Chris Morocco

Chef/YouTube Personality (1980)
Wed Sep 23 2020
By   Sarthak

Chris Morocco is an Ameican chef who currently works as the senior food editor at Bon Appetit magazine. Besides, he is also the show host of Reverse Engineering, which appears on the magazine's YouTube channel.

Previously, Morocco worked as a booking production manager at Vogue. He was a staff food editor at Real Simple for over a year. Apart from having an outstanding professional career, Chris is married and has two children.

Chris Morocco's Wife

The 40-year-old, Morocco, is a married man. His wife, Amber Bennett, is a senior designer and creative leader with over 15 years of expertise. Although both Chris and Amber are accomplished on their respective careers, the details about their relationship history are unavailable.

Chris and his wife, Amber share two sons.
Image: Bon Appetit's senior food editor, Chris Morocco, is married to Amber Bennett.
Source: Sweeten 

It seems that Chris and Amber are longtime partners. It is unknown when they got married, but hey have two sons named Alec and Finn. The family of four currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.

Moreover, Morocco renovated his two-bedroom house, which he bought back in 2009. The revamping cost around $55,000 for design and construction. Both are active on social media, but they seldom post pictures of the family.

Know about Chris' Wife

Amber Bennett originally hails from Somerset, England. She studied in London at Central Saint Martins. Afterward, Bennette moved to New York City to work for Calvin Klein.

Chris Morocco's wife, Amber Bennett.
Image: Amber Bennett is an interim designer and is known as Chris' longtime wife.

At present, Amber works as an interim design director and senior design consultant at Anthropologie. Before, she worked as a design director at Jason Wu and Club Monaco.

Net Worth

The exact detail of Chris Morocco's net worth is not available. Among the general audiences, he is known for his skills in cooking delightful dishes. Additionally, Chris rose to fame after appearing in the Bon Appetit's YouTube channel from 2017. He might have a net worth of at least $2 million as of 2020. Another chef and author, Nicole Centeno, also has a decent net worth.

The talented chef currently serves as the deputy food editor of the magazine to earn himself a vast income. Furthermore, he became the host of a web-series on the Bon Appetit YouTube channel in 2019.

Watch Chris on gourmet makes!

Thanks to his super-taster ability to reverse engineer recipes, he earns quite a fortune as a salary. Interestingly, some of his reverse engineering techniques also include celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay‘s Beef Wellington and Jamie Oliver‘s insanity burger.

In April 2019, the food magazine did reveal on how Chris Morocco was on the most analytical member in their test kitchen. Some of his best works include recipes for BA’s Best Lasagna and a Basic Bulgogi.

Early Life

Christopher Morocco was born on February 26, 1980, in the United States. He grew up in the city of Newton, Massachusetts. In 1999, he earned a Bachelor's degree in French from Oberlin College. After graduating, he worked as a booking production manager at Vogue.

Later, Morocco joined the French Culinary Institute in 2010 to pursue his interests in cooking. 
Before Vogue, he worked as a cook at Pyle Inn. Since 2015, Morocco has been the test kitchen director at Bon Appetit.

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