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Mon May 09 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Nicole Centeno

Husband : Henry Hargreaves
Nicole Centeno exchange the weeding vows to Henry Hargreaves

A chef is like an artist; they have to use their ideas and tricks to create something new and tasty. Today we are writing the article about that chef who has shared her mindful and healthy tips among viewers and has earned enormous fame.

Nicole Centeno is a trained chef and the CEO of Splendid Spoon, the wellness brand which shares a healthy, nourishing, and plant-based foods. Besides, she is also an author of Soup Cleanse Cookbook. To know more about this talented and beautiful chef and author read the entire article and also know about her details. 

Blissful Conjugal Life 

The talented chef, Nicole is a married woman. She tied the wedding knot with her long term boyfriend turned husband, Henry Hargreaves. Moreover, her spouse is a food photographer. 

The duo were college sweetheart; they first met in Boston College and since then they are together. Further, she shares many adorable and romantic pictures with her spouse on Instagram. 

Image: Nicole Centeno and Henry Hargreaves together.
Image: Nicole Centeno and Henry Hargreaves together.
Source: Instagram @ niccent

Recently, on July 15, 2019, Nicole wish her love life a warm 40th birthday with romantic caption. They are also spotted holding their hands together in public places.   

Blessed with Two Young Boys 

The duo is a blessed parent of two children; welcomed first son named Grover on May 3, 2013, and recently celebrated his 6th birthday.

Nicole Centeno with her two sons. One wearing blue helmet and another a red one.
Snap: Nicole Centeno with her two beloved sons, Grover and Caleb.
Source: Instagram @niccent 

Later, they welcomed their second son, Caleb Centeno but his birth details is yet to revealed. The family of four are living prosperous life enjoying their company.

Career Achievements

Born in middle class family, Nicole always wanted to run her own business but the journey isn't easy one. After years of struggle, she finally found her mark and today, she is one of the renowned American business woman.

All About Splendid Spoon 

Nicole Centeno founded The Splendid Spoon on March 2011. Her mission is to give healthy, delicious, and vegetable foods to more than 75% of people across the America. 

She also makes it easier for people who consume plant-based and healthy foods daily. Nicole usually makes soup and smoothies where her smoothies are tasty until the use-by date and her soup are good in the fridge for week

Product of Splendid Spoon
Image: Splendid Spoon products.
Source: 2 Little Rosebuds 

Her foods normally focus on nutrient, deliciousness, and also create a healthy eating habit on people. 

Review on Soup Cleanse Cook book

Soup Cleanse Cookbook was published by the chef, Nicole Centeno on August 30, 2016. It is also regarded as one of the health and fitness guide books. 

Cover of the Soup Cleanse Cookbook
Picture: Cover of the Soup Cleanse Cookbook.
Source: Amazon

In this book, we can find seventy-five plant-based and gluten-free recipes. This book attributes the scheme that focuses on various health benefits like weight loss, immunity, and to fit your lifestyle as well. 

Total Net Worth 

The renowned author and chef holds a net worth somewhere between $1 million-$2 million. Another author Robyn Crawford also has the same worth. Her first book, Super Cleanse Cookbook earned huge paycheck and it's Kindle price is $8.69 and $9.15 in a Paperback at Amazon. 

According to the Payscale, the average salary of an author in America is $50,754, and we can analyze, author Nicole and is also earning the same remuneration. Similarly, a chef earns around $68,736 per year in the United States of America.

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