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song writer, producer (1941)

Relationship Timeline Of Brian Holland

Wife : Deidre Holland
Deidre Holland wife of Brian Holland died after a long illness in Los Vegas, Nevada.

Brian Holland is a legendary songwriter and music producer, who rose to prominence after collaborating with the musical trio of Holland-Dozier-Holland. His greatest hits albums with his band are The Lion Tamer, Three's Company, and Live from Buenos Aires.

The musical trio of Brian, Lamont Dozier, and his beloved brother, Eddie Holland amass popularity for giving 145 hit songs in the US and 78 other hits in the UK. Apart from this, Brian made his appearance in successful movies like Hitsville: The Making of Motown, Nothing but a Man, and Detriot 9000.

Holland-Dozier-Holland Songwriter, Brian's Two Unsuccessful Marital Relationships 

The 80-year-old, Brian has been married twice and his first marriage was with his childhood sweetheart, Sharon Pierce, whom he met at school. The pair later walked down the aisle in 1959 in a small and intimate wedding ceremony. At the time of nuptial, Brian was 18 years old.

Late Diedre Holland, Brian's wife holding her granddaughter. How many times does Bryan Holland married?
Late Diedre Holland, Brian's wife with her granddaughter
Photo Source: Dignity Memorial

The couple then founded the joy of their lives after becoming parents of two children. However, Brian's wife was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which gave her traumatic mood swings and migraines. However, Sharon did not fight back and committed suicide. After the death of Pierce, Brian wrote and dedicated a song in remembrance of his wife, Baby I Need Your / Got to have all your loving.

Following the demise of Sharon, Holland tied the knot with Las Vegas-based interior designer, Deidre Holland. Nevertheless, the couple's marriage also ended tragically after the death of Deidre on 13th October 2014. During that time, Brian's wife was 62 years old.

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On the other side, Brian and Diedre shared two sons, Brian Holland Jr., and Brandon Holland from their marital union. Furthermore, Bryan has become a grandfather to two sweet granddaughters, Brooklyn Holland, and Dylan Holland. 

What is Brian Holland's Net Worth as a Songwriter?

African-American songwriter, Brian had an on-and-off musical career. Nonetheless, he officially started his career as a lead vocalist in The Satintones. In early 1958, he released his first solo song "Briant Holland" and later in 1960 he got a chance to be a member of the Motown recording act 'The Satintones' and 'The Rayber Voices.' 

After a year, he opened his path to join Motown where he produced "Please Mr. Postman." Further, he partnered with Lamont Dozier and Freddy Gorman made their debut with the hit song, Locking Up My Heart in 1962." Brian revived in the 1970s writing and producing several R&B hits. Similarly, in 1990 he along with his team Holland-Dozier-Holland got listed in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Brian Holland and his musical trio inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. How much is Holland's net worth as of 2021?
Hollands' brother with the team after inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Source: Pinterest

Through the songwriting and producing career, Holland has earned a very handsome fortune. He has a total estimated net worth of $6.5 Million as of 2021. Besides, some of his musical collaborations with Motown is Produced Stop! In the Name of Love, Baby Love, and many other countless songs.

Brian Holland and His Brother, Eddie Holland on their Greatest Songs: 'Motown Feels like it was a Miracle'

Among the most popular songwriting teams in the music industry, the Hollands' brother changed the whole music industry pattern. According to them, they always guide and watch out for each other which has proven to be a blessing. They succeeded in creating the unique sounds to Motown's classic sound which changed people's way of dancing and celebrating life.

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Brian and his brother, Eddie Holland mostly went unnoticed in their early 60s. But later, they come back with an autobiography after a song for the Vandellas, Come and Get These Memories, listed on record sales. Brian and his supporting brother remain as active legendary producers and songwriters in the music industry as of 2021. Similarly, Ricco Barrino and Hallie Gnatovich are some of the prominent names in the field of music.

Brian Holland with his look-a-like brother, Eddie Holland. How old is Brian? Know his age!
Hollands' brother who looks similar in appearance
Photo Source: Gilbert Podcast

The musical trio represented a younger voice and helped set standards involving copyrights of multi-media and the use of broadcast. In 2009, he received The Johnny Mercer Award, the SHOF's highest honor along with his musical trio, Lamont Dozier, and his brother, Eder Holland.

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