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Mon Feb 05 2024
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Popular celebrity child Charlie Austin Cryer is famous for being the son of Jon Cryer, an American actor notable for his role in the romantic comedy film No Small Affair. His father, Jon, won two Primetime Emmy Awards and became a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his performance on the CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men.

Born to a celebrity family on 27th June 2000, in Los Angeles, California, United States, Charlie's sun sign is Cancer. He belongs to the North American ethnicity race and holds an American nationality. Now, let's take a glimpse of Charlie Austin Cryer's personal life.

Charlie Austin Cryer Relationship Status: Single

Celebrity child Charlie Austin Cryer stepped in his 20s, and Charlie is reportedly single. Moreover, Cryer leads a secretive life and has had no relationship affairs up until now.

Charlie Austin Cryer with his father, Jon Cryer walking
Photo: Charlie Austin Cryer walking with father, Jon Cryer. 
Source: Pinterest

Despite getting fame as a celebrity kid, Jon Cryer's son makes sure his intimate life remains as private as possible, like Maceo Robert and Alma Versano. Presently, he is concentrating on his studies, which might be why Charlie is single.

Charlie Austin Cryer's Parents (Jon and Sarah)'s Marital Life

Charlie Austin Cryer's parents, Jon Cryer and Sarah Trigger, a British actress, united as life partners on 22nd January 2000. Their wedding ceremony was in "The Cutting Room" in New York City, New York.

Charlie Austin Cryer's parents together at an event
Photo: Charlie Austin Cryer's parents. 
Source: Celebrity Gossip Magazine

After living four years in a marital relationship, Jon and his ex filed for divorce. Also, they signed the papers because of some misunderstandings in 2004. Later, the court finalized their divorce in the late-2004.

How Many Children Do They Share?

Jon Cryer and his ex-spouse, Sarah Trigger, only share a child, Charlie Austin Cryer. They welcomed him on 27th June 2000.

Along with Charlie, Sarah is also the mother of a son, Alex. She welcomes the child with her former husband, David Dickey. While Jon also shares a child with his new partner.

Who Took The Custody Of Charlie Austin Cryer?

Following the separation of Charlie Austin Cryer's parents, he started living with his mother after the court order. Initially, Jon refused to pay, but later, the court forced him to child support.

Charlie Austin Cryer was photographed in a red shirt.
Charlie Austin Cryer was photographed in a red shirt.
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But after Sarah was involved in accusations of Felony child endangerment, Charlie started living with his father.

Charlie Austin Cryer's Mother, Sarah, Was Arrested For Felony Child Endangerment

Sarah was involved in an accusation of injuring her son back in 2009. Police arrested her in the early morning from her home in Hersoma Beach, California. 

At the time of the incident, the police received a call from Jon concerning their two-year-old son, who had suffered injuries. As per the report, her son Charlie had marks of rope or cord on his neck.

Charlie Austin Cryer is spending quality time with his father, Jon Cryer
Photo: Charlie Austin Cryer with his father's child support. 
Source: Daily Mail 

Following the incident, the court granted the custody of Charlie Jon to raise him in ''a good and safe environment.'' Later, the court released her on $100,000 bail.

Charlie Austin Cryer's Mother, Sarah Trigger, Tried To Kill His Father

In the court documents, Charlie Austin Cryer's mother planned to kill his father. She also did the same with her former boyfriend, Eddie Sanchez, why? Because Sarah Trigger wanted to see him dead.

Charlie Austin Cryer's parents had bitter divorce battle
Image: Charlie's parents spending time together. 
Source: TMZ Magazine

Unfortunately, they didn't get successful. Not only Jon but Trigger was also accused of trying to kill her ex-spouse, David Dickey

While Sarah was being accused, her ex-partner, Eddie denied making such a statement. But he said it was her who got in touch with him many times. Further, he added; 

''She wanted to see the pair [Cryer and Dickey] dead, and even asked Mr. Sanchez if he would kill the pair, or if he would not, inquiring whether she could speak with Mr. Sanchez's father about this issue."

After that incident, Cryer's father requested extra security on the set of Two and a Half Men. Jon's co-star, Charlie Sheen. He also demanded they're no longer filming in front of a live audience. 

On the other hand, Trigger's attorney, Vicki Greene stated that Sarah didn't threaten any of her ex-spouse. Vicki added; 

''those are statements that are refuted, and she has evidence to show that Mr. Sanchez has already recanted those statements to her."

Charlie Austin Cryer's Father's Marital Relationship With Second Wife Lisa Joyner

Charlie Austin Cryer's dad is currently married to an entertainment reporter, Lisa Joyner. The duo was pronounced as husband and wife on 16th June 2007 in Mexico.

Charlie Austin Cryer's father and Lisa are having a good time with Daisy.
Image: Charlie Austin Cryer's father is carrying his daughter, Daisy. 
Source: Net Worth 

On 29th September 2009, the married pair announced that they were going to adopt a baby girl. Soon after the announcement, they welcomed a beautiful child, a daughter Daisy Cryer, who was born on 11th August 2009. Currently, they're raising their child.

Charlie Austin Cryer and his Dad (Jon's) Net worth & Fortune

Charlie Austin Cryer is living a lavish life on his parents' wealth. So, his daddy maintains an impressive net worth of $65 Million as of 2019. Similarly, he earns an annual salary of $620 Thousand as a cast member of Two And A Half Men.

Charlie Austin Cryer's father bought a new car, Tesla Model 3
Image: Charlie Austin Cryer's father bought a new car, a Tesla Model 3. 
Source: Instagram @jon_cryer_officer

Charlie's dad purchased a newly designed car, a Tesla Model 3. In one of his Instagram posts, he stood beside his car with his friend on 12th April 2019. As of now, the cost of this model ranges from $35,000 to $124,000 before tax incentives for electric cars.

The celebrity teenager's father bought a house in Los Angeles, California. The price of Cryer's home is around $1.6 Million, which consists of three bedrooms and two bathrooms on 2,556 square feet.

$8000 Divorce Alimony Revived By Sarah Trigger From Jon Cryer

Charlie Austin Cryer's dad found the situation a bit extreme for him. Especially after Sarah Trigger injured their child. So, Jon Cryer decided to take care of his son. 

Charlie Austin Cryer's father Jon Cryer photographed with an award in his hand.
Charlie Austin Cryer's father, Jon Cryer, was photographed with an award. Source: Instagram

In the previous court's appeal, Jon got responsibility for the child's well-being. Likewise, Cryer was forced by his former spouse to pay $8,000 a month in child support.

In short, Trigger said; she wanted her son to celebrate his birthday party with his classmates with trampolines. Just like any other of Charlie's rich classmates. 

Sarah also desired exotic vacations to Europe and Thailand for Charlie in her court documents. So, she ensured that his father was capable enough to take care of their child.

Jon also provided legal documents issuing Trigger's petition for child support. In the court, he shows his income declaration, including $7,700 in entertainment, $3,800 in car expenses, $1,000 in groceries, $3,300 for childcare, and $4,000 for tuition.

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