Briar Nolet

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Dancer (1998)

Briar Nolet is an immensely talented Canadian dancer. She is famous for her role as Richelle in the Canadian teen drama The Next Step. Nolet's struggles with epilepsy have made her an inspiration to many.

Briar leads a pretty active life in terms of her fame and touring. She is also a multitalented personality who has done everything from acting to singing to reality TV. So here is a gist of what we know about the star and her life.

Briar Nolet: Early Life

Briar Nolet was born on December 27, 1998, in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, her full name is Briar Anne Nolet. Her parents are Tamara Nolet and Alan Nolet. She also has a sister called Abbey Nolet.

Briar Nolet With her parents and sister Abbey Nolet (left)
Briar Nolet With her parents and sister Abbey Nolet (left). Source: Instagram @tamara_nolet

Nolet's parents are talented people. Her mother, Tamara, is a professional artistic coach who coached Canada's Olympic gymnastics team. She now works with her daughters in a dance institute as an artistic person.

Her father, Alan, is an Olympic-level gymnast who competed in the 1988 Summer Olympics, the 1992 Summer Olympics, and the 1996 Summer Olympics. He is now a registered physiotherapist.

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Both Briar and her younger sister Abbey learned gymnastics when they were young. As such, the Nolet siblings have always had an incredible sense of balance and rhythm. They are very talented performers and professional dancers.


Briar is a graduate of Holy Trinity Catholic School. She graduated from the class of 2016. There are no records that she went to college, so she may have started a dance career later.

On the other hand, her younger sister Abbey has a bachelor's degree from McMaster University in Canada.

Dating Life of Briar Nolet!

In 2014, when Briar Nolet was 16, she entered a romantic relationship with her co-star Myles Erlick from The Next Step. Their connection blossomed as they worked together. Erlick and Briar shared their passion for dance but also their personal lives. 

Briar Nolet with her ex-boyfriend, Myles Erlick.
Briar Nolet with her ex-boyfriend, Myles Erlick. Source: The Daily Telegraph

The couple was very famous and had many fans. They had many Tiktok fan edits of them. In fact, her boyfriend Myles was with her when she was first going through her seizures and diagnosis.

The pair called it quits in 2022. Briar and Myles' break up wasn't specified. Later Briar was revealed to be dating Colin McLeod. Likewise, Colin and Nolet enjoy their love life publicly and share their journey on social media.


Briar Nolet is a gorgeous girl with stunning grey-green eyes and blonde hair. She has a stunning figure and is very fit and athletic.

Nolet stands at 5 feet and 3 inches tall and maintains a weight of about 55 kg. She is very flexible and often dances and works out.

The career of Briar Nolet

Briar has been active as a dancer since she was just seven years of age. She joined the Canadian Dance Company and started participating in competitions when she was twelve.

Her first win was in 2007. She was already a professional dancer and won a solo competition. Since then she has had a fantastic career in Canada and even in the United States. She has also toured Australia. 

Briar Nolet at the Dance Awards.
Briar Nolet at the Dance Awards. Source: Instagram @tamara_nolet

Briar has small roles in many movies but she has been a part of the Canadian Teen drama, The Next Step as Richelle since 2014. Further, the renowned contemporary dancer Briar achieved fame as a finalist in World of Dance season three. Kaycee Rice was also in the second season of the competition.

Known for her exceptional strength and technique, she has won Canadian dance titles, taught at prestigious conventions, and supported dance-related education programs. 

Briar has also released the single "Boys" on Spotify, showcasing her versatility as an artist. She also owns an athleisure brand.

Briar Nolet's Tale with Epilepsy!

Briar Nolet is a person who suffers from epilepsy. She started having seizures when she was sixteen years of age. However, she was initially misdiagnosed with anxiety.

A picture of Briar Nolet in the World of Dance Competition.
A picture of Briar Nolet in the World of Dance Competition. Source: NBC 

When she turned nineteen, Briar got another look at it from a neurologist. It was then they determined that Nolet suffers from epilepsy.

According to Briar, she often gets attacks during dancing. But this has not stopped her from fulfilling her dreams of being a pro dancer. She currently takes medication for her disease. 

Briar Nolet: Net Worth

Briar Nolet has an estimated net worth of about $1 Million. She made money from her dance, sponsorships, and her acting career. 

On the other hand, Nolet's parents are relatively well off and had great careers. They had the means to raise their daughters in a comfortable lifestyle.

Briar's sister, Abbey Nolet, has also made a comfortable income from dancing and is a part of the Canadian Dance Company.

Social Media

Briar Nolet is pretty active on IG as @briarnolet and has over 754K followers. She is a model and actress but primarily focuses on dancing. 

On the other hand, Briar and Abbey's mother, Tamara Nolet, are also active on social media. She is present as @tamara_nolet and often shares snippets about her and her family's lives.

Briar's ex-lover, Myles Erlick, is present as @myleserlick on Instagram and has over 321k followers. But Nolet's new beau, Colin McLeod, has little over 2k followers.

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