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Sat Sep 16 2023
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Cameron Boyce is a late American actor who is quite famous for appearing in the Descendants film franchise. Boyce's death has impacted the cinema world and his fans over the years. They have questioned, "What was the cause and reason of his death?"

Boyce's death was an immense loss for his parents & sibling. The Boyce's family side of the story about his death is also covered. Netizens curiously wanting to explore Cameron's acting career, funeral ceremony, and other side details are tried to cover here.

Was Boyce In A Romantic Relationship Before His Demise? 

Cameron Boyce's love life was the topic of interest among netizens before his passing away. According to WDW, he was last rumored sharing a romantic relationship with celebrity sister Paulin Char

Cameron Boyce had a rumored relationship with Pauline Char.
Cameron Boyce had a rumored relationship with Pauline Char. (Source: Pinterest)

Boyce and Char's relationship was rumored and both didn't publicly disclose the matter. Cameron was always private about his love life and kept things private away from the media handles. 

Netizens believed that Boyce also had relationships with Sofia Carson and Brenna D'Amico. The online media also speculated that he also dated Sophia Reynolds and Peyton List in the past. 

Cameron's relationship was always a subject of mystery to his fans but that diminished with his death. They speculated that he was rather busy with his acting career than his romantic endeavors.

A Tour Of Cameron Boyce's Net Worth

Cameron Boyce had a jaw-dropping net worth of $5 million before his demise as per Celebrity Net Worth. Boyce created this massive empire mostly through his acting career in the showbiz industry.

Cameron Boyce had a net worth of $5 million.
Cameron Boyce had a net worth of $5 million. (Source: Instagram @ thecameronboyce)

Boyce was part of the movie Disney Channel Original Movie franchise Descendants. He must have earned massive money for his role as Carlos in almost all films of the Descendant franchise. 

In 2019, Cameron played Zach for a total of five episodes in the television series Mrs. Fletcher. He also earned money through his recurring role in the musical drama series Paradise City

In addition to acting, Boyce was an impressive voice actor in several TV Series including Spider-Man. Likewise, he was seen in several music videos including Carscendants: Night Falls.

Do You Want To Know About Cameron's Parents? 

Fans being intrigued about Cameron Boyce's parents searching on the internet is massive. They would have probably wanted to know about him on a more personal level developing that curiosity.

The picture of Cameron Boyce and his mother Libby Boyce.
The picture of Cameron Boyce and his mother Libby Boyce. (Source: Pinterest)

Moreover, Cameron is the son of Victor Boyce and Libby Boyce born on May 28, 1999. Victor and Boyce raised him with his sister Maya Boyce in Los Angeles, California, USA. 

Victor Boyce belongs to the African-American ethnic group while Libby Boyce is Jewish. Cameron shared a paternal grandmother, Jo Ann Boyce taking a close look at his parents. 

Cameron's parents spoke in several interviews that their son was the "bedrock of our family" in GMA. They have also tried to raise awareness about SUDEP, or sudden unexpected death in epilepsy.

Discover More On Cameron's Father, Victor Boyce

Victor Boyce is famously known for being the father of the late actor Cameron Boyce. He is African-American born on February 23, 1962, and is an avid cyclist and mountain biker. 

Victor Boyce and his son Cameron Boyce.
Victor Boyce and his son Cameron Boyce. (Source: Instagram @ thevictorboyce)

Netizens can catch up to Victor's Instagram handle under the username @ thevictorboyce. She shares most of the post in remembrance of his late son Cameron with over 947K followers.

Also, Victor is the founder of The Cameron Boyce Foundation, a non-profit organization. Through the foundation, he with other people strives to make a positive change in the world. 

Victor has appeared in the television special Descendants: The Royal Wedding, which paid tribute to Cameron Boyce. He is a dedicated father who has been working to honor his son's legacy.

When Did Cameron Boyce Died? The Reason Behind It!

The uprising star Cameron Boyce left his soul on July 6, 2019, at the age of 20. To this date, netizens who don't know want to find the reason behind his death searching massively online. 

