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Wed Feb 08 2023
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Cindy Carano has dedicated her life to helping others. She is a philanthropist and volunteers in a lot of work. She received her share of fame because of her famous father, Don Carano.

Carano is a woman with many job titles. She took over her father's Eldorado Casino Resorts Inc. and now serves as the executive director of Community Relations at Eldorado.

Who Is Carano's Father? 

Donald Louis Carano is a highly successful name in Reno and is the father of Cindy Carano. His Eldorado Reorts Inc. has brought massive success in the city famous for its tourism.

He is wearing suit with a white shirt and a tie.
A File photo of Don Carano (Source: 2news)

The successful man was born in Reno, Nevada, on October 17, 1931. He is a United States citizen, but his ancestral roots return to Italy.

Her Father Served In The Military

Carano's father may be popularly known as the guy behind the successful Eldorado Hotel Casino. Even before opening his casino, he worked in another casino called Boomtown Casino.

But most people don't know that her father used to be in the military. He served as an officer for two years in the United States Army.

How Did Carano's Father Die? 

The death of Carano's father was a huge loss, not just for her family but for the company. Like Carmen Filpi father, he died just 15 years short of completing his century at 85.

The reports suggest the cause of his death was natural. A tribute event was also held to celebrate the legacy he left. It was a public event held at the Silver Legacy Grande Exposition Hall.

Who Is Her Mother?

Carano's mother's name is Rhonda Carano. She also has Italian roots like her late husband. 

She is posing with her hands folded.
Cindy Carano's mother Rhonda Carano (Source: Wine Business)

Rhonda lives a private life, as she hasn't disclosed much about her personal life. But, it is known that she took over the position of a senior executive officer at Ferrari-Carrano Vineyards and Winery.

A Nevada Resident

Carano, just like Carole Moreno, is from Nevada. She comes from the famous city of Reno. She loves her hometown and lived her entire life there.

Reno is located in the northwest of Nevada. The city is famous for many things, particularly its casino industry. Her father's Eldorado Casino has enormously impacted the city's successful operations.

There are a lot of debates revolving around Las Vegas and Reno. Both states are famous for their casinos. Although many believe Las Vegas is the better destination, Reno is not that far behind in the debate.

About Carano's Parent's Wine Business

Carano's parents Don and Rhonda Carano worked together to turn their dream of Ferrari-Carrano Vineyards and Winery into a reality. The business has tasted success in the past, and Rhonda wants to make it an even more enormous success.

The building building has amazing garden with red and yellow flowers in front.
A file photo of Ferrari-Carrano Vineyards and Winery (Source: Sonoma county)

After taking over the senior executive role, she said:

As a team, Don and I shared a dream. His insight and visionary approach in the wine industry back in the early 1980s, particularly his love for acquiring special vineyard sites, is the backbone of Ferrari-Carano’s philosophy of creating memorable wines from vine to bottle.

She wants to honor her late husband's dream, continue working on their wine business, and reach newer heights. She said:

Words cannot express my personal sadness, but I, with the talented team of individuals we have, will continue to honor Don’s memory through our dedication to quality and consistency without compromise. The trademark of Ferrari-Carano is our people, our vineyards, and the positive family team spirit we all share.

Has Five Siblings 

Cindy Carano is not the only child of Don and Rhonda Carano. They shared a total of five children with the family. Her siblings are Gary, Gene, Glenn, and Gregg Carano.

Carano's siblings live a very private life. It is unclear what they do, but some speculate that they, like Carano, also work in their father's business. But this is just speculation, as there are no concrete shreds of evidence to support it.

Renaming Eldorado Resorts to Caesar Entertainment

Carano's Eldorado Resorts Inc. now goes by the new name. The legacy of her father is now carried to Caesar Entertainment.

The Golden themed logo has Caesar face while surrounded by two out-of-shape circles.
Caesar Entertainment Inc. Logo (Source: Linkedin @ Caesars Entertainment, Inc.)

Eldorado Resorts acquired Caesar Entertainment before renaming itself to the company's name. The company was one of the most significant purchases, receiving it for a whopping $17 billion.

Relationship Status

Cindy Carano lives a low-key life. There aren't enough sources or evidence to suggest that she might be in a relationship. Also, the status of her previous relationship (if she has been in one) is unknown. 

She has always kept her love life away from the eyes of the public. But no worries we will update you regarding her realtionship if her makes one shortly. 

Social Media Presence

It seems like Carano is not a massive fan of her celebrity status. Celebrities love sharing their lifestyles with their fans on the Internet which doesn't seem to be the case with her.

She is on Instagram but she loves to keep her life out of media attention as her Instagram account is private, so only her friends, family, and close ones can follow her. Her Instagram handle is @caranocindy.

How Big Is Caesars Entertainment?

Cindy Carano's father, Eldorado Resorts Inc., was already a huge company. It has only grown bigger after the $17 billion acquisition of Caesars Entertainment.

As per Forbes, the company made a revenue of $9.5 billion in 2022. The company has assets worth $38 billion. The company is also the owner of more than 50 properties. Caesars Entertainment is one of the biggest companies in America.

Noticed For Helpling Homeless People

Carano is not just about making money and running the successful business started by her father. Outside work, she is humanitarian too.

She is a board member of the Downtown Reno Partnership. They were honored by The International Downtown Association for their contribution to reducing homelessness.

They helped 33 homeless people by settling them into a house. And it landed them the Downtown Achievement Award of Excellence for the partnership’s work and initiatives.

She Is Pro-Choice

In a never-ending debate on abortion, Carano has made it very clear on her stance regarding it. She is pro-choice. Aborting has been one of the hottest debates for a while now. While some believe that women should have a choice, others think the husband should also have an equal say.

In one of her statements, she said she is pro-choice and voting for republican Adam Laxalt. This statement did not sit well with a few people, as in American politics, republicans have always been pro-life, whereas democrats have been pro-choice. So, her comment contradicts itself. 

She justified it by saying that Laxalt is against the complete abortion ban. She also noted that Nevada's law gives a right to abortion to every woman in Nevada, and no one can take this right away from them.


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