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Celebrity Mother (1917)

Relationship Timeline Of Betty Seinfeld

Husband : Kálmán Seinfeld
Betty Seinfeld married Kálmán Seinfeld in 1950.

Betty Seinfeld was an American lady best known as the mother of the famous comedian Jerry Seinfeld. Her son Jerry shot to fame as the lead of the comedy series Seinfeld, which ran from 1989 to 1998. This series is notable as it was distributed internationally and was used widely as a medium to improve English speaking. 

Betty was born on December 12, 1917, in the United States. This American-born lady from an immigrant family was one of the people who made it big after struggling and is an example of the American Dream. She had a difficult life as she was orphaned at a young age and bounced around from foster homes.

Family History Of Betty Seinfeld

Betty Seinfeld was born Betty Hosni, the daughter of Salha Assin and Selim Hosni. They were a Syrian Jewish family living in the prosperous area of Aleppo. They later became naturalized citizens of America.

Betty Seinfeld with Lilian Ricur and Joan Gross.
Betty Seinfeld with Lilian Ricur and Joan Gross. (Source: The Palm Beach Post)

Betty's maternal grandmother, Garez Dayan, was a member of the Dayan rabbinic family. Dayan family's lineage traces back to the Medieval Exilarchs during the time of Biblical King David.  

What Did Betty Seinfeld's Parents Do?

Betty's parents Salha and Selim immigrated to the United States in 1908 with their infant daughter Orizia. At the time, their nationality was Turkish, as Syria was under the Ottoman Empire.

Selim was a joiner, that is, a very skilled carpenter. After moving to the US, they lived in a Jewish community in Brooklyn and had more kids. Sadly, the family was reportedly disturbed by the 1918 pandemic, and the children were orphaned.

Betty Seinfeld Was An Orphan

Betty Seinfeld was born and raised in America to Syrian Jewish Immigrants. Many people believe she was born in Syria, but that was her older sister Orizia aka Kitty Shomer.

Sadly, Betty and her siblings were orphaned at a young age when her mother passed away during the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic. They were then sent to the Brooklyn Hebrew Orphan Asylum.

Betty grew up in orphanages and foster homes. Her son Jerry Seinfeld has remarked that this could be the reason for her loner personality.

Betty Seinfeld: Siblings

Betty had an older sister named Orizia Hosni, who could be traced. Orizia married Mr. Shomer and went by the name Kitty Shomer. She passed away at the old age of 102 in New York on  24 Sep 2010.

Kitty was an active part of Betty's life and a proper aunt to her children. After Betty's husband passed away, the sisters roomed together in Brooklyn.

It is reported that Betty may have had more siblings. Sadly, not much is known about them, and they may have passed away before 2010.

When Did Betty Seinfeld Die?

Betty Seinfeld passed away on April 18, 2014. Jerry Seinfeld's mother passed away at age ninety-nine. Sources state that she died in her sleep due to natural causes in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, USA. 

Betty Seinfeld Relationship Status: Married Kalman Seinfeld In 1950

Betty Seinfeld tied the knot with Kálmán Seinfeld, a sign painter. The pair married in 1950 in New York, USA. Sadly, her husband passed away in 1985 after thirty-five years of marriage. At the time of their marriage, both Betty and Kálmán were orphans.

Betty Seinfeld and her son, Jerry Seinfeld
Betty Seinfeld and her son, Jerry Seinfeld. (Source: Facebook)

Betty and Kálmán were blessed with two kids, a boy Jerry Seinfeld and a girl Liebling Nee Seinfeld. They lived in Massapequa, New York, for most of their married life. At the time of his death, the couple was living in Florida. 

Betty's Husband Kálmán Seinfeld

Kálmán Seinfeld was one of three children to parents Simon and Celia Seinfeld, Austrian immigrants. They were a Jewish family who immigrated to America in the early 1900s. He was born in New York in 1918. 

His mother either died or divorced his father, and his father remarried a woman named Lena, a Russian-origin naturalized citizen, and had more children. Kálmán, while being a loner, was also a funny guy. He reportedly knew all the jokes and was a closet comedian. He also inspired his son Jerry to take up comedy.

Net Worth Of Betty Seinfeld's Son

The net worth of the famous comedian Jerry Seinfeld is estimated to be  $950 Million. He is one of the most successful comedians to date and is famous worldwide. In 2022, Jerry was labeled the most successful comedian to date. 

Jerry also inherited his mother's estate after her passing along with his sister Carolyn. Jerry's family only became wealthy after his amazing success.  

Betty Seinfeld's Son Is A Stand-Up Comedian & Actor

Famous stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld was born Jerome Allen Seinfeld in 1954, like Peter McMahon.  He has also worked as an actor, producer, and author. He is best known for his TV show Seinfeld, which was one of the most successful 90s sitcoms. 

He joined the web series comedy, 'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee' from 2012 to 2019. Currently, he is promoting a book inspired by the web series called The Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee Book.

Jerry's Martial Status

Jerry Seinfeld is married to Jessica Sklar, and the pair have been together for over twenty years. When the pair first met in 1998, Jerry pursued her, not knowing she was recently married. Although Jessica had already ended things with her then-husband, she was not prepared to date, anyone. 

Jerry Seinfeld with his spouse, Jessica Seinfeld
Jerry Seinfeld with his spouse, Jessica Seinfeld. (Source: CelebFamily)

Jerry was very understanding and empathized as he also failed to engage with fellow comedian Carol Leifer. The pair then dated and tied the knot in Christmas of 1999. They have three kids together, one girl and two boys. Shepherd Kellen Seinfeld is the only son of the couple.

Betty Seinfeld's Eldest Daughter Carolyn Liebling Nee Seinfeld

Betty and Kálmán had their first child Carolyn Seinfeld two years into their marriage in 1952. She has worked as an agent for her brother, stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld. She also helps run The Seinfeld Family Foundation. Business-minded from a young age, she initially helped her father, Kalman, manage his sign business.

Carolyn is married to Lawrence Timothy Liebling. They tied the knot in 1980 and have a son named Joshua Keith Liebling. They are residents of Bellmore, New York.

Social Media Presence Of Betty Son 

Like other celebrities, Jerry Seinfeld is very active on social media platforms. He has 4.2 million followers on Twitter @JerrySeinfeld. He joined Twitter in July 2011

On Instagram, he is active under the username @jerryseinfeld, where he has amassed 1.3 million, the same as Sophia Diamond. Also, all his family members, i.e., his wife and kids and his cat Paco have Instagram handles.

Jerry Seinfeld in his social media.
Jerry Seinfeld in his social media. Source: Instagram@jerryseinfeld

Jerry uses social media to promote his books and comedy specials. He is also a Facebook user and has 1.8 Million followers.



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