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Wed Sep 06 2023
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Christie Ashenoff is famously known as a reality personality among the general public. She gained the love of people for her appearances in the reality television show South Beach Bow

People have developed an interest to have insight into her life, especially relationships. You can cover Christie's details including her net worth, relationship, parents, and kids in this article. 

Unfolding Christie's Relationship: Is She Single Or Has A Husband?

Christie Ashenoff is a married woman who leads a blissful married life with her husband Argelio. They have added beautiful chapters to their love life since getting married to each other in 2015. 

The lovely marriage ceremony picture of Christie Ashenoff and Argelio.
The lovely marriage ceremony picture of Christie Ashenoff and Argelio. (Source: Facebook)

The sweet pair Christie and Argelio exchanged their marriage vows in February 2015. It wasn't a full fancy but a simple wedding that took place at the "Club of Knights" in Coral Gables, Florida.

Ashenoff shared her precious marriage news with fans through her official Facebook page. Likewise, congratulations and admiration comments flooded in from her Facebook fans in that post. 

The married life of Ashenoff and Argelio is going smoothly with no hindrance in their love life. They haven't fallen into any news of extramarital affairs and divorce striving to share more years.

Does Ashenoff Have Kids? 

Christie Ashenoff and Argelio have welcomed two kids and are sharing the responsibility of parenthood. They welcomed their first kid William Clyde two years before their marriage in 2013. 

Christie Ashenoff and Argelio with their kids.
Christie Ashenoff and Argelio with their kids. (Source: Facebook)

Ashenoff and Argelio made even numbers into their family by welcoming the second kid. Unfortunately, the name and birth of Christie's second kid are unknown at the moment. 

Christie is a loving and responsible mother who often provides glimpses of kids on her social handle. They proudly nurture a happy family filled with their children's mischievous acts and love.

The Net Worth Of Christie: Breaking Down Her Fortune!

The estimated net worth of Christie Ashenoff is at least $1 million which is similar to Rebecca Staab. She is serving as the general manager of a family-run towing business Tremont Towing. 

Christie Ashenoff has a net worth of $1 million.
Christie Ashenoff has a net worth of $1 million. (Source: Pinterest)

It was reported that Ashenoff holds a 25% stake in the company and that contributes to her work. She must have earned money through her appearance in the reality show South Beach Bow

Ashenoff has managed to keep her personal life away from media outlets including income assets. Regardless, it is known that the lady enjoys a lavish life with her family and loved ones. 

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Christie's father has made a net worth of $300 thousand. He is the founder of Tremont Towing making it a successful business earning money from it. 

Ashenoff's Early Life, Wiki, And Age

Christie Ashenoff was born to her parents on November 3, 1983, and is the age of early 40s right now. Her father's name is Robert Ashenoff Sr. but the details of her mother are undiscovered.

Likewise, Christie was not the only child but shared a brother named Robert Ashenoff Jr. She was involved in a family business Tremont Towing from her early life with her father and brother. 

It is no surprise that Christie's family life is known to the public through the reality show South Beach Bow. The show was produced by pop singer and television producer Jennifer Lopez.

What About Christie And South Beach Bow? 

South Beach Tow is an American television series that portrays the day-to-day business of Tremont Towing. It was a family-run towing business in Miami Beach in which Christie worked with her father.

In South Beach Bow, Tremont wasn't the only towing company that was showcased. It showed South Beach Towing in Gladeview founded by Tremont workers during its fourth season. 

Christie with her father and brother was shown in the fictionalized reality show South Beach Bow. She was loved in the show for her strong personality and leadership skills.

Where is Ashenoff Now? Is She Active On Social Media? 

Christie Ashenoff has chosen to live a life away from the spotlight of the public and media outlets. Yet, she used to be active on social media platforms like Facebook interacting with fans. 

Christie Ashenoff cosplayed The Invincibles with her son and husband.
Christie Ashenoff cosplayed The Invincibles with her son and husband. (Source: Facebook)

Ashenoff with the departure from South Beach Bow has diminished her social media presence. She hasn't shared a single post on Facebook remaining completely inactive.

Christie has found her fulfillment plus happiness in the role of mother, wife, and responsible daughter. She is living happily with her family and is focused on the betterment of the family business.

Why Was South Beach Bow Canceled? 

As noted earlier, South Beach Bow was a reality show that used to be broadcast on truTV. The show aired on truTV from 2011 to 2014, spanning four seasons and having a total of 85 episodes.

The reason for the cancellation of South Beach Tow has not been officially reported from truTV. The show was assumed to be canceled after the network's rebranding and shift in focus.

While some have guessed the cancellation of South Beach Bow was due to Jennifer Lopez. She was the show's creator and executive producer and her departure might have caused it. 

Overall, the show's cancellation is widely accepted, and truTV has removed it from its programming. It cannot be denied that the show was entertaining and has left a lasting impact on the reality television landscape.

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