As per the research done, the Runt actor Cameron lost his life due to complications from epilepsy. The reason became clear when the Los Angeles County coroner released the autopsy results. They stated the cause of death as sudden unexpected death in epilepsy.

On the contrary, Boyce's family stated Boyce died in his sleep "due to a seizure which was a result of an ongoing medical condition for which he was being treated". They were saddened and mourning the untimely demise of their son. 

Cameron's family has tried raising awareness regarding epilepsy while they spoke in interviews. After his death, Boyce's body was cremated, and his ashes were returned to them. 

Curious Case of Cameron Boyce Funeral & Grave

People have stayed curious about Cameron Boyce's funeral and want some info regarding it. Netizens have questioned who attended the funeral and on which date it was completed.

Cameron Boyce had an untimely demise at the age of 20.
Cameron Boyce had an untimely demise at the age of 20. (Source: Instagram @ thecameronboyce)

Only limited to explore the funeral at Cameron's funeral which was completed on July 13, 2019. The funeral took place at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Hollywood Hills, California.

Boyce's funeral was private, and only family and close friends were in attendance. It wasn't attended by the fellows from the showbiz industry and was the moment of family to grief on his demise.

Cameron's funeral videos are widely searched online but it is unclear if his funeral videos are available. There are several videos but can't be confirmed that those videos are from Boyce's funeral. 

Is Maya The Only Sibling Of Cameron?

Yes, Maya Boyce is the only sibling and it must have been difficult as she lost her only brother.  She is an Internet personality who initially gained fame as the sister of the late Cameron Boyce. 

Maya Boyce with her brother Cameron Boyce in childhood.
Maya Boyce with her brother Cameron Boyce in childhood. (Source: Instagram @ maya.elan)

The Internet star Maya was born to her parents on December 28, 2001, and is the age of early 20s right now. She is two years younger than her older brother Cameron who was born in 1999.

Maya has a massive following of 520K followers on her Instagram page found under the username @ maya.elan. She has also made acting appearances in some short films including Trash

It has been a big loss for Maya losing her brother Cameron which can be noticed through her Instagram. She shared a picture with Cameron and penned"still my very best friend. happy birthday.

Physical Appearance Of Cameron 

Cameron Boyce with amazing acting had a captivating physical appearance that attracted people. He weighed around 62 kg and had a decent height of 5 feet 7 inches just like Chaneil Kular.

Cameron had black curly hair accompanied by hazel eyes. Maya's brother had a lean and slender-framed body. He had a chest size of 35 inches and a waist size of 28 inches.

The Jessie actor Cameron was always known for his charming personality and warm smile. One of the things that enhanced Boyce's physical appearance was his great fashion sense.

The Relation Of Cameron With Movie Franchise Descendants

Fans always acknowledge that Cameron Boyce's name always comes with the movie franchise Descendants. In Descendants, he portrayed the role of Carlos who was a beloved character.

Cameron Boyce's character Carlos in the movie franchise Descendants. (Source: ImDb)

Cameron acted in all the sequels of Descendants including Descendants 2 and Descendants 3.  Carlos is one of the main characters in the franchise known for his tech-savvy skills.

In addition, Boyce's role as Carlos also shares a close relationship with his dog, Dude. The actor's sudden death in 2019 was a great loss to the franchise and the entertainment industry as a whole.

Brief Into Cameron's Acting Career 

Cameron Boyce is a late American actor who stepped into the showbiz industry in 2008. Cameron gave acting appearances in television series and movies till his unexpected demise in 2019.

Cameron Boyce was present at the premiere of Descendants 2.
Cameron Boyce was present at the premiere of Descendants 2. (Source: Instagram @ thecameronboyce)

Boyce gave his debut acting performance in Mirror and rose to popularity through acting work in Jessie. Cameron is often praised for the role Keith Feder played in the movie Grown Ups 2

Cameron has beautifully portrayed the role of Keith Feder in Grown Ups 2. He is the spoiled son of Adam Sandler's character in the movie. Boyce was praised for his comedic timing and acting.

Some of the notable acting attributes of Cameron are Mrs. Fletcher & Jake and the Never Land Pirates. For those wondering, his role in the Descendants film franchise will always remain extraordinary.

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