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Mon Jul 03 2023
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Calle Walton is an American actress who gained fame and recognition after she portrayed the role of Chloe Riley in the popular TV series In the Dark. This character is special for her because it is connected to her real life. She acted the way she is, a visually challenged woman.

Despite being sight-impaired, she has established herself as a successful actress in Hollywood. As a result, she has been the motivation and icon to many sightless people and the young generation.

The Early Life of Visually Challenged Actress Calle Walton

Calle Walton holds American nationality as she was born in New Hampshire. Her parents gave birth to her on March 7, 2000, as a normal and healthy baby. The actress from In The Dark was not born blind; instead, she lost her vision when she was six.

Calle Walton in the season 2019's finale of In The Dark.
Calle Walton in the season 2019's finale of In The Dark. (Image Source: Instagram)

In the Dark Chloe actress, Walton did her schooling at W. Ross Macdonald School. Calle had an interest in acting and dancing from a very young age. As a result, she always dreamed of becoming an actress but lost hope and passion when her vision got lost. 

Calle Walton's The Only Daughter Of Her Parents

Calle Walton has a very supportive and lovely family when it comes to her. Since she lost her sight at a very young age, she was raised with more affection and surveillance. 

Calle is the only daughter of Iain Walton and Tracey Bean. Unfortunately, their identities have not been disclosed yet. 

Calle Walton with her mother Tracey Bean
Calle Walton with her mother Tracey Bean (Image Source: Celebsuburb)

Furthermore, it is confirmed that she has one caring elder brother whose name is still behind the curtain. She once stated that she spent most of her childhood with her anonymous brother. 

Calle Walton's Suffering Started When She Was In Grade Three

Aforesaid, In The Dark actress Calle Walton, had a sight problem since birth. She was very young when she started seeing only the color black. Once in an interview, she stated that her sight got lost when she was studying in grade three. 

After suffering pain in her eyes, Walton's parents took her to the hospital. There she discovered that a mass of dust was present in her eyes, causing her eyes to redness and swell. Ever since the doctor suggested, Walton has been taking antibiotics and eye therapy.

Calle Walton on her graduation day.
Calle Walton on her graduation day. Image Source: tvovermind

However, despite being recovered, Calle's condition worsened as she started slowly losing sight. Henceforth, again she went to the hospital but sadly, it was revealed that her previous diagnosis was incorrect, and she had a brain tumor. 

Although Walton survived a brain tumor, she eventually lost her sight as it affected her optic nerve. Since then, she has been living a painful life without vision. Doctors have stated that there is significantly less chance of getting her view back. 

Is Calle Walton Dating Anyone?

Calle Walton is the kind of woman who prefers living low-key life. She turns out to be a secretive person regarding her love life. Until now, Calle has not mentioned her boyfriend, or she has not been spotted with any men. 

Calle Walton posing for a photoshoot

Calle Walton posing for a photoshoot (Image Source: Monadnock Ledger-Transcript)

Thus, It can be said that Calle is living a single life, and it appears that she is more focused on her career than on making love. In addition, it does not appear that she was in a relationship with any guy in the past. 

Rumors & Controversies Regarding Walton's Gender

Many stories have been spreading in the US and on social media about Walton's gender. They believe that In The Dark actress, Walton is not a female; instead, she is male. However, the stories are fake as she is undoubtedly a female. 

Furthermore, some people still state that she is not a female. They consider that she has a male aura and often does things like a male. But it is just a theory since she is a beautiful woman. 

A Quick Look At Calle Walton's Net Worth 

Without a doubt, Calle Walton lives a wealthy life and earns a considerable income through her acting career. Though she has not become a millionaire yet, she has accumulated a good fortune of $200 thousand just like Corey Scherer.

An Intense Picture of Calle Walton
An Intense Picture of Calle Walton (Image Source: Rotten Tomatoes)

In the upcoming days, she will probably become a millionaire and makes her bank balance strong if she continues her acting career. Moreover, her demand in the acting industry makes her famous and wealthier daily. 

How Tall Is 'In The Dark' Actress Walton? 

Calle Walton is 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm) tall, weighing around 55 kg (121 lbs) which is suitable according to her size. She has a thick and stout body. Despite being fat, she is highly admired by US people for her fantastic body. 

She has short blonde color hair and black eyes. She is famous for her skin tone and often wears earrings that enhance her beauty more. As of now, Walton has not inked any tattoos on her body.

In The Dark Is Based On A True Story

In The Dark is the 2019 popular American crime-drama TV series that has completed its third season and is running on the fourth season. The series is about a blind woman in her twenties who suffers a lot due to her vision. 

In this series, she finds out about her friend's murder and tries to solve this mystery alone without help. It shows how a visually challenged woman finds her way. In short, the main motto of In The Dark is to inspire blind people and the young generation. 

Undoubtedly, this popular TV series is a real story. It is based on In the Dark: The True Story of the Blackout Ripper Mass Market Paperback – November 7, 2006.

Walton's First & Popular TV Series

As mentioned earlier, 5 feet 3 inches actress Walton is in the limelight because of her notable acting in the 2019 TV series In The Dark. US people still admire her portrayal. However, there is a mystery behind her first project. 

Interestingly, despite having passion and interest in acting; she was not ready for drama when she was offered this TV series. And the reason behind this was simple: her hesitation because of her eye condition.

Calle Walton in her role in the TV show In The Dark.
Calle Walton in her role in the TV show In The Dark. Image Source: IMDb

But somehow, Walton managed to act and grab the opportunity to fulfill her childhood dream of becoming a renowned actress. In this series, she had to work the way she was, like a blind person. 

Ultimately, she made her first debut in 2019 by playing the role of Chloe Riley in In The Drak. At the time, she was only nineteen years young. Until now, this project has been running, and she has not emerged in other projects yet just like Florence Clery.

Social Media Presence 

As aforementioned, Walton likes to live a low-key life which is why she is not found on social media platforms. The main reason behind this could be her eye condition. Because of this, there are significantly fewer talks about her daily activities. 

Calle Walton enjoying with her family friends
Calle Walton enjoying with her family friends (Image Source: Celebsuburb)

However, we can find her fake accounts, which could probably have been created by one of her fans. Her fan page account can also be seen on Instagram and Twitter.


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