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Mon Dec 26 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Catherine Gregory

Boyfriend : Andrew Coconato
Catherine Gregory is in a relationship with Andrew Coconato.

Catherine Gregory is one of the passionate photographers who are fond of the spirit of nature. She is living as a full-time truck camper while exploring every beautiful and exotic place throughout the world. She usually shares her traveling vlogs on her YouTube channel, which has more than 56,500 subscribers and total views of 5.8 million views.

On a similar hand, Gregory's life was never the same as today due to her monotonous works. Since she discovered the natural beauty of the mountains and greenery forest, she left all the possessions of the world and started to capture the landscapes with her camera and making adventure documents.      

What is Catherine Gregory's Relationship Status? Does She Have a Boyfriend?

The 40-years-old, Catherine was always looking for a partner who can travel the whole world with her. Nevertheless, she has found her soul mate during her traveling journey. Her boyfriend is none other than Joey Coconato, who always seems to backpacking and hiking in wildlife. He is also a director, producer, performer, choreographer who made numerous shorts films and music videos. 

The couple had their first encounter during the time they were backpacking for 3 nights/4 days in Yellowstone National Park and the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness during the Memorial Day weekend. They also traveled in and out of Wyoming and Montana park along with John Amorosano, David "Coach" Knaus, and Pete Mullard.

Catherine Gregory loves to travel with her boyfriend, Andrew Coconato. How old is Catherine? Know her age!
Catherine Gregory took a selfie with her boyfriend, Andrew Coconato in Escalante Utah on 12th June 2018 for travel memories
Source: Instagram @catgphoto

During the adventure, the pair had lots of laughter, fun, and some thrill of encountering Grizzly bear around them. Catherine also proclaimed that the trip was one of her wild backpacking adventures to date. They also traveled together in Montana's Beartooth Plateau, and Snowy Sawtooths.

Are Catherine and Her Beau, Andrew Planning to Exchange Their Wedding Vows?

The avid travelers, Catherine and Andrew started dating in June 2015 after their first meeting. Being a part of the same field and having the same taste for nature and the wildlife, they realized that they are meant to be together. They even spent so many quality moments during numerous adventures full of instinct. 

Up until now, the couple is in a long-term relationship for more than five years and enjoys one another companionship. Catherine often uploads pictures of her on Instagram whilst Andrew's Instagram account is not active. But, they are seen spending quality time together via Catherine's Instagram posts. Recently, she shared a picture of her and her boyfriend camping.

My man crushes Monday crushing on the manliest man I know. One who will spend 10 days in Grizzly country alone without batting an eye and traverses some of the most unforgiving backcountry finding his own routes. He’s not active on Instagram or he’d be embarrassed that I’m posting this. He’s humble like that, too.

Catherine Gregory camping in the higher altitude of mountains with her boyfriend, Andrew Coconato. What is Catherine's age as of 2021?
Catherine Gregory with her boyfriend Andrew Coconato trekking over the hills
Source: Instagram @catgphoto

Furthermore, the pair is now enjoying a quality living together. So, they have not spoken yet about their future plans for marriage. Nonetheless, they might be seen walking on the aisle and ringing the wedding bells.

What is Gregory's Net Worth in 2021?

California-based photographer, Catherine has a net worth of $200,000 as of 2021. Her current source of income is her YouTube channel, where she shares a glimpse of her traveling vlogs. Currently, her monthly earnings from her YouTube channel estimates $53 - $853 monthly and $639 - $10,200 yearly.

Catherine Gregory is living full time in a truck camper while backpacking and photographing natural beauty. How much is Catherine's net worth?
Catherine Gregory is chilling out on the beach 
Source: Instagram @catgphoto

On a similar hand, Catherine's partner in crime, Andrew also shares his traveling diaries documentaries on his YouTube channel, where he has 25,500 subscribers with total views of 4.2 million. He earns decent earnings from $18 - $291 per month and $218 - $3,500 annually through his YouTube channel. Currently, he has a $100,000 net worth. Likewise, a legendary TV personality, Rick Steves's son, Andy Steves is also a well-known traveler and adventurer.




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