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Actor (1957)
Wed May 25 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Chris Quinten

Ex-girlfriend : Alison Slater
Christopher Quinten is in a Relationship with Alison Slater.
Ex-wife : Paula Holmes
Christopher Quinten married on Paula Holmes 1992.
Ex-wife : Leeza Gibbons
Christopher Quinten married to Leeza Gibbons on 1989 and divorce on 1991.
Girlfriend : Robyn Delabarre
Robyn Delabarre is in a relationship with Chris Quinten.

Famous for portraying the role Brian Tisley, in the soap opera, Coronation Street,  Chris Quinten is famous actor. He is also notable for his role of Tony the Boxer in the crime drama series, Hazell. He frequently appears on the talk-show, This Morning.

Quinten was born as Christopher Bell on 12th July 1957, in Middlesbrough, North Riding of Yorkshire, England. Moreover, he is British by his nationality and hails from Caucasian white ethnicity/race. Besides, he is an engaged man. Find out more about Quinten's personal life in the following sections.

Quinten & Robyn Delabarre's Age Gap Relationship

RoboCop 2 actor, Chris is involved in a romantic relationship with a strip dancer, Robyn Delabarre. At first, the duo finds some difficulty in proclaiming their 42-years of age gap love and remained silent about their relationship for seven months.

The couple finally revealed their affair to their family members but, Robyn's parents, Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield,felt difficult about their vast difference in Chris and Robyn's age in the beginning but later convinced and said it's fine to their love.

Chris Quinten with his partner, Robyn Delabarre
Photo: Chris Quinten and his partner, Robyn Delabarre, at The Box, Soho, on 1st November 2019. 
Source: Instagram @robyn.delabarre

The couple further appeared as guests on the ITV Channel. At the time of their interview, the two announced they're dating, while Chris jokingly told that he could be Delabarre's grandpa. This statement made the hosts' eyes opened, and Robyn also said her family has accepted their love as well.

How Did Chris Found His True Love?

Well, Chris met his lover, Robyn, while she was working at a nightclub, Secrets 1 Hammer smith, where Chris was the manager of the club in 2018. The pair shortly interacted and began dating by the end of 2018.

A few months after dating, Quinten surprisingly proposed Delabarre with a precious ring that costs $3,327 on her 21st birthday party. Blissfully, Alison approved his proposal in Mykonos on 10th June 2019.

Chris Quinten is proposing his lover, Robyn Delabarre
Picture: Chris Quinten is proposed with a precious ring, his partner, Robyn Delabarre. 
Source: Daily Mail

After the amazing surprise, the duo went to Turkey for a holiday, booking a private jet on June 2019. While spending quality time in the sea in Turkey, Chris suddenly drowned. Thankfully, Robyn saved his life and pulled him out from the sea.

Chris Quinten and his fiancee, Robyn Delabarre enjoying their candle-light dinner
Photo: Chris Quinten and his lover, Robyn Delabarre, at the seaside in Turkey while having dinner. 
Source: The Sun Magazine

Unfortunately, she lost her engagement ring during that time. Nevertheless, Chris proposed her again with another expensive ring after coming back from Turkey on 25th July 2019.

Chris' Past Marital Relationships & Affairs

American actor was married to his first wife, Leeza Gibbons, a TV host. The two tied the knot on 10th December 1988. The couple had their first encounter at a New Zealand charity fundraising program and later became lovers.

After their wedding ceremony, the married pair welcomed a beautiful daughter, Jordan Alexandra Gibbons, aka Lexi in 1989. As of now, their daughter is 30-year-old.

Chris Quinten with his first wife, Leeza Gibbons
Picture: Chris Quinten and his ex-spouse, Leeza Gibbons, during the time of the 1990s. 
Source: Getty Images

The couple, however, separated after staying married for three years and filed for divorce in 1991. The court later finalized their divorce in late-1991. Upon their divorce, Gibbons took the responsibility of their daughter, Lexi.

Chris later got married to his second wife, Paula Holmes, who's a citizen of London, UK. The couple united as husband and wife in 1992. Unfortunately, they ended their marriage due to some misunderstandings. The estranged pair shares a daughter in 1993, who's now 26 years old.

Chris Quinten and his ex-partner, Alison Slater
Image: Chris Quinten with his former partner, Alison Slater. 
Source: Getty Images

After their separation, Chris was involved in a relationship with Peter James Stringfellow's former dancer, Alison Slater. The duo later welcomed a daughter, Sydney Quinten in 2005. Nonetheless, their relationship didn't last long, and they split up afterward.

Rape Allegation Against Quinten

Coronation Street fame actor, Chris was accused of rape by a woman. As per her, he raped him when she was in her adolescence period. It was found that the incident was held in a central London nightclub on 25th June 2005.

Two months later, Quinten presented at Horseferry Road Magistrates' Court on 24th August 2005. Chris was further taken into custody but then came out on bail pending for more inquiries on June 2015.

Chris Quinten arrived at the Horseferry Road Magistrates' Court
Photo: Coronation Street actor Chris Quinten in Central London on 24th August 2005. 
Source: Getty Images

The police from Scotland Yard's Operation Sapphire further questioned him about the incident, but he didn't answer their questions. Later, the court found no guilty upon Chris' allegation, and he was cleared of the case in June 2006.

Net Worth - $500 Thousand

The 62-year-old actor, Quinten, has a fruitful fortune of $500 Thousand as of 2019. He makes a substantial income from his profession. According to, an actor/actress in the United States earns a salary of $56,502 in the average.

The actor moreover, starred in the romantic drama series, Coronation Street, in which the TV show gained the highest ratings than any other episode with Quentin. Just like him, Sue Johnston and Michelle Keegan also appeared on the show.

Rose To Fame As An Actor

Chris Quinten started his career from a short movie, Motorcycle Love Affair in 1975. Later, he grabbed the attention for his role as Lee in the film, International Velvet in 1978. The movie received good reviews and garnered $7,009,238 with a specific production budget.

Check out the trailer of International Velvet

The star then made his debut in the crime drama series, Hazell, where he played the role of Tony the Boxer in 1979. He further featured as a news reporter in the sci-fi action movie, RoboCop 2 under the direction of Irvin Kershner. The film grossed a total of $45.7 million against $35 Million. Similarly, his other television works are Surgical Spirit, Surgical Spirit, The Young Person's Guide to Becoming a Rockstar, and many more.

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