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TV Personality, Sports Broadcaster (1987)
Thu Feb 02 2023
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Charly Arnolt is an American television personality widely known for anchoring WWE (2016-2021) with her ring name ''Charly Caruso.'' She has done news journalism and sports journalism for several years. 

Moreover, Charly rejected the offer made by WWE to continue her as the anchor. Currently, the former ring announcer of WWE works as a host on ESPN. 

Why Did Charly leave WWE?

There were talks that the things between the management and Charly were heated up, and thus she was dismissed.

However, Charly addressed the rumors claiming the talks to be false. She added she left WWE with good notes. The contract of 5 years was over, and the management wanted to renew the contract, but she decided to shift her career. 

Current Relationship Status Of Charly 

As of now, Charly Arnolt does not seem to be in any relationship. The sports journalist is probably single. 

Picture of Charly Arnolt in white dress
Charly Arnolt enjoying her single life (Source: Instagram @charlyontv)

Charlie prefers to work independently and gives more priority to her ambitions rather than relationships and attachments. 

Hobby & Passion

Charly is very atheletic and loves to play sports. She played soccer, volleyball, gymnastics, swimming, and other sports in middle and high school. She had even dreamed of playing volleyball professionally. However, her short height of 5ft 2inch demotivated her to pursue athletics professionally. 

In one of her podcasts, she claimed that she loves to have baby food prunes and still eats them. She is also a daily reader and loves to read books. 

Rumors About Charly Arnolt & Seth Rollins

Previously, the ring announcer, Charly Arnolt, aka Charly Caruso, was rumored to be dating the WWE superstar Seth Rollins. The main reason for the rumor was the photo of Seth Rollins and a girl who looks like Caruso, which Seth posted on his social media. 

Charly Arnolt in pink dress interviewing Seth Rollins
Charly Arnolt interviewing Seth Rollins (

Interestingly, he published the picture just a few days after his breakup with Zahra Schreiber, which made the public more concerned. 

People also claimed that Caruso was somewhat nervous while interviewing Seth Rollins. However, none of them addressed the rumor, and it faded within a couple of months.

Relation Between Charly & Angel Garza

Among the countless storylines in WWE, the romantic storyline between the Mexican pro wrestler Angel Garza and Charly Caruso is one of the fan favorites. 

Angel Garza kissing Charly Arnolt on  her hand
Angel Garza kissing Charly Arnolt on her hand (Source:

At first, Angel Garza flirted with Caruso, on which Caruso flirted back. Then their on-screen chemistry began to take off. There were also rumors that Caruso and Zelena Vega, the mouthpiece of Angel Garza, would fight inside the ring because the things between Caruso and Angel Garza were going a bit far. 

Net Worth: Salary & Contracts Of Charly

Working five years as a ring announcer for WWE and six years as a news journalist, Charly Arnolt has accumulated a decent amount of money. 

The estimated net worth of Charly is $1 million which is the same as the Pakistani sports presenter Zainab Abbas.

Picture of Charly Arnolt in yellow dress at Koh's Red Carpet
Charly Arnolt on Koh's Red Carpet (Source: Instagram @charlyontv)

According to various authoritative sources, her current annual salary as an ESPN host is around $100 thousand. Along with her professional work, she is a spokeswoman on social media and charges $1,200-$2,400 per post on her Instagram. 

Charly also partnered with a skincare company named Mario Badescu Skin Care. Being an active health conscious personality, she has also launched her own fitness training app, Train With Charly.

Bio & Wiki Of Charly

The former WWE anchor Charly was born on July 12, 1987, in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. She was raised by her father and mother. Her mother, Charlene May Arnolt, is a speech-language pathologist born in Connellsville, Pennsylvania.

Childhood pic of Charly Arnolt with her father and their pet siberianhusky
Childhood pic of Charly Arnolt with her father and their pet husky (Source: Instagram @charlyontv)

Charly has not revealed much information about his father as her father doesn't like that. He is a reserved person who doesn't have any social media as well. 

However, Charlie occasionally posts her photo with her father on her social media. 

Education & Schooling

Charly has completed her high school at North Central High School in her hometown. She had never been outside of her hometown, but to get a better education, she had to go. 

After her high school graduation, she decided to pursue journalism as her career and joined American University, Washington DC. In 2010 she graduated with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. 

Professional Life & Career

After completing her graduation, Charly joined WSAZ-TV as a reporter in West Virginia. Working there for nearly one year, she decided to return to her hometown Indianapolis and started to work as a freelancer on channel 59. 

After a few years, she realized that news journalism was not meant for her, so she decided to switch her career. In 2014, she joined WXIN as a sports reporter and anchor. 

Charly Arnolt interviewing WWE Diva's Champion in WWE Raw
Charly Arnolt as a backstage interviewer in WWE RAW (Source: Instagram @charlyontv)

In 2016, Charly met Michael Cole, commentator and chief of hiring TV broadcaster for WWE, through her friend Tony Khan. Cole was very interested in hiring Charly as a ring announcer, and in May 2016, she signed a five-year contract with WWE. She has also worked with Reene Paquette famously known as Renee Young

Charly joined ESPN in 2018 and worked for both WWE and ESPN. But in 2021 she decided to focus on one thing and joined ESPN as her full-time profession. On July 9, 2022, she made her debut as a fight interviewer at UFC on ESPN.

Owns A Wonderful Pet Zorra

The former YouTuber Charly currently resides in New York City in an apartment with her dog Zorra. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is of brown and black color. She adopted Zorra in the first month of 2020. 

Charly Arnolt in black dress kissing her pet Zorro
Charly Arnolt kissing her pet dog Zorra (Source: Instagram @charlyontv)

We can often see how much Charly loves her pet through social media. She even opened an account on Instagram with the name @zorraontv, where she posts her pet's photo.

Presence in Social Media

Charly is very active on the internet and has accounts on several social media. 


Charly also had an official youtube channel named @Charly Arnolt about six years ago. She used to post BlackTalkBall, a web series about football and basketball. 

She had over 2.8k subscribers on her YouTube, but now the channel is dead as she isn't active for six years. 


Her Instagram account @charlyontv has over 870k followers. She regularly posts about her daily life, Zorra, and some sponsors on her Instagram.


Charly has been on Twitter since 2008. She shares humorous memes on her Twitter handle @CharlyOnTV, which has more than 139k followers

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