Are BatDad and Jen Have Still Together?

Thu May 07 2020
By   Selena

Blake Wilson who is popular as BatDad and his wife Jen Have have already parted their ways in 2019 after being married for a few years. However, the couple still maintains cordial relationships co-parenting their four children.

Let's take a little sneak about their current relationship. Have they found their respective new love?

Remains Friend and Co-Parents their Children

Even though BatDad and Jen have broken up, they are still leading a happy life together for the sake of kids. The divorced couple, though, did not return again. So far, they once continued to live in Roswell, Georgia with two daughters and two sons named Benjamin, Kaya, Sienna, and Taylor.

BatDad and Jen Remain Buddies Even after the Break
Image: BatDad and Jen Have with their four adorable children.
Source: Instagram @batdadblake

The internet star and Have said parenting isn't an easy job unless you work out how to find the funny side of any problem that occurs. Their parenting, as per BatDad, is no different from that of other parents, and that's why many parents resonate with the little pranks they see on his Vine. 

Wilson emphasized that he's an ordinary dad first, Batdad second. While making videos of his children and having them interested in social media is a fantastic way of engaging them and spend some time with them.

The Vines Star, Blake Wilson with his sons at Ninja Academy of Martial Arts
Photo: The Vines Star, Blake Wilson with his sons at Ninja Academy of Martial Arts
Source: Instagram @batdadblake

Furthermore, Blake has his own place to train and grow his kids. He and his Karate partner opened the Ninja Academy of Martial Arts in early 2019. Let's see how Jen and BatDad navigate through the whole co-parenting challenge. 

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The Sad Announcements Of Their Divorce

There is a popular quote, which says there is a woman behind every successful man. Well, the same was true for Blake Wilson right up until his wife, Jen, split up. While there is no detail about where and when they get married, they have enjoyed their conjugal life until their separation in 2019.

In 2019, Vines star announced the news on Instagram that he and Jen are no longer husband and wife. The leakage was first revealed on social media when a fan asked if the couple was still together. He said: "Try to be co-parent lol world champions."

The You-Tuber Blake Wilson, aka BatDad and his wife, Jen Have parted their ways in 2019.
Image: The YouTuber Blake Wilson, aka BatDad, and his wife, Jen Have parted their ways in 2019.
Source: Instagram @baddadblake

A few days after BatDad announced their divorce by sharing a video of funniest memories with Jen on Facebook. But both parties remain silent regarding their reason for separation.

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BatDad's Often Annoys Jen

The superhero who took his mask off in the Orange Room for Carson Daly admitted that his former wife Jen had become a central character. He said that while performing daily activities frequently at home might annoy his wife during their marriage.

BatDad Announced his Divorce with his Wife, Jen in Early 2019
Image: The Divorced Couple, BatDad and Jen Have
Source: Instagram @batdadblake

Wilson said in an interview with Today that he felt bad for Jen saying: "I know I can be annoying.

" Also, while speaking about his Have to PBS News Hour in 2014, he claimed: "You know, to be honest, I can't really say I have a great superpower — it really takes two".

Blake also stated. “I think the superpower if there is one, is being able to read your partner. Reading what they’re feeling. Being able to recognize the signals and knowing when your partner needs a little more help than normal. That’s huge when you’re raising a family.”

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