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Tue Feb 14 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of brandon fugal

Wife : Kristen Fugal
Kristen Fugal married Kristen Fugal in 2021.

Brandon D. Fugal is a man of many talents. But he is most famous for his TV works. People know him from The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch. Fugal hailed from Utah and was born on April 1, 1973.

As of now, he has achieved a massive net worth of $450 million by investing his time in various sectors. Among them, his work with Colliers International and his appearances on the History Channel is vital resources. 

In this article, we will dive deep into the life of such a fascinating man and explore his personal life as well as his professional life. 

Who Is The Wife of Brandon D. Fugal? 

Brandon has found the love of his life. He is married to a lovely woman named Kristen Mccarty Fugal. The now husband and wife exchanged their wedding vowed on September 24, 2021. He is totally in love with her, as evident from his Instagram. They love spending time together, whether at dinner, concerts, traveling, or watching a football match live. 

They have not said anything, but people speculate they could start a family soon. On the first anniversary of their wedding, Fugal shared a photo from their marriage with a caption:

1 Year Anniversary with my adventure companion & most gorgeous woman on the planet…through business, philanthropy & the most intriguing mysteries of all time…

They are in the middle of a forest posing while holding each other.
Brandon Fugal and Kristen Fugal in their marriage photo shoot (Source: Instagram @brandonfugal)

A Brief On His Career

Brandon Fugal is a wealthy man. And that wealth didn't just come to him. Just look at his career, and you will figure out how he gained all those fortunes. The following paragraph is about his work, so take a deep breath, everyone, as it could get overwhelming.

He currently serves as the chairman of Colliers International. Position he took over in April 2018. Fugal is the co-founder and Board Member of Axcend. He is also the Manager of Evermore Park Investments. He also acts as a Strategic Advisor of Xenter, Inc. and Managing Partner of Pomaka'i Partners. The man also co-owns Aero Dynamic Jets.

This is not all of his works, though. The paragraph has only touched the surface of all the companies he has worked for in his career.

How Did Brandon D. Fugal Achieve a $450 Million Net Worth? 

Brandon D. Fugal has a ridiculous amount of wealth. The man has made a fortune in his life, as evidenced by his Colossal net worth of $450 Million.

He is wearing a suit while looking at the equipment.
Brandon Fugal checking out equipment for experiments on Skinwalker Ranch (Source: Instagram @brandonfugal)

Although a particular portion of Fugal's wealth comes from the successful show The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch, he is also a massive deal in the Real Estate world. He owns the Adamantium Real Estate business, contributing significantly to his wealth. 

Not only that, but Brandon also holds a lot of other companies and also currently serves as the chairman of Colliers International.

Got A Business Degree From A Reputed University: 

Fugal has left a mark on the business world. Be it owning a company, running it, or investing in a successful TV show. Although it's mostly him that makes things happen, it wouldn't be wrong to give some credit to his formal education.

The man made a career in business, and his University education is related to the same field. Fugal has done his formal education in Business at Utah Valley University. At the same institution, he served on the Foundation Board for nine years, from January 2009 to December 2017.

Lost His Father At 73 Due To Cancer 

Brandon D. Fugal experienced one of the worst times when he lost his father. Daniel Fugal was taken away from him in 2021 at 73. He was a cancer patient.

He had been battling carcinoid cancer for a long time before succumbing to it. He had a lot of good times with his old man. He also shared one story of his father when they both watched The Godfather, the movie starring Robert De Niro.

They are both wearing black while sitting on a couch.
Brandon Fugal with his father Daniel Fugal (Source: Instagram @brandonfugal)

The story is about Fugal returning from his office at midnight. He was living in his parent's basement and had just split from his wife. One day Fugal was about to sleep when he saw his father sitting to watch The Godfather. They both watched the movie together, which became one of the most memorable moments he shared with his father.

Was Previously Married To Lacey Ann Fugal: 

Brandon D. Fugal's marriage with Kristen Fugal is not the first one. He has previously been married to a woman named Lacey Ann Fugal.

There aren't many details available about their married life. But it is known that these two shares four children, two sons, and two daughters.

Is An Environmentalist

The millionaire Fugal also feels he has some responsibility towards the environment. The guy has been involved in the protection of the natural environment of Hawaii.

To bring Hawaii to its natural state, he has been working on protecting and planting the native plants and trees of Hawaii, which seem to be disappearing there. He took to Instagram to announce this initiative. In the post, he wrote:

Proud to be working in partnership with Hawaii Legacy Reforestation Initiative, removing invasive plants & replacing them with native Hawaiian trees. Pomaika’i Partners is dedicated to preserving & strengthening Oahu’s famed North Shore area. @hawaiianlegacyforest

The picture shows a young boy holding a plant by his hand.
Brandon Fugal announcing his partnership with Hawaiian Legacy Forest (Source: Instagram @brandonfugal)

Can Fans Reach Out To Him? Social Media Presence

Yes, you can reach out to him through various social media. The man works in real estate, so having a social media presence will be helpful for him to create a network to run his business.

The man is present on every central social platform. You can find him on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. His account pages are Instagram @brandonfugal, Twitter @BrandonFugal, and LinkedIn @Brandon Fugal

His LinkedIn and Twitter account mainly serve a business purpose. Even though he uses Instagram for his work, it is where you will see the other side of him as he provides updates on his personal life.

Is A College Football Fan

NFL is massive in the US, with great matches and celebrity performances at halftime like Shante Broadus's husband, Snoop Dogg. But it isn't common you hear famous people get involved in college football. But, Fugal has gone to watch college football in a stadium.

They both are in VIP seats while the crowd can be seen in the background.
Brandon Fugal and his wife Kristen Fugal at BYC Cougars match (Source: Instagram @brandonfugal)

The man is from Utah, so it's no surprise he supports Utah's BYU Cougars. He went to watch the match in the stadium when BYU defeated Baylor in overtime.

Is The Owner Of The Infamous Skinwalker Ranch

Fugal is the owner of one of the most mysterious properties ever. He owns Skinwalker Ranch. Skinwalker Ranch is a vast land located in Ballard, Utah. The land is known for paranormal activities and UFO sightings. He had been fascinated with possible life outside earth for a long time. This is the reason for him owning the land.

However, he hasn't just purchased the land. He has invested heavily in the ground by bringing in researchers, scientists, and experts and has filmed everything for the world to see. History channel The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch is a popular show that documents and shows all the findings they have discovered.

The show producer, Fugal, has also gone on record to say that not everything is televised for the show. They have discovered many things which haven't been filmed as they would not be appropriate for television. While speaking to Christina Gomez, he said:

There are a lot of experiences, even disturbing appearances, that we haven't revealed, we don't report on, that frankly is not appropriate for the docu-series. There are certain events that occur, certain experiences that people have had, that the History Channel believes to be either inappropriate - or maybe inappropriate is not the right term, that they are just not comfortable with it being presented.


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