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Fri Apr 24 2020
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 An American sports agent, Casey Close has acheived everything in life with his partner, Gretchen Carlson. Currently, they've finished 23 years of togetherness. And one of the reasons behind their happy marriage is that they still take a great deal of effort to sustain a tight bond.

Well, Close is best known for serving as a professional baseball player for Cape Cod Baseball League (CCBL) from 1984 and 1985. On the other hand, his wife, Gretchen is a popular author and television host who spanned about 26 years in the field of journalism. She also owns Miss America in 1989, the pageant for the 62nd Miss America.

Asides this, if you love to explore more amusing things about Casey's marital life, read more in the following sections.

Became Wife and Husband in 1997

Casey, 56 met the morning show co-host Fox & Friends, Carlson on a blind date in 1996. Similarly, it was love at first sight for these wonderful partners. Carlson, 53, recalled they still have an extremely strong connection to this day, and it all started with a simple blind date.

Image: Casey Close and Gretchen Carlson's Wedding Picture
Source: Sugar Fries

Then the couple began dating immediately and also had a lot of fun together. Gretchen, 53, said: “It was based on how we grew up and how we planned to live our lives as far as setting goals and achieving them. That was really our connection.”

After a year of their blind date, their love relationship turned into a married when they tied the knot on October 4, 1997, in an intimate ceremony. Although there isn't much detail about their wedding day, they still lead a happy and successful marriage.

Co-Parenting Two Kids as a Responsible Parents

The leading sports agent representing MLB players and her wife, Gretchen have two children named Kaia and Christian Close. Kaia is the duo's firstborn daughter who was born on May 17, 2003, while Christian, the youngest son, was born in 2001.

 Casey Close  lives in Greenwich, Connecticut with his wife and two children
Photo: Casey Close with his Two kids and a wife
Source: Daily Mail

The proud mom once said in an interview she and her husband wouldn't want their children to grow up spoiled simply because both of them are incredibly rich. Also, she explained that she teaches them just really simple core values based on  religion, stating: 

"it’s important for your kids to have something to stand on. They need to have an explanation of why we are here so they don’t grow up feeling entitled. So that is sort of our message and I think I ended up with my husband from the Midwest for a reason and that is just one of the things we share.”

Currently, the whole family lives in Greenwich, Connecticut. Now, their babies also spend much of their time practicing music and sports. In the same way, Carlson's co-host Steve Doocy is a proud dad of three kids.

Carlson's Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Settlement 

On July 6, 2016, the former host of 'Fox & Friends' Carlson filed a lawsuit of sexual harassment against Fox News chairman Roger Ailes at New Jersey Superior Court. She also alleged she had been fired out of her program for refusing sexual advances from Ailes.

The Fox New's Co-host Carlson filed a lawsuit of sexual harassment against Fox News chairman Roger Ailes
Caption: The Fox New's Co-host Carlson filed a lawsuit of sexual harassment against Fox News chairman Roger Ailes
Source: Patch

At the time, however, CEO Rogers claimed the allegations were false before six more women spoke to New York magazine's Gabriel Sherman, saying they had been sexually abused by Ailes. And finally, Ailes spoke openly about asking women to conduct sexual favors in return for incentives for work.

Later, on September 6, 2016, 21st Century Fox announced it had settled with Elizabeth Carlson in the lawsuit. The settlement reportedly amounted to $20 million. Also, 21st Century Fox also apologized to Gretchen for the fact she was not treated with respect by their fellow Members.

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