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Mon Mar 13 2023
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Candise Zepherin is a media magnet and public figure who rose to stardom as an ex-girlfriend-turned-fiance of NBA star Joe Marcus Johnson. He, also known as Iso Joe, is an American basketball player who has played for Boston Celtics.

Zepherin dated Joe for several years behind the curtain until they were spotted in 2016 by some online news. Since then, they started dating publicly, and after some months, they even got engaged. 

However, Zepherin and her ex-fiance Joe's relationship could not last long, and they separated. So, what happened to them? Did the duo share any children? Also, know her details!

When Did The Former Duo First Met?

As mentioned, Candise Zepherin was first spotted in 2016 with her then-boyfriend Joe. They were revealed while they were enjoying their vacation. After that, when they were asked about their love life, it was found that the former duo dated secretly for several years. 

Candise Zepherin and her ex-fiance Joe Marcus Johnson
Candise Zepherin and her ex-fiance Joe Marcus Johnson (Image Source:

Moreover, it was in 2017 that they announced their engagement via social media platforms. NBL star Joe had even shared a picture with Candise where she was revealing her engagement ring. Also, the arrangement was held at a private ceremony. 

Everything was going well between the ex-couple, and they were even preparing for their wedding, but for some reason, they soon gave the shocking news about their separation, which broke their lovely fans' hearts. 

Had A Long Custody Battle After Disunion:

Well, the former partner Zepherin & Joe ended their lovely relationship in mid-2019. However, it was not easy for them to get separated as the former couple was blessed with one beautiful daughter Justice Johnson

Because of Justice, Zepherin and Joe fought custody battles for several months. Finally, the court gave the decisions which favored Joe. Since then, Justice has been living with her father and half-sibling. 

(Fact: The NBL star Joe was previously involved in a relationship with Shannon Becton.)

A Quick Look At Becton & Joe's Affair

No surprise that before engaging with Candise Zepherin, American basketball player Joe was previously in a relationship with Becton. They were living happily until they got the thought of separation. As a result, both made their separate way. 

An Intense Picture of Joe Marcus Johnson
An Intense Picture of Joe Marcus Johnson (Image Source: NBC Sports)

However, the separation was also not easy for them since they had already become parents of one lovely son Gavin Johnson. After a few months, Becton got the guardianship of Gavin while Joe had to give a certain amount of money monthly as a child allowance. 

Furthermore, the case does not end here as Joe sued Becton and asked her to lower the child support allowance as he found that the amount was too high. After having the same problem over and over, it finally ended when both went for a mutual understanding.

Did Zepherin & Joe Ever Get Married?

After the divorce, the former duo never get married, as both are currently enjoying their singlehood. Also, they have not been spotted with others, which makes us believe they are not dating. 

Henceforth, some online tabloids state that Zepherin and Joe still feel for each which is why they have not been married again. It can also be true that they do not want to be involved in any relationship. 

However, some stories have also stated that Joe has been dating an Instagram model Jessica Dykstra. They have been enjoying their relationship for over three years. Later on, this news was found fake due to no proper evidence. 

Candise Zepherin: Is She A Millionaire?

Since Zepherin is introverted, she does not like her personal life to be public. Henceforth, she has not disclosed her earnings and source of income which is why her net worth is still a mystery just like Sharon Shenocca.

Candise Zepherin posing for a photoshoot
Candise Zepherin posing for a photoshoot (Image Source: Married Biography)

However, that's not the case with her ex-fiance Joe. The NBL star is worth more than $100 million successfully earned through his sports career. Undoubtedly, he is among the wealthiest NBL players and has also made a massive fortune through brand endorsements.

Physical Appearance: Height & Weight 

The celebrity Ex-Spouse Zepherin is a beautiful woman with black eyes and blonde hair. She has curly black hair and is one of the style icons. Furthermore, she stands at 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm) and weighs around 60 kg (132 lbs) like Kerrie Mccarver

She is often seen in accessories and branded clothes that make her even more attractive and dashing. People love Zepherin's eyes and her slim body. She is very strict when it comes to her diet and exercise. 

Social Media Presence Info 

Despite being very famous, Candise Zepherin is not available on social media platforms. She appears to be not friendly with the benefit of social media. However, we can find numerous fan page accounts of her, which her well-wishers could create. 

Candise Zepherin and her daughter Justice Johnson
Candise Zepherin and her daughter Justice Johnson (Image Source:

Talking about her ex-fiance Joe's presence on social media, he has amassed an enormous fan following. His Instagram handle, @isojoe, has more than 295K followers, whereas his Twitter handle has already achieved more than 178.6K followers, whose username goes @TheJoeJohnson7. Like Candise, Karen Kenyatta Russell is the star kid and daughter of NBA Icon. 

Bio & Wiki of Zepherin

Zepherin came into this materialistic world in 1991 in New York, USA. She holds American nationality, and her birth name is Candise Leigh Zepherin. Not much is known about her parents and siblings, as she has not revealed it. It appears she is a secretive person who hates revealing her details. 

Moreover, there are significantly fewer reports about her childhood. One of the reasons could be her normal parents. Aforesaid, she gained fame only after she was spotted with an NBA star. 

Talking about Zepherin's academic qualifications, she graduated from Kingsborough Community College. After that, she attended a university whose name is still a mystery. 


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