Florence Clery

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Wed Feb 23 2022
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Many of the Hollywood child actors have broken the records of all time. Some are on the way to success. Florence Clery is one of them. She has acted in only one movie but has stolen the heart of all viewers. 

The birth date of Clery has not been made public yet. She is still a little girl probably below the age of ten. Her height and weight are not disclosed on any of the social media.

Who Are Clery's Parents?

Clery's parents are still behind the curtains. however, it is said that her mother attended the UK premiere of The Light Between Oceans at Curzon Mayfair in London. The name of Florence's mother is Kate. However, the full details of Kate are not discussed properly.

Clery's father is yet to come forward in the media. His profession has not been made known.

Where is Clery Studying?

Florence is currently studying in a reputed school in Australia. She is very serious regarding her studies and is passionate about acting.

In her later life, she will probably attend some kind of acting school or university and come back to the film industry.

Clery on IMDb

Clery has got her own IMDb profile. She has earned only one credit as an actress. Her first movie is The Light Between Oceans which she worked on in 2016. She has portrayed Lucy-Grace in this movie.

Florence Clery in a white woolen cap and sweater with her co-star in a white shirt and grey skirt.
Photo of Florence Clery (Photo Source: www.news.com.au)

It was a movie written and directed by Derek Cianfrance. The movie got rated 7.2 out of 10 on IMDb. The Light Between Oceans welcomed one award and sixteen nominations.

Net Worth of Florence Clery

Florence's first movie made a total of $26 million as its box office collection. She has a total net worth of $500,000.

Clery is yet to make more money from her acting career. She is currently residing in Australia with her parents.

Is Clery Dating Anyone?

As Clery is still at a very little age, she is yet to have a relationship. She does not have any past relationships.

More, there is no recent news regarding her marriage plan and engagement. In her adulthood, Clery will probably date someone and find the best man at her wedding.

Physical Appearance of Florence Clery

The child actress has a pair of attractive hazel eyes. Such types of eyes are very rare and mysterious in nature. This color of eyes is the result of a genetic mutation in the gene that determines the human eye color.

Florence Clery smiling in a pink floral print dress.
Photo of Florence Clery (Photo Source: www.tv.nu)

Additionally, her hair is completely golden and gorgeous. She has shoulder-length hair. Florence has an oval face with a lean and healthy body.

Clery on Social Media

Florence is not available on social platforms. She is yet to get an Instagram profile. More, she does not have an account on Facebook.

Additionally, Clery is yet to get a Wikipedia page on her name. Despite being a celebrated child actress, Clery is still somehow away from the spotlight. She has maintained a distance from her fans so as to focus on her studies.


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