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Sat Sep 16 2023
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Carlos Scola Pliego is a Spanish filmmaker who rose to prominence after marrying British Nigerian singer Sade Adu. He has served as director of the Spanish production Donde termina el corazón as well as second assistant director in the 1983 James Bond films Never Say Never Again.

Despite his professional achievements, Pliego is renowned as Sade Adu's ex-husband. Where is Carlos Scola now? Let's look at his enigmatic life.

Who Is Carlos Scola Pliego Married To Now? 

Following the divorce, Carlos Scola Pliego has been living a mysterious life and nothing is known about his relationship status. It is unclear if Sade Adu's former spouse has remarried or has not yet found a romantic partner.

Carlos Scola Pliego's former wife Sade Adu.
Carlos Scola Pliego's former wife Sade Adu. Source: Pinterest

On the other hand, the British Nigerian singer is currently in a romantic relationship with Ian Watts. Sade has been dating her former Royal Marine boyfriend, Watts, since 2007. Looks like the Your Love is King singer has no intention of getting married.

Sade Adu Was Madly In Love With Carlos Scola Pliego

Carlos Scola Pliego and Sade Adu's love story began after they first crossed paths in Spain. It was during the production of three music videos directed by Brian Ward for her 1985 album, Promise. Initially, things were pretty professional between them.

Sade and Carlos, however, reconnected later and the British Nigerian singer fell into mad love with Pliego. Did you know? The director and Singer went public with their relationship in 1987. Despite only dating Adu had introduced Pliego as her husband while recording in France. 

Carlos Scola Pliego and Sade Adu's wedding photo.
Carlos Scola Pliego and Sade Adu's wedding photo. Source: Pinterest

On the memorable date of February 11, 1989, the love birds exchanged wedding vows in Spanish Castle sealing their love for eternity. But, things do not go as planned, do they? Adu and Pliego started having a rocky relationship after their marriage.

In fact, Sade split from her husband a year after they hitched and moved to London. On this account, the I Never Thought I'd See the Day singer said:

"It was a very sad situation. I had to leave... very quickly... with a very small bag. It took five years for it not to be something that affected the way I felt. "

Why Carlos Scola Pliego And Sade Adu Divorced?

Well, neither of the former partners has shed light on the divorce reason. But, as Adu said her relationship with Pliego was rocky. Thus, Carlos Scola Pliego and Sade Adu ended their marital journey with a divorce in 1995. It was the same year Carey Lowell divorced her second husband.

Sade Adu was in a relationship with Jamaican music producer Bob Morgan.
Sade Adu was in a relationship with Jamaican music producer Bob Morgan. Source: Wall of Celebrities

In an interview with The Fader, the famous singer shared that the emotional effects of their breakup stayed with her. Adu revealed that it took five years to finally heal and move forward.

Following their split, the By Your Side singer Sade began dating Bobby Morgan in 1992. She moved briefly to the Caribbean to live with the Jamaican music producer Morgan in the late 1990s after things were settled legally with Carlos.

Like the marriage with Pliego, Sade's romance with Bobby did not last long. She got separated from the Jamaican singer in the early 2000s.

Spanish Director Carlos Scola Pliego Children

Do Carlos Scola Pliego and Sade Adu shares children? No, the Spanish director and British-Nigerian singer did not welcome any child during their nuptials. 

Sade Adu with Mickailia "Ila" Adu.
Sade Adu with Mickailia "Ila" Adu. Source: Daily Mail

But, Sade does share a son Izaak Theo Adu with Bobby Morgan. Izaak was born as a female named Mickailia "Ila" Adu on July 21, 1996, in England. But as time passed, Adu realized that he was meant to be a boy.

This feeling began to grow strong as Izaak grew and thus decided to come out of the closet. He publicly announced being transgender in 2016. Nevertheless, Sade is pretty proud of her son.

Izaak Theo Adu Before & After

As mentioned earlier, Izaak Theo Adu was a girl named Mickailia. After realizing, he was more like a boy Adu thought of transforming into a male. 

Izaak Theo Adu Before and After transition.
Izaak Theo Adu Before and After transition. Source: Rolling Stone

In a remarkable chapter of his life, Izaak embarked on a transformative journey in April 2019. Sade Adu's son underwent a phalloplasty for changing gender. With a strong determination, he dedicated half a year to this inspiring process.

In November 2020, Adu showed his scars from the surgery via his Instagram platform. Today, Izaak is a model, artist, and actor and in addition to this, he is an advocate of the LGBTQ+ community just lie Ceci Balagot.

Sade Adu Son Izaak Theo Adu Is Married 

Although Carlos Scola Pliego's former flame, Sade Adu, is not married, her son has walked down the aisle. Izaak Theo Adu tied the knot with his long-time hairstylist girlfriend Emily Margaret Shakeshaft in April 2021.

Sade Adu's son Izaak Theo Adu married Emily Margaret Shakeshaft.
Sade Adu's son Izaak Theo Adu married Emily Margaret Shakeshaft. Source: Naija Times

Izaak and Emily's wedding ceremony was beautiful. The bride and groom chose their marriage location to be in Hawaii. Sade's son later revealed that it was in May 2019, the couple started interacting with each other.

Shakeshaft who is a straight woman reached out to Adu online for his bold decision of transforming into a male. Since then the couple began their lovey-dovey talks and after dating for a year, Emily and Izaak engaged in May 2020.

How Much Does Carlos Scola Pliego Have As A Net Worth?

Having sold 110 Million albums worldwide Sade Adu has a staggering $70 Million net worth, how much does her ex-husband Carlos have? Well, Carlos Scola Pliego has not disclosed his net worth officially. But, one can assume the Spanish director must have a notable fortune looking at his professional life.

Sade Adu posing in front of a car.
Sade Adu posing in front of a car. Source: Pinterest

Starting from 1981 as an Assistant Director, Carlos has climbed the way to being a director. He has not stopped there but has explored other domains of the film industry, i.e. writing and producing. 

With this Pliego has demonstrated his versatility and talent in the Spanish movie industry. Pliego worked behind the scenes on Hollywood movies in Spain, like the 1983 James Bond films Never Say Never Again and Curse of the Pink Panther. Carlos was the second assistant director for these Hollywood films, but his name didn't appear in the credits.

Some of the project in which Carlos worked includes, Black Commando, Never Say Never Again, and so on. As a veteran filmmaker, Adu's former husband might earn an average of $200k per annum. 

Does Pliego invest this amount? The Spanish director has not talked about his real estate and investments to date. But, Carlos and Sade are mentioned to have lived in Madrid for a brief amount of time after their marriage.

Carlos Scola Pliego Bio/Wiki

Pliego was born in Spain, Europe. He also practices Catholicism, a prominent religion with a deep-rooted history in Spain. He does not have any social media accounts.

Carlos Scola Pliego was born in Spain.
Carlos Scola Pliego was born in Spain. Source: Biography Mask

Little to no information about Carlos Scola Pliego's early life including his age, parents are available publicly. Sade Adu's ex-husband has always been a very discrete person and has protected his privacy.



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