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Director, Produce, and Writer (1960)
Thu Dec 12 2019
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Chuck Konzelman is an American multi-talented personality who is a writer, producer as well as a director. He rose to fame after writing and directing an American anti-abortion drama, Unplanned. Likewise, he has led several other hit films such as God's Not Dead and Do You Believe?

The prominent director, Chuck, was born in 1960 in Wayne, New Jersey, the USA. Similarly, his ethnicity is white, and he holds an American nationality. Read the article until the end and know about his personal life.

What Is The Relationship Status Of Chuck Konzelman?

The 59 years old director, Chuck, is probably a single man as of now. A matter of fact, he is a very secretive kind of person when things come to the topic of his personal life. Because of it, he has been tight-lipped towards his love-life.

Chuck Konzelman
Image: Chuck Konzelman Smiling in front of the camera
Source: Y'all Politics

Moreover, there are no records of him being in a relationship or dating someone until now. It seems like he is currently focusing on his professional career rather than being active in his love life.

Furthermore, he is not active on a social media platform, which makes it difficult to dig in his love life. However, his best friend, Cary Solomon, is a married man who also shares a 12-year-old son with his wife.

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Chuck Konzelman?

Being a multi-professional personality, Chuck must have bagged a lucrative sum of money from his successful career as a director, producer as well as a writer. As of now, Chuck's net worth is estimated at around $2 Million.

Watch Chuck Konzelman and his partner Cary Solomon's interview!

The film that he directed and wrote Unplanned was a box-office hit, which has earned $21,051,915 worldwide. Similarly, he has also directed God's Not Dead, which has received $65,676,349 worldwide, and God's Not Dead 2 has earned over $24,487,848. Not to mention, he must have bagged most of his fortune from these movies.

Without a doubt, he must be living a lavish lifestyle along with his earnings and net worth. His faith-based movies manage to impress people who have a deep understanding of religion.

Unplanned Movie- An Anti-Abortion Drama

Unexpected is a critically acclaimed movie of 2019, which is about a character named Abby who has an abortion as a freshman. Initially, she told her boyfriend named Mark, played by Alexander Kane, about her pregnancy, and he tells her to get an abortion.

Poster of Unplanned movie
Image: Official Poster of the film, Unplanned
Source: ZENIT

But, she is tensed about the decision as she grew up in a Christian family, and her parents will not accept it. Nevertheless, she went through the abortion, and the two tied the knot after a year of the incident. Unfortunately, their marriage turned into a divorce after a year of their marital relationship. After the divorce, she founds out that she is pregnant again with his child, and she had to go through another abortion.

The main character of the Unplanned movie, Abby
Picture: The movie character, Abby Johnson
Source: Vox

Because of her life tragedy, she joins the Planned Parenthood Facility, volunteering young women who want to get an abortion from the protestors. Because of the movie, there was a protest on Canada about making abortion unpopular. However, the film grossed over $19 million by the end of its theatrical run.

Professional Career

Chuck started his career as a director and writer since his high school day. Initially, he used to make short films and videos about people's bio. However, he rose to fame after directing and writing a hit movie God's Not Dead in 2014 alongside his best friend, Cary Solomon.

Chuck and his bestfriend, Cary posing for a picture
Picture: Chuck and Cary in an award function
Source: Highlight Hollywood

Since then, he directed and wrote a couple of movies, such as Unplanned, which was a box-office hit movie of 2019. Moreover, he has also worked with several well-known actors and actresses, such as Tiya Sircar and Paul Schulze. As of now, he is working on his upcoming projects.


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