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Actress, Producer (1988)
Fri Apr 21 2023
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Brooke Markham is an American actress known for her role in the show, In the Dark, the series starring Petty Mattfield. She plays the role of Jessica Damon, and the TV series cast members include Casey Deidrick, Morgan Krantz, Keston John, and Ana Ayora.

Markham's net worth has been estimated to be $6 Million. She stands at the height of 5 Feet and 3 Inches (160 cm) and has a body weight of 132 lbs (60 kg). Besides acting, she has also worked as a producer and a writer in the past.

About Brooke Markham's Net Worth 

Brooke Markham's net worth has been estimated to be around $6 Million. Her incredible acting career can be credited to her massive wealth. 

Brooke Markham is on a full sleeve white shirt and skirt in the picture.
Brooke Markham in a photo shoot with Jonny Marlow (Source: Brooke Markham Instagram @brookeamarkham)

The 5 Feet and 3 Inches tall Markham is relatively new in the industry and is already making quite a name for herself. Besides acting, she has also made money working as an executive producer on a few projects.

Markham's most significant work in her career has been the TV series, In the Dark. She, however, is yet to disclose how much she was paid for playing Jessica Damon. 

Markham has made most of her money doing television work. Unfriend (the movie she worked on) had a box office collection of $3.8 Million as per Rotten Tomatoes.

Relationship Status Of Markham

Brooke Markham is not seeing anyone right now. The actress from In the Dark is single. Markham is investing all her time in her acting career and is living her best life with her friends and family.

Markham hasn't revealed much about her dating history. But we know Brooke has previously dated. She has been with a man named Jose Rojas, who is a musician by profession. But, the actress hasn't provided much detail about this relationship.

About Markham's Parents And Two Siblings

Brooke Markham's father is Patrick Markham, and her mother is Connie Markham. She isn't the only child of her parents, as she also has a brother named Pat Hunt and a sister named Rachelle Carter

Brooke Markham has her hands on Connie Markham as Patrick Markham is right next to them.
Brooke Markham with her parents, Patrick Markham and Connie Markham (Source: Brooke Markham Instagram @brookeamarkham)

Markham hasn't provided many details about her parents and siblings. Even they have chosen to maintain a lowkey life. But we know that her father, Patrick loves baseball and supports LA Dodgers. 

Educational Qualifications

Brooke Markham took formal acting classes before entering the world of acting. She has a degree in Professional Acting Foundation, which she did from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA), the same institute Hera Hilmer had studied. She was at the institution for two years, between 2011 to 2013.

Besides Markham's acting lessons, she also holds a degree in another subject. Brooke earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Liberal Studies, which she did from Portland State University. She studied at the University from 2006 till 2011.

In the Dark actress, Markham also has taken part in an actor conservatory program. She took a 12-week acting lesson in 2008 from the Stellar Adler Studio of Acting. The actress had done her primary schooling at Roseburg High School.

A Brief On Brooke Markham's Acting Career

Brooke Markham is relatively new in the movie industry! Brooke has already made quite a name for herself. As per her IMDb page, the actress has been actively working since 2015.

A significant portion of Markham's filmography so far is made up of her television works. Her first work was the TV series Guidance, where she played the role of Bridget for two episodes. 

Brooke Markham is sitting outside in the garden talking to someone.
Brooke Markham in her first film, Friend Request (Source: The Movie Times YouTube Channel)

The first significant role she landed was the YouTube show, Foursome. This show also landed her a nomination for the Streamy Award in 2016. Brooke's career has only gone uphill since, with the most prominent role in her career in 2019 with the series, In the Dark.

Guidance may be Markham's first project, but she had worked on a short film two years before. The film was called Rehab, and she played the role of Cleo in the film. The actress has also worked on other short films like Affirmations, Dominique's Baby, and Ember.

Has Worked As A Producer And A Writer

Brooke Markham may be known for acting, which is still her main work. But she tried her hands at producing and writing in the past. She has worked as an executive producer and written a short film.

Markham's writing works can be seen in her short film Ember. Brooke co-wrote the film and acted in it with the character Rochelle. She worked as the producer of the short film, The Final Girl Returns. Other than that, she has also produced a TV series, Beyond The Dark.

Brooke Markham  Has Worked In the Theatre

Brooke Markham used to act and perform on stage before turning to the big screen. She gained her acting experience by developing her craft in the theatre. The actress used to work at the Artists Repertory Theatre and Bag and Baggage Productions. 

Beyond the Dark celeb, Markham worked at Artists Repertory for less than a year. She was at Bag and Baggage for a lot longer than that. To be more specific, two years. 

Brooke Markham is posing with her head resting on her hand.
Young Brooke Markham in her school play, The Lion King (Source: Brooke Markham @brookeamarkham

Some of the plays Markham did during this time are Gracie and the Atom, Twelfth Night, Taming of the Shrew, and The Woman's Prize. She is also learning at a drama school called the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. 

In an interview with LRM, Markham said that her experience with the theatre also terrified her a bit. Friend Request was the first ever film she had done. So she didn't know the process of filming, which is much different than what she was used to in theatres.

Social Media Presence

Markham is on the internet! You can find her on Instagram. Her Insta page is @brookeamarkham. She is active in the outlet, where she shares all kinds of stuff.

The actress shares her personal life and job! Sometimes she brings up some social and political issues. In the Dark famed, Markham is only on Instagram; it seems like she has deleted all of her other social media. 

In one of her interviews, she revealed that she was on Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter. But her accounts are nowhere to be found. It remains to be answered why Markham tossed her social media accounts aside, except for Instagram.

A Quick Look At In The Dark Controversy

Brooke Markham became a household name after playing Jessica Damon in the show, In the Dark. Despite all the praise she and the show have gotten, it found itself in a bit of a controversy after one of the show's cast. 

New York Times has reported that the National Federation of Blinds had criticized In the Dark creators for casting Perry Mattfield as a blind character named Murphy Mason. They had demanded that the show be remade with an actual blind actor.

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