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television personality and developer (1982)
Tue Feb 21 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Brian Kleinschmidt

Brian Kleinschmidt marroed to Mike Kleinschmidt on 2015.

Brian Kleinschmidt is an American television personality and developer best known for co-hosting HGTV's 100 Day Dream Home with his wife, Mika McGee Kleinschmidt. He is also well-known for his appearance on season 15 of The Amazing Race with his then-wife Erica Dunlap.

Brian Kleinschmidt is a previous Shark Tank participant. He also owns the Anytime Fitness club. He built his first gym in Riverview in 2011 at 10875 Bloomingdale Ave.; then, in 2013, he opened his second and third gyms a week apart at 501 W. S.R. 60, Brandon, and 11252 Boyette Road, Riverview.

Who Is Brian Kleinschmidt Wife? Does He Have A Child? 

Brian Kleinschmidt Has been married to Mika McGee Kleinschmidt since October 2015. They originally met at Riverview High School, and after high school, they went their separate ways before reuniting in 2011. Brian proposed to Mika in 2013. Two years later, they married.

Mika, Brain, and Daughter Jade.
Image- Mika, Brain, and Daughter Jade.
Soucre: Mika Kleinschmidt's Facebook 

Brain Kleinschmidt and Mike's daughter is Jade Kleinschmidt. Jade was born on February 23, 2009. Brian is not Jade's biological father, but he is the most incredible parent imaginable. Jade is not adopted, on the other hand. Mika had Jade with her former boyfriend a couple of years before meeting Brian for the second time. The former Shark Tank contestant frequently posts pictures with his family on Instagram. 

Who is Brian Kleinschmidt First Wife?

Brian Kleinschmidt married Ericka Dunlap in 2007; however, the couple split in 2011 after several years of marriage. They initially met during a leadership course at the University of Central Florida in 2002

Ericka Dunlap is a beauty pageant winner crowned Miss Florida in 2003, making her the first African American woman to hold the title. They both raced in Season 15 of The Amazing Race. Ericka was named Miss America in 2004. Suzette Charles was also Miss America.

Brian Kleinschmidt's Net Worth 

Brian Kleinschmidt is an HGTV correspondent. Brian, on the other hand, receives a pittance for Webhosting 100 Day Dream House on HGTV. Brian's annual salary is $82,110.

Brian Kleinschmidt's Car Number Plate Printed HGTV LOGO.
Image- Brian Kleinschmidt's Car Number Plate Printed HGTV LOGO.
Soucre: Brain Kleinschmidt's Facebook 

Brian Kleinschmidt hosts 100 Day Dream House. As a result, Brian has amassed a little fortune over the years, much like many 100 Day Dream House on HGTV. Brian's estimated net worth is $960,000.

Brian Kleinschmidt 100 Day Dream Home

Brian Kleinschmidt and his wife, Mika, are the HGTV reality show 100 Day Dream Home stars. They are the show's producers and hosts. In only three months, the two assist customers in designing and building the perfect house from the ground up.

Brian Kleinschmidt and Mike.
Image- Brian Kleinschmidt and Mike.
Soucre: Brain Kleinschmidt's Facebook 

Mika McGee is the realtor, while Brian is the project manager in charge of making the idea a reality. Every episode lasts from start to finish, with some homes completing in less than the allotted 100 days. The homes range in size from 2,500 to 4,500 square feet and start at $310,000 in price. The prices of the accommodations vary based on a variety of factors.

Brian Kleinschmidt Shark Tank

Brian Kleinschmidt went on Shark Tank in 2015, seeking a $50,000 investment in return for 15% ownership of his firm, Ez-Pee-Z. However, he did not receive the investment. The EZ-Pee-Z is a toilet training device that allows children to use the toilet effortlessly. 

It functions similarly to a standard adult-sized toilet seat but with a simple flip of the lid. The flip helps the kid to sit comfortably on the toilet, but Brian later commercialized it. You may find it on

Brian Kleinschmidt Amazing Race

Brian Kleinschmidt and his then-wife Ericka Dunlap competed in The Amazing Race 15 together. In the year 2019, The duo was the show's first married multiracial couple. 

They finished third overall. Brian stated that Brain drove him to audition since he had been watching the show from its inception.

Brian Kleinschmidt HGTV

Brian Kleinschmidt and his wife Mika present a reality program on HGTV called '100 Day Dream House.' However, the program debuted in February 2020 and followed them as they built a whole new region from scratch in 100 days for customers. Additionally, manufacturers include a surprise for homeowners, such as a yard or kitchen expansion not included in their initial designs.

He has always had growth potential. While in school, he spent his spring vacations working with Habitat for Humanity, a nonprofit organization that assists families in building and strengthening their homes. Brian began his career flipping houses; unfortunately, this resulted in spending "every cent he had" during the Great Recession.


Brian Kleinschmidt was born in Florida on April 30, 1982. Each year, he celebrates his birthday on April 30. Kevin Kleinschmidt and Ellen Kleinschmidt are his parents. His father worked as a janitor, while his mother retired as a music teacher and was awarded Hillsborough County Teacher of the Year in 2005. He has one sibling whose identity has not yet been revealed.

Brian earned a Bachelor's degree in radio and television programming from the University of Central Florida and worked in sports entertainment marketing after graduation.

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