 16 grand games in women's doubles, 11 in mixed doubles, and 12 single games throughout her professional career. She is currently serving as an advisor to First Women's Bank in Chicago, Illinois.

Additionally, Billie became a member of the US victorious team in Wightman cups and Federation cups. She earned many rewards for winning Grand Slam Singles, Doubles.

Betty Moffit's daughter, Billie Jean King has a net worth of $20 Million as of 2021. Know all the details about Betty's death!
Betty Moffit and her daughter, Billie Jean King
Source: Instagram @billiejeanking

Some of Billie's earnings from her professional career include;

  1. Wimbledon (1961) - $2,000
  2. US Open (1971) - $100,000
  3. US Open (1973) - $100,000
  4. Edgbaston Women's Tennis Cup - $90,000

Billie collected a total prize money of $1,970,000 after winning 129 singles titles, out of 78 WTA titles. The current value of her official website, is worth $7,200

At the moment, Billie owned a Malibu beach house for $500,000. As of 2021, she maintains a decent net worth of $20 Million, which is far lesser than the total net value of late Hugh Hefner.

Betty Moffitt's Daughter, Billie Jean's Unfaithful Marriage with Larry King

Betty Moffitt's daughter, Billie previously tied the knot to Larry King on 17th September 1965 in Long Beach, California. Prior to their marriage, they dated for two years after their first meeting at the California State University, Los Angeles in 1963.

Following the nuptial, Billie confessed that she "was totally in love with Larry". However, it was found that she is having a bisexual relationship with King's secretary, Marilyn Barnett (born on January 28, 1948) in 1968.

At that time, Marilyn was living rent-free in Billie and Larry King's house based in Malibu. After the affair came out, King asked her to leave the house in 1979. But, she refused to leave and threatened to release credit card receipts, household bills and personal letter of Billie and Larry.

Betty Moffitt's daughter, Billie Jean King betrayed Larry King after getting into an intimate relationship with her secretary, Marilyn Barnett from 1968 to 1979. Is Betty's daughter, Billie married twicely?
Billie Jean King with her former husband, Larry King.
Photo Source: Newsweek

When things get out of control, Barnett filed a palimony lawsuit of $2 Million against Billie in 1981. Nevertheless, the court did not fulfill Barnett's lawsuit appeal after finding some evidence of blackmailing and extortion. 

Later, Billie admitted her affair with Barnett was a fling or mistake that will never happen again. She also revealed that she had an abortion of her and King's unborn child in 1971 without taking any advice or permission of her husband.

In a bizarre twist of fate, the couple stayed married until Billie did infidelity again with her extra-marital partner, Ilana Kloss in 1987. Nonetheless, Billie took Kings' son, Sky King (from Kings' second marriage with Nancy King) under her wings as a godmother.

Following the divorce, Billie re-married her former tennis doubles partner, Ilana in a low-key wedding ceremony. So, the pair currently resides in their New York City and Chicago-based accommodations happily.




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