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Wed Jul 26 2023
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Cameron Caulfield is an Australian actor who has appeared in many movies and TV Series so far. Recently in 2022, Caulfield appeared as Cowboy Joe in Rock Island Mysteries.

The Aussie actor, Cameron also won the Australian highest bravery award in 2017 which skyrocketed his fame. Know the bitter truth behind the award alongside Caulfield's relationship and professional life.

Who Is Cameron Caulfield Dating?

Cameron Caulfield seems to be dating someone for some time now. Although the Aussie actor has not officially stated his relationship, he shares pictures with his alleged girlfriend. Caulfield has shielded the identity of his girlfriend.

Recently on May 27, 2023, Caulfield shared a glimpse of his dating life via Instagram. The lovers were enjoying a blissful romantic time in Thailand.

Cameron Caulfield with his alleged girlfriend.
Cameron Caulfield with his alleged girlfriend. Source: Instagram @cameroncaulfieldofficial

How Cameron met his girlfriend? Well, things about the couple's initial meeting are out of the media reach. But, Caulfield and his partner seem to be together since 2021.

The love is in the air for the couple and Caulfield has not been shy to show his love life on social media. The dashing actor, Cameron hopes to take their relationship to the next level.

Cameron Caulfield Age & Early Life

Cameron Caulfield is in his early 20s in terms of age. He was February 23, 2002, in Brisbane, Australia. Speaking of parents, the Aussie actor and his siblings live with his mother Rachael Moore in Brisbane.

Cameron Caulfield is native of Brisbane, Australia.
Cameron Caulfield is a native of Brisbane, Australia. Source: Instagram @cameroncaulfieldofficial

Caulfield has not revealed his biological father's identity yet. Speaking of his stepfather, Daryl Fields, he seems to be a maniac. Daryl attempted to murder Moore on April 11, 2014.

Are Cameron Caulfield Siblings In The Showbiz Career Too?

Cameron Caulfield has four siblings two brothers and two sisters. And, all of them are in a showbiz career like him. Moreover, the Aussie actor has also worked together with his siblings.

He has two brothers  Zane Luke Fields and Jayden Caulfield who was born on May 25, 2000. Caulfield's two sisters Samantha Caulfield and Kaylea Caulfield, were born on February 18, 2005.

Cameron Caulfield with his siblings and mother.
Cameron Caulfield with his siblings and mother. Source: Daily Mail.

Zane and Samantha have not continued their acting journey. In fact, they are out of media reach. But, Jayden and Kaylea are working in the showbiz industry like Cameron.

How close is Caulfield with his siblings? Well, the actor is pretty close with them and shares an amazing bond. Cameron often goes on hiking and traveling with his brother and sisters and never forgets to share it on social media.

Apparently, the Aussie actor shows favoritism. It looks like Cameron is closer to Kaylea than his other siblings as he shares the Don't Tell actress's picture more on his Instagram. 

Cameron Field & His Siblings Got Honored With Australian Bravery Awards

On the night of April 11, 2014, 12-year-old Cameron Caulfield showed great bravery. For this, the Aussie actor alongside his siblings won the Australian Bravery Awards and made national headlines.

So, what actually happened that night at their home in Chambers Flat, Queensland? Well, Rachael, Caulfield's mother heard some noise outside their house.  When their mom went to check outside, she saw her ex-husband, who was the attacker.

Cameron Caulfield and his siblings saved their mother's life
Cameron Caulfield and his siblings saved their mother's life. Source: YouTube 60 Minutes Australia

Daryl Fields shot Moore which caused Caulfield's mom to get hurt on the arm. The Aussie actor and his siblings displayed great bravery here. Cameron managed to grab the gun and hide it outside. 

Later, then 12-year-old Cameron and his brother then held the attacker back while their youngest siblings escaped. Caulfield's quick actions saved his family. 

Cameron Caulfield Net Worth: Earnings, Real Estate, & Lifestyle

Cameron is working in the entertainment industry for over a decade. During this time, the Aussie actor not only acquired experience but also a lot of money. So, what is Cameron Caulfield's net worth?

Caulfield's wealth is estimated at $1 Million. Besides acting, the Aussie actor does not seem to have another income-generating source. With this fortune, Cameron is living his life comfortably in Brisbane.

Cameron Caulfield's Movies & TV Shows

The Aussie actor, Cameron Caulfield's debut role was Grazzy in the TV Shows Maximum Ride web series. Following that, he has made numerous appearances and has 38 credits as an actor on his IMDb profile. 

Likewise, Caulfield has a credit each as a producer and writer for Taste of Poverty. Here are some of Cameron's movies and TV Shows.

Movie/TV ShowRelease Date
Wolf Creek2016
We Were Tomorrow (TV series)2020
Rock Island Mysteries (TV show)2022
The Devil May Care (movie)2018
Untitled Cameron Caulfield ProjectMay 2023

How Tall Is Cameron Caulfield? Also, Know His weight & Physical Appearance

Cameron Caulfield has an average height of 5 feet 4 inches (1.63 meters). Similarly, he has maintained a lean athletic body with decent weight.

Cameron Caulfield leads a healthy lifestyle
Cameron Caulfield leads a healthy lifestyle. Source: Instagram @cameroncaulfieldofficial

Coming on to his outer appearance, Cameron without a doubt is a dashing man. Rare blue eyes and light brown hair further enhances his charm.

Cameron Caulfield's Social Media Presence

Cameron Caulfield is really into social media. The Aussie actor has an Instagram account with the username @cameroncaulfieldofficial. He has over 1,000 followers in it. 

Additionally, Cameron also has a Facebook account. Caulfield has managed to gather about 14,000 followers there. Besides, the Aussie actor does not seem to use other social media platforms.

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