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Fri Mar 03 2023
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Hailing from the United States, Brent Faiyaz is an R&B singer that has been appearing in the headlines for some time now. His birth name is Christopher Brent Wood. However, somewhere along the line of his career, he adopted his stage name Brent Faiyaz and has become an icon with that name.

Brent's name first started to shine when he was featured on Crew by the GoldLink, which went on to become the 6x Platinum. This earned him a Grammy nomination for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration.

Brent Faiyaz Relationship Status: Who Is His Wife?

Brent Faiyaz has been actively dating Zahara Davis since 2019, an American Model. His girlfriend was born in Hawaii and starred in Lanivatti's First Capsule Collection: Beyond Borders.

Brent Faiyaz with his girlfriend Zahara Davis in iHeart Radio show
Brent Faiyaz with his girlfriend Zahara Davis in iHeart Radio show.
(Image Source: Imago Images)

There hasn't been any news of Brent and Zahara breaking up. So they have been together for more than two years and are still going strong. Many assume that they are married and have a daughter. However, this is still a mystery.

Dating Rumor About Brent Faiyaz & Amber Olivier

There was a rumor that Faiyaz might be dating Amber Olivier, a singer. It went viral after Brent posted a photo together with Amber. But the post was deleted after some days, which might have signaled that it was just a rumor and nothing more.

The post where Brent puts his hand around Amber's neck remains on her Instagram account. Although they never confirmed their relationship, they have gone on many tours together.

Faiyaz Started Making Music At 12

Standing at the height of 5 feet 11 inches (181cm), Faiyaz was born in Maryland, US, on September 19, 1995. In 2007, when he was just twelve, he started working to create music, but he didn't take it seriously back then.

As for Brent's parents, they didn't understand his career path. While Brent confirmed that he would be successful because of his love for music, his parents differed, saying that it distracted him. 

Net Worth & Earnings Of Brent Faiyaz 

Faiyaz claims to be the best R&B singer of his generation and the richest one. However, he is well known for exaggerating things.

Brent Faiyaz posing for his album cover
Brent Faiyaz posing for his album cover
(Image Source: Okayplayer)

As per independent reports, Brent Faiyaz has a net worth of approximately $2 million, the same as the net worth of Chelsea Kilgore. He could have earned more than $20 million in the last half-decade, but he wasted it in exchange for his luxurious taste in things.

Education Details

Brent joined the public school in his hometown, Long Reach High School to complete his high school education. Even during high school, he continued to make music which he dearly loved.

At the age of seventeen, Brent graduated from high school. After that, he moved to North Carolina to achieve his dream of a musical career.

Charting On The Billboard

Brent Faiyaz released Fuck The World EP in February 2020, which peaked at 20 on the US Billboard 200. The album also charted on the UK Official Albums Chart, peaking at 70, and got an RIAA Gold certificate.

Brent then released Wasteland in July 2022, which became his most successful album. It went on to peak at number two on the US Billboard 200. Similarly, it peaked at the same position on New Zealand Weekly Top 40.

The Wasteland album received RIAA Gold certification, while the song Dead Man Walking and Gravity Ft. Tyler the Creator received RIAA Platinum certification.

Lauryn Noelle Hill Influenced Brent

If we ask Brent about his idols, he will say Lil Wayne, Currensy, Gil Scott-Heron, and Curtis Mayfield. However, his biggest inspiration has been credited to Lauryn Noelle Hill, the mother of Joshua Omaru Marley. He said it was her who motivated him to sing from an early age. 

Well, Brent is not the only one inspired by Lauryn Hill. Many big artists such as Beyonce, Adele, Britney Spears, Dua Lipa, Pink, and many more named Lauryn as their inspirations. Even K-pop artists like Rap Monster from BTS and Jennie from Blackpink have attributed her as their inspiration.

Brent Is Not The Conventional R&B Singer

Faiyaz's lyric and style doesn't really fit with traditional R&B music, as reflected in his track First World Problemz and Nobody Cares. According to Factmag, he said:

“In black music, people have marginalized us into making music about certain subjects. A lot of the things I talk about aren’t your traditional R&B dilemmas.”

Brent Faiyaz in a GQ Youtube video
Brent Faiyaz in a GQ Youtube video.
(Image Source: AttackTheCulture)

Brent has also embraced a softer singing style, to which he explained:

“I think that’s what’s hitting people about me – a voice from the black male perspective that isn’t so overly aggressive and hasn’t been in R&B for a long time.”

Brent Formed The Sonder Group

Collaborating with Dpat and Atu, both of which were music producers, Brent formed the Sonder group in 2016. The group debuted on October 25 of the same year with their single Too Fast.

Three months later, the group released Into, their debut EP, which went on to receive the Duplion's Artist of the Month. Similarly, the album even ranked 23 in the Complex's The Best Albums of 2017 (So Far).`

Social Media Presence

Brent has captivated many people worldwide, which in turn has gained him millions of followers. Such is the case for his verified Instagram account @brentfaiyaz, which has over 3.2 million followers.

Similarly, Faiyaz verified Facebook account @brentfaiyaz has over 188k followers. He is also active on his Facebook account, which is rare for international artists.

Brent Faiyaz in a second annual grant program
Brent Faiyaz in a second annual grant program
(Image Source: AfroTech)

Faiyaz's Twitter account is no exception to verification. His handle @brentfaiyaz has over 567k followers and receives thousands of likes on his tweets.

As a music artist, it's almost certain that one will have a Youtube account. The same goes for Brent, who has over 1.18 million subscribers on his verified Youtube @brentfaiyaz5605. It has gotten over 685 million views across all his videos whereas, another popular singer, Jack Hartmann's YouTube channel has got over 999 million total views and 2.33 million subscribers. 

Has Millions Of Listeners On Spotify

Nowadays, it has become an everyday thing for people to listen to music online, especially on Spotify. So, almost every modern artist has a Spotify account where they release their songs.

As for Brent Faiyaz, he has a verified Spotify account with over 14.4 million monthly listeners. His most popular song on Spotify Trust has over 308 million plays. This shows how many people love and listen to his songs.


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