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Wed Mar 01 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Brian Shimansky

Wife : Brit Shimansky
Brian Shimansky married Brit Shimansky in 2017.

Brian Shimansky is one of the most popular male models today. He famously appeared in the Versace Eros perfume ad. He is managed by a modeling agency named Soul Artist Management. 

The 6 Feet 2 Inch (188 cm) model Brian has an estimated net worth of $1.5 Million. He is married to Brit Shimansky and is also a father. Let's learn a bit more through this article about Shimansky, who appeared in the advertisement for Versace Eros.

Married Life: Husband Of Brit Shimansky

Brian Shimansky is taken, and the love of his life is Brit Shimansky. The lovely couple walked down the aisle on May 9, 2017. They chose Camp Lucy Resort in Texas as their wedding venue. He showed up in a Black tuxedo from Joseph Abboud, whereas her wedding gown was from BERTA

Brian Shimansky and Brit Shimansky are walking past the people as Brit is holding flowers in her hand.
Brian Shimansky with his wife, Brit Shimansky, at their wedding (Source: Brina Shimansky Instagram @brianshimansky)

Brian and Brit tied the knot in the presence of their close friends and family. His wife, Brit, is a fitness trainer as she is a certified Pre/Postnatal Trainer. She teaches people through online classes with her Britsbarre Virtual Studio. He loves his wife, as evidenced by the number of posts about her on his Insta page.

Suffered From Lyme Disease In The Past

Brian is known for his looks today, but that wasn't always the case, as he has had Lyme disease. He suffered from Lyme during his college days. Luckily, he is cured.

Lyme is a disease that happens in humans due to borrelia bacteria. It can lead to skin rashes, fever, headache, and even facial paralysis if not treated promptly.

Has A Daughter

The Versace Eros model, Brian, has entered fatherhood thanks to her daughter, Siena Shimansky. He announced the birth of Siena through his Insta page on May 17, 2020.

Brian Shimansky is carrying Siena Shimansky in the picture.
Brian Shimansky with his daughter, Siena Shimansky (Source: Brian Shimansky's Instagram @brianshimansky)

Usually, celebrities keep their kids away from the internet but not Brian. He loves to share pictures of his daughter on the internet. Siena is also popular among her father's fans. 

Being a father is not an easy thing as your responsibilities rise. Brian's wife, Brit, has even revealed that Brian is taking care of the daughter in the morning as he is an early riser.

Net Worth Status: A Rich Model

Brian Shimansky has an estimated net worth of $1.5 Million, similar to Karen Gravano. Not surprising as he is one of the most sought-after male models. The popular model has worked for Versace in their Eros perfume ad. Besides that, he has also worked with top fashion brands like Dolce & Gabbana.

Besides that, Brian also has a business called Shimansky Design, which makes custom furniture. He also partnered with American Ruck, a hike and ruck gear-making company. All of this has led him to earn massive wealth.

Brian Shimansky Does Woodwork

Brian has talents for making things out of wood and continues to do woodworking today. He runs a business called Shimansky Design which makes custom furniture and even does restoration work. He has been involved in building all sorts of stuff like tables, cabinets, drawers, and even guitars.

The guitar has brown color on the edges with some designs in the middle.
One of the guitars made by Brian Shimansky's Shimansky Design (Source: Brian Shimansky Instagram @brianshimansky)

Brian's father can be credited for his love of woodwork. He used to visit his father's shop as a kid. The first thing he built was a jewelry box that was shaped like a football. He has not stopped doing it and continues building furniture and modeling works.

Studied Finance And Economics

Brian is a student of finance and economics at Western New England University. He initially joined the University to play Baseball but later switched to finance and economics. He has a minor in economics.

Studying finance also landed Versace Eros model Brian Shimansky a job as a financial advisor at Morgan Stanley. According to Austin Business Journal, he worked in the wealth management office department.

Body Measurements

Brian Shimansky loves working out, which is evident from his amazing body physique. He has a chest size of 40 Inches (101 cm) and a waist of 81/32. He is a tall man just like Yelena bevel standing at the height of  6 Feet and 2 Inches (188 cm), similar to actor Brian Stapf.

Brian Shimansky is shirtless, showing his ripped body.
Brian Shimansky in a photo shoot for All Birds (Source: Brian Shimansky Instagram @brianshimansky)

Shimansky shoe size is 45/11, suit size is 52/42, and collar size is 39/15.5. He has also been blessed with blue eyes, which is rare among humans. Being a model, you need to be in a certain shape, and he does take good care of himself. He has a strict diet but isn't too strict with himself, as he has cheat days too.

Active On Instagram

The Versace Eros model, Brian, is present on social media through Instagram. His Insta page is @brianshimansky. However, he isn't much of an active user but uploads now and then.

Shimansky likes to share events from his life with his followers, be it spending time with his wife and daughter or just having fun. But most of his posts are about his modeling works. You can also find him on his wife's Insta page @britsbarre.

Had A Pet Cat Called Nick

Nick was an important part of Brian's life, but his furry friend is no longer with the family. His cat, Nick, passed away and was nineteen years old at the time of his passing.

Brian Shimansky and Nick are at the beach as Brian is carrying Nick by his arms.
Brian Shimansky with his pet cat, Nick (Source: Brian Shimansky Instagram @brianshimansky)

Nick was like a family to him; he treated his pet cat like his son. Unfortunately, his daughter Siena never got to see her furry brother. Nick was alive when Brian's wife, Brit, was pregnant but had already passed away before Seina was born.

The exact date Nick passed away remains to be known. However, Brian announced his pet cat's death through his Insta page on December 30, 2019, suggesting he could have passed away somewhere around that time.

Brian's Career Was Made Due To John Mayer's Concert

Brian is known for his Versace Eros commercial, which couldn't have happened without John Mayer's concert. He never planned to become a model; it just happened to him thanks to Arri Taylor, and Your Body is a Wonderland singer.

Brian had just gone to Mayer's concert to have fun and crossed paths with model scout Taylor. He liked Brian's looks and thought he could become the model; the rest is history. He was also getting treatment for his Lyme disease during this time.

Western New England magazine reports that Arri Taylor, Jason Kanner, and Steven Tremblay were crucial parts of Versace Eros Brian's life in helping him get into the modeling industry.

Career Highlights 

Brian is one of the most popular male models today. He has worked with fashion brands like Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, and Moncler. He has also appeared on the cover of top fashion magazines like Men's Health, Apollo, Daman, and GQ Portugal.

As of now, Brian's most recognizable work is easily Versace's Eros perfume advertisement. The ad was liked by many, which also boosted perfume sales. The ad single-handedly helped him achieve newer heights in the modeling industry.


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