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Fri Oct 04 2019
By   Bibek

Brooke Daniells an American writer and photographer who's gone through some ups and downs in her relationship. Guys, did you know? She was married once. From that marital relationship, she is also a mom of two children.

As of now, Brooke is living with her newfound love in Los Angeles, the USA as per many online reports. But what's the truth? Is she thinking about starting a family yet again? Let's dive into her personal life to know more about her current affair.

Is she in a Lesbian Relationship?

As per reports, Brooke was once a married woman. Daniells stays silent on her past relationship so' there are no exact details on her previous affair. Brooke has not discussed anything about her wedding especially her husband's name.

As per reports by online tabloids, the 33-year-old photographer who is younger than Jessica Knappett gave birth to a son and a daughter in her marital life. Even though her husband's name is not provided the name of her children is Dane and Chapel.

Brooke Daniells and Catherine Bell
Image: Brooke Daniells (right) with her friend Catherine Bell (left)

As per her website, Brooke's husband is a superhero who is serving her family and the country. This statement makes the suggestion that the photographer's spouse might be in the army. She further writes,

"I tell my kids and husband that I love them at least a dozen times every day. I'm saved by God's beautiful Grace". 

Since 2011, She is in a lesbian relationship with an actress Catherine Bell. Neither Bell nor Daniells have openly confirmed on their affair but some paparazzi sites say that they are a couple now after they moved in together. 

They are Living Together though...

After Bell's separation from her husband Adam Beason on September 2011, she moved in with fellow Scientologist Daniells in a mansion in Los Angeles. Catherine also gave birth to a son Ronan Beason and a daughter Gemma Beason in her marriage.

Catherine Bell with her children at Cars premiere
Picture: Catherine Bell (left) with her daughter Gemma (right) and Ronan (in the middle) at Cars Premiere

Daniells and Bell live together with their children which fueled the lesbian rumor between the couple. In 2014, she bought a 3,380-square-foot house in the gated Hidden Hills for $2.05 million and moved in there. After that, there are no reports if Daniells also moved in with her.  

Brooke's Mom gets Angry...

Daniells mom is a famous actress Penny Atwell. In an interview with The Data Lounge, Atwell gives a furious response to the question asked about her daughter and Bell's affair. 

Penny Atwell Jones
Frame: Brooke Daniells mom Penny Atwell. 

Brooke's mom sees this as a dishonor for the family and it is a big secret. After some time of the response, Bell also blogged about the relationship with Brooke. 

As per her blog post, she says,

"I had the help of my dear friend and amazing party planer/goodie maker extraordinaire, Brooke Daniells (also known as Hadley and Elizabeth). She helped me ake sure it was, like, totally rad!".

From his blog statement, we can deduce that she is not having an affair with Brooke and considers her as a friend.

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