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Political Consultant (1982)
Mon May 29 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Bryan Chatfield Sanders

Wife : Sarah Huckabee Sanders
Bryan Chatfield Sanders and Sarah Huckabee Sanders married in 2010.

Bryan Chatfield Sanders is a well-known political figure in America recognized for being part of many successful political campaigns throughout his career. He represents the US Republican Party and is the current First Gentleman of Arkansas.

Bryan may have established himself as a competent man in politics; he is mainly known for his wife, the current Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

How Did Sanders Establish Himself in The Republican Party?

Bryan was already gaining popularity among his peers after his work for Samuel Brownback and Mike Huckabee. But, he was yet to make a name for himself at the party.

Then came 'The Wicker's Group,' who hired him in 2009. It is an agency for media of politics. He was hired based on his previous work.

He was tasked with bringing in strategies for Robert J. Bentley. He was the party candidate for Alabama gubernatorial election campaign in 2010. Bryan's clever plans led to Robert J. Bentley winning the election.

Bryan Sanders is wearing a red shirt. His wife is wearing red dress and his sons are wearing Kansas team jersey
Bryan Sanders with his wife Sarah Sander and sons George and William (Source: Instagram @sarahhuckabeesanders)

Following the success of the Alabama campaign, he was brought in for Ted Yoho's campaign in Florida in 2012. His "Pigs" advertisement was the talk of the town at the time which got a nod from several political magazines, and Bryan was highly praised for his creativity.

Bryan earned himself the 'Rising Star of American Politics' title and established himself as one of the top consultants in American politics. He made his name in the Republican Party.

Married to Sarah Huckabee Sanders:

As mentioned earlier, Bryan Sanders is married to fellow Republican party member Sarah Huckabee Sanders. His wife, Sarah is a prominent name among Republican supporters, popularly identified as the White House press secretary during Donald Trump's tenure as the US President.

Bryan Sanders is wearing a red polo shirt. His wife is also wearing a red dress
Bryan Sanders with his wife, Sarah Sanders (Source: Instagram @sarahhuckabeesanders)

The lovely pair met each other through their work. Both were campaigning for Sarah's father, Mike Huckabee, who was also endorsed by Jim Bob Duggar and his wife in the presidential election. They soon started dating.

They took their relationship to the next level after officially getting engaged in August 2009. Bryan and Sarah's relationship was only strengthened when they married a year later, on May 25, 2010.


Born and raised in Kansas in 1982, just like Maggie Streb, Bryan chose to do his schooling there. He did his early education at Shawnee Mission East High School, where he went until 2002 when he graduated.

Hoping to make his career in politics, he proceeds to do his college degree at Colby College in Waterville, Maine. He took his degree in campaign media and left the college in 2006 after completing his graduation.

Sanders Has Generated a Fortune in His Political Career:

Bryan Sanders's career as a political consultant has spanned over ten years. He has also been part of many Republican campaigns during this time. Bryan's successful political career has led him to acquire an estimated net income of $ 5 million.

His wife, Sarah Sanders, who acquires a vital role in the republican party, also earns a fortune with an estimated net income of $ 1.5 million. Her annual salary was more than $175,000 when she was the press secretary at the White House.

Sarah Is Not Ashamed to Profess Her Love for Sanders:

You can tell Sarah is very much in love with her husband Bryan, and it's pretty visible if you check her Instagram. There are many pictures of her celebrating life with her husband and kids on her Instagram page.

Bryan Sanders is wearing a blue polo shirt
Bryan Sanders with his wife Sarah Sanders (Source Instagram: @sarahhuckabeesanders)

She, during the 12th anniversary of their marriage, posted a picture with the caption that said:

Happy 12th Anniversary to my best friend! What a ride it has been and can’t imagine any of it without you! You make every day better and I thank God for the life we have together! Love you!

Sanders's Not on Social Media:

Unfortunately for his admirers, there is no way to directly reach out to Bryan as he is not on any social media platform. He chooses to be fully invested in his family and work.

However, updates on Bryan's life are provided by his loving wife, Sarah, who is on Instagram. She is regularly uploading pictures with Bryan and her children at her Insta handle @sarahhuckabeesanders.

Sanders Is a Father of Three:

Bryan is a loving father to three children: two sons and a daughter. The children's names are George Sanders, Scarlett Wills Sanders, and William Huckabee Sanders

He is taking the children to football games, fishing, and trying everything to provide them with what they need. During Father's Day, Sarah posted a heartfelt Instagram post in which she thanked her husband for being a caring father to her children.

Her caption in the post read:

Happy Father’s Day to the one who leads our family, keeps us going and makes everything an adventure! And to my dad who is always there for me and my father in law who keeps us laughing! We love you all and are glad to call you ours!

Bryan Sanders is seen holding a fish while his sons are holding an another one
Bryan Sanders fishing with his children George, Scarlett, and William (Source: Instagram @sarahhuckabeesanders)

Sarah has a lot of responsibility in the republican party. With such a busy schedule, it is hard for her to give as much time to the children as they need. Her husband has stepped up to bear this responsibility.

How Tall Is Bryan? Also His Weight: 

Bryan Chatfield Sanders stands tall at 5 ft 8 inches (173 cm). His weight compliments his height at 71 kg (156 pounds). 

Bryan, a political advisor, lives a hectic life and has a stressful job. He looks to have found a balance between his work and personal life because he looks healthy and has maintained himself well.

Sanders's love for Sports:

Bryan is a huge sports fan. He has been seen attending various Basketball and Football matches. It shouldn't be a surprise that he supports the clubs of his home state, Kansas. 

He is also seen rooting for the baseball team Kansas. He is a massive fan of the Arkansas Razorbacks

Sanders's Humble Beginnings In Politics:

Soon after Bryan completed his college degree, he started his career by joining the office of the former Kansas governor, Samuel Dale Brownback.  He earned his way and later landed himself a press assistant role. 

He later found himself working for his now father-in-law Mike Huckabee, during his presidential campaign. He was assigned a significant role in this campaign and was seen attending events in Iowa, where the campaign was held.

Working With Father-In-Law Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee, who previously was the US presidential candidate in 2008, also was the candidate for the 2016 US presidential election. Bryan's previous experience as a press assistant came in handy for the campaign. He assumed the role of a media consultant.

Mike Huckabee is wearing a black suit with the blue tie. Sarah Sanders is wearing a blue dress
Bryan Sanders's wife Sarah Sanders with her father, Mike Huckabee (Source: Instagram @sarahhuckabeesanders)

Bryan became more than a work colleague to Mike after he married his daughter Sarah Huckabee. Sarah was also a part of her father's campaign, and that's where she met Bryan. They started seeing each other and soon got married.

Opening a Company With His Wife

Bryan Chatfield Sanders has not only worked under the republican party but also has experience in starting his firm. He and his wife Sarah came up with their own company, 'Second Street Strategies.'

The firm was founded in February 2016. The company was a consulting firm. He even served as the president of the company for a while.


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