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Actress (1987)
Sun Nov 13 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Christel Khalil

Ex-husband : Stephen Hensley
Christel Khalil and Stephen Hensley married on 2008 and divorce on 2011.

Christel Adnana Mina Khalil is one of the famous actresses of America. She has risen her fame through movies and television series like We need to talk, Bedlam, Good Deed, 2 Broke Girls, That's So Raven, etc.

She has been continuously contributing to the American movie industry through her incredible acting skills and talents since her career starting age.

Childhood of Khalil

The actress of That's So Raven was born in the year 1987 on November 30 in Los Angeles, California. She was grown up in her hometown with her parents.

She was born in a well-sophisticated family background due to which she did not have to face many difficulties in getting a quality education and lifestyle.

Christel Khalil posing in a side look
Christel Khalil was captured in her side look. Photo source: Soaps. com

Parents and Siblings

The actress of Bedlam is the daughter of Adnan Khalil and Beliata Edwards. She is blessed with four siblings Adam Khalil, Alex Khalil, Chris Khalil, Aysha Khalil.

Personal life of Khalil

The actress of Good Deed has always been a hard-working and dedicated personality from her childhood. She was so passionate about acting her an early age.

She has turned her childhood passion into a career due to which she has got an incredible return of it.

Career Highlight

The actress of We need to talk has given an incredible contribution to the American movie industry through hard work and dedication.

Her famous works include Matilda, Dragon Fury, The Sinbad Show, White Like The Moon, Family Matters, George and Lee, Malcolm In the Middle, etc.

Khalil's social media

The actress of Family Matters is quite active on social media. She is more active on Instagram than on other social media.

She has 113k followers as per the year 2022 on her official Instagram account where she posts her professional as well as personal life.

The ex-wife of Stephen Hensley

The actress of Dragon Fury was previously married to Stephen Hensley in the year 2008 after dating him for a couple of years.

Christel Khalil and Stephen Hensley posing for a photoshoot
Christel Khalil and her ex-husband Stephen Hensley were captured hugging each other. Photo source: Soap Opera News

The lovely couple Khalil and Hensley could not continue their relationship and finally decided to be apart from each other in the year 2011.

Children of Khalil

The actress of That's So Raven and her ex-husband Stephen Hensley have given birth to one child with their togetherness.

They gave birth to Michael Caden Hensley in the year 2010. Khalil and Stephen Hensley are co-parenting their children after their divorce. 

The present relationship status of Khalil

The actress of Like The Moon is now in a relationship with the Canadian businessman Sam Restango since the year 2018.

She started dating Sam Restango after getting divorced from her previous husband Stephen Hensley in the year 2011.

The net worth of Christel Khalil

The actress of Sinbad Show has a total net worth of $18 million. She has access to such an amount through her successful career as an actress.

She does not have her business or other kinds of stuff that generates money for her.

Rumor and controversies 

The actress Khalil is a rumor-free actress. She has not been involved in any kinds of rumors and controversies that have hit the media headline.

She loves to keep her personal life away from the media it is the reason behind her rumor-free personality.




